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Officially my best score ever, also accomplished one of my 2013 goals of breaking 90! I'll revisit that thread to make sure I update my goals. Course was nice, but lots of short-ish (but tight) par 4s that let me take my 4i off the tee. I've been working on the straight fade with the driver, and it was really good to know what my miss was and play into that. Shot at the middle of the green all day. Could have done with better lag putting, I was over 2.5 putts per GIR. REALLY liking playing better golf. It's amazing how good it feels to hit GIR.


Naperbrook Golf Course

Blue 124/70.5


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Another 86 (three in a row). 50 on the front, 36 on the back. Couldn't score on the front, but really got it together on the back. My first even par 9 holes. Pretty proud of that.

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+7 through nine. I managed to miss every fairway and didn't stop a ball within ten feet of the pin all day.
Nothing but one putts and two putts saved my round.
I have my first lesson scheduled for two weeks from now and hopefully I'll be able to drop this handicap to single digits by the end of the summer, a lofty goal, but the strokes are out there.
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I shot a one over par at the Golf Club at Rancho California in Murrieta, CA my personal best for that course.


I had three bogeys and 2 birdies.


3 putted the second hole from 12 feet and had two chips to about 5-6 feet that missed.


So close to being under par but yet so far.


I think I have too much anxiety on short putts and need a shrink or more practice!

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shot 81 at Palm Valley CC


6545 Back tees, doubled 10 and 11 somehow rode the ship 

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So it's been awhile since I've been on here and posted some scores. The last three rounds have been good from a numbers perspective and also to help with some confidence. I really thought I was going to break 80 last week, but coming up to 18 after birdies on 16 and 17 all I needed was a par. As I approach the tee box I decide to play it "safe". Teed off with a 3w, pushed it behind a tree and it was downhill from there. Double bogey for an 81. Took a week off and came back and shot an 85 and then I shot an 82. I've been really proud of my putting lately and putting in some real work to improve my chipping. Seems like things are coming along quite nicely.
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43 on Friday, winds at 20-30 mph steady the whole 9... I'm going for under 40 today.
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78 with a double on the last c1_cursing.gif. Still my best round, but could of been great - in the 73-75 range.


Two putted every hole on the back and missed a lot of birdie chances...Swing was just working. 137 slope, 6700 yards. Dropped my handicap to 7.8 too!


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86 on a Par 71 local.  Championship tees.  71.8/122.  narrow course in places, but not really difficult.


Frustrating round, I've been hitting so good lately.  I don't think I hit a single Par 3 green....front or back nine.


Front nine (85 on a 35):  20 out of 20 really pure on the practice range, then proceeded to spray the front nine with junk.

Only two pars, no birdies.  One of those pars was just luck on a bladed approach shot 7i.


Back nine (41 on 36): MUCH better.  No pars, but really good birdies on both Par 5's.  One was a good pitch and 1 putt.  The other was just 2 great hits and a nice(ALMOST) approach putt from 40 ft with 3 footer to finish.

Lots of really nice 3w drives and great driver.


I was gitchy on my irons all day which are normally good.  Not really hitting my normal swing.


Had a handful of mid iron approaches on par 4's where I just hit the iron SUPER pure and that cost me as it flew extra yardage.  I think this is a good problem to have as I'm on an improvement ramp and I should be getting to where I hit more and more of those.  Worst (best?) example of this was hole 10 dogleg Par 4, 3w out about 250 nicely to the corner.  160 yards left to the flag, into a slight wind.  So I go 7i which is pretty much my 160 yard club (normal full swing).  I'm sitting on dead grass.....  I catch it perfect and am excited as it's a pure hit and drawing lightly straight on top of the pin, I'm thinking FINALLY, a hole in regulation.  One bounce and gone.  I get there and though it should be easy to find, it's completely gone.  that 155/160 typical carry must have topped 180 to clear the back and disappear, the woods were another 20 yards back on top of that (like a good 5i/4i hit to get there).


frustrating results.  But hopeful, as there were lots of really good stuff to work with.

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Played twice last weekend, 85 on Sat and 44 on Sun on a somewhat easy course 69.3/119 6425 yds. Aerated greens with a lot of loose sand so about as good as I could have done. Had several putts bounce off line after hitting ridges of sand and pebbles, more 3 putts than I've had in a long time. Was fun to be out and I played really good, probably would have posted my best scores of the season if not for the greens. That's why I only played 9 yesterday, the greens on the back were worse than the front. The 41 coming in on Sat was marred by two 3 putt bogeys on 17 and 18, GIR on both and pretty close to the hole. The sand just makes a mess out of the speed. A good take away was I hit all the par 3's GIR, two are somewhat long 210 and 190.

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97, 49-48. My 60 hates me!
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39 / 50 = 89 (par 70)


LoL... Dr Jekyl and Mr. Hyde


Even worse, the +4 on the front all came on 1 hole.  I was even par for the other 8. Then the back 9 the wheels just fell off.  

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Played a few weekends ago.

Shot a 68 which is 2 under par - shot a 2 under 34 front nine and an even par 36 back nine.

Course is sloped at 122 and 69.1 strokes (red birdie, blue bogey)


Goes well with the round 2 weeks earlier. 4 over through my first 4, 4 over through 8 and then 5 under par on my last 10 holes. Including a 30 back nine (lipped out on 18 for a 29!)




What programs do you guys use to keep track of rounds?

I currently have rounds saved in excel with GIR, fairways, putts etc



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Went out yesterday to kick off the season with 33 degree celsius weather... brutally hot. Shot a poor 95 though :( Ah well, winter rust right? Driver failed me on almost every par 4 and 5, which is kind of a disappointment since I really thought I fixed my swing errors when it came to driving. Back out next Monday, will try to break 90 hopefully.

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My wife and I played in a 2 person scramble couples tourney today at Rivers Edge Golf Club in Shalotte, NC. She is a true beginner and has never broken 120. We shot gross 36-38 for a 2 over 74. She gave me a couple good reads on some long putts and made a par on a short par 3 without my help. Three birdies and five bogey's. Good round today.
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This past winter was so bad!!  I finally posted my first official round for HC purposes on May 4th..YIKES! (that is late)  Temps were in the 40s....the course was soaked, and tee shots were pitching backwards!  I played tees that were only 6633yds, but it felt like 7633!  My first official score of 2013.....73.2CR 141slope....84a5_crying.gif   It is what it is........


I also played a little evening golf both Monday and Tue(today).......... Temps were much nicer, but the course was still plugging and playing long.  I played the back yesterday in 43 which is more of the same terrible golf I've played all winter.  A couple wild tee shots and poor short game shots kept me from staying in my comfort zone.  Today was nice......I was on cruise control and only hit one stray shot.  One bad tee shot/pitch-out cost me a bogey and I made 1 birdie...the rest HO-HUM pars....even par 36.   My 2013 golf season begins with 84-79 for handicap purposes. My new home course is really freaking difficult for me......I have a long uphill battle this year!  PLUS...I won't be playing as often so my game has nowhere to go but in the wrong/bad direction. it is what it is..oh well. 

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Bipolar round this morning, but it ended up ok.
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