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99 in our ABCD best 3 ball tourney, we won by one stroke and my pars on a couple of the holes where I got 2 strokes made me a good part of the team this time

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My last round of golf I ended up shooting a (No laughing please)... A 98... The pitching wedge was giving me some trouble that day. Par was 72 at a Championship Golf Course in Saratoga.

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Yesterday I shot a 64-71. It's only my second time playing. I GOT A PAR! 

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my regular playing partners and I played in a church fundraising scramble yesterday and came home with the win shooting a 60!  Course was very soft and wet due to a weeks worth of good rain falling but still was playable.  Oh, this was not one of those "buy a bunch of freebies" scrambles, either...so I feel good about it.

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6448 yds. 71.3/131.

79 with 3 birdies and 3 doubles. 3 FREAKING doubles! d2_doh.gif
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Shot a 52 on a nine-hole walk. First time walking in a while. I'm a high 90s golfer, so it was a slight off round for me. Hit a few bad shots, and didn't putt very well at all (three putted on three holes).

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6400 yard white tees, par 71 (SSS71)

Monthly medal competition


Out - 52: 1 par, 5 bogies, 3 double bogies or worse, 16 putts (2x1 putt, 7x2 putts), 2 FIR, 1 GIR.

In - 57: 3 bogies, 6 double bogies or worse, 19 putts (8x2 putts, 1x3 putts), 3 FIR, 0 GIR.


Highlights :)

- Back to earth with a crash after the two previous rounds being in the 80s thanks to four blow up holes that totalled 34 shots (+18)!!!!

- A positive, if you can find one, is that those four holes could have been far worse if it wasnt for my putting as each of the first shots on the greens were still at the very least 30 feet from the hole! As it was, each first putt on my four blow up holes were good enough to leave me with very short 2nd putts to tidy things up (all four were within 3 feet of the pin!).

- My putting was on fire! Only one three putt in this round is the lowest number of three putts Ive ever had.

- Apart from my putting another aspect of my game that I enjoyed was using my wedges. With rain over night the greens were nice and soft and I got a few balls to check up...and...spin back:)

- Until the blow up holes came along (three in a row on the back nine!) I was striking the ball quite well...but I guess thats golf isnt it. There is such a fine line between success and failure! :)





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Well I never posted my score from last week so here it is...113/68.6/5,853 yards/Par 72/ 48-41-89.  Thought I was only gonna play 9 but was talked into playing 18(which wasn't hard).  Chipped in for par on 9 to save a 48!

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Played 9 today and shot a 38. Hit my driver the best i have hit it in 2 years, but just couldnt keep it down in the wind so not as much length.  Also couldn't putt, it was one of those days where you expect even or better. 

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44-44 yesterday
41-47 today
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Broke 90 for the first time in quite a while.  Shot an 89 with pine needles and pine nuts all over the greens!  I posted last week that I want to:

Play smarter

Stay out of trouble

Get good at the short game


What dropped my score by 5 (in spite of the crap all over the greens from the winds) was that I did better at playing smarter and the short game.  I didn't not stay out of trouble well though (lots of shots just off the fairway) and a couple of lies around the trees.  


I hope to go out tomorrow and do even better!  I'm most excited that I have brought the 3 wood back into the bag and am hitting it well now.

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I really need to start taking the time to update consistently.

monday, first time out in the company league, New Albany Links, back nine,shot a 46 while 3-putting 6! Greens. Greens were fast already, and with a new putter I was blowing birdie putts 6-8 feet past the hole.

Ball striking was excellent tee to green so there is hope for the year. On the plus side, I'm still carrying the 14 hdcp I ended last year with, so the net 32 gave me an 8 shot win for the night.
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9 on Friday - didn't score, little easy course to take the wife to it - her 4th round of 9 to date.  Strong finish

18 on Saturday - poor short game cost a lot of strokes - 84.

9 on Sunday - much better, but few GIRs, made up for it with short game - 40


weird game

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Oh i shot a lousy 152. I feel like my game is regressing. e4_tumbleweed.gif



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Last night was my first time out on grass greens this year. Did a sand green course but that was just for practice.

Shot a 45 over 9 holes. Not overly happy about it. I was actually hitting the ball very well. Had a birdie on one of the par 5s and lipped out another birdie on a par 5. I had a couple of pars as well.

I had an 8 on a par 3 though :l there is always one inconsistent hole that I have. Hit 2 into the water and was angry. Next hole I birdied. Talk about inconsistent.

One thing that did make me mad was on a hole I pushed my par putt about 6 inches past. Clear gimmie range, no one said anything and me being the dumb guy I am, I walked up and stood completely sideways to not stand in the line of one of the others and missed the tap in. I rushed it and it was stupid.

Ended up 3 putting. For the first round it wasn't bad though gotta work on consistency!
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Played a 9 holes par 29 course today after work and shot a 38.
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46 from the front of a 7404y, 3740y on the front, rated 74.3/140, tough and long course. Honestly it was the greens that got me, inconsistent speed at best. GIR on #1 from 25f and a 4 putt. Really? Played par for the next 3 holes before 3 doubles in row, two were my fault, the other another bad green. Played the 7 and 8 bogey. Pissed me off on 8 because I hit a big drive and chunked a 98y wedge and then stuck it to 6f only to miss the putt. Again hung up in the shag carpet of the green. Anyway I played good. Lot's of opportunity from the elevated tees to counter the long holes. A great deal, $25 for 18 with gps cart twilight rate. Could have played on but I was starving, skipped lunch today.

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It's been awhile since I've played, last September to be exact. I got out and played 9 after work yesterday (69.1 / 129 -- par 35 -- 2,950 yards) and shot a 49. I was pretty pleased with my overall play, especially my driving. I really just made too many mistakes to score where I was playing at the end of last summer. I had 0 GIR, 3 penalties, 3 sand shots (1 save), and 1 3-putt. My drives were quite good (missed 2 fairways of 6), I just couldn't hit the greens and my chips just weren't good.

Had a lot of fun getting back on the course, hope to play more again this year.
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