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I played my first nine in 40 years.

2295 yards par 34

Shot a 57

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shot a 45 today par 36 2,858 yds

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80 (11 over), with my first green in reg on the 16th… one of them days! d2_doh.gif

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Shot 95 yesterday.... would've been high 80's  if I didn't screw myself on the par 3's :(((

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My golf game is in the crapper....... 73.2CR 141Slope.........I played Monday and shot 84.   Sure the course is difficult, but my terrible golf game isn't helping much either!!!!!

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81 2 off guarantee for this year. Not bad with lost ball and overshooting greens. CAn you say PURE STRIKING finally! Now to adjust to it.
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Played 9 after work last night on a really easy local 9 hole course (only 2700 yards or so). Shot a 35 with 1 birdie and 1 bogey. More importantly I hit 6/9 GIRs, which is exactly what I am working on in my game right now. Really nice to see my distance control with my irons getting dialed in. Now if only I could convert some of those birdie chances....

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Played 9 yesterday. Shot a 43 on a par 36 course. The course plays really tough, but I played fairly good. Had 2 double bogies that didn't help the round, but made 3 par saving putts that were satisfying. My ball striking is becoming better and better.

Goal is to break 40 this year, and I definitely think it is possible with the way I am putting and hitting the ball.
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Terrible around the greens today. 44 6142 70/119, 3352 par 36 front with 17 putts and just 22% GIR after hitting 71% FIR. Scrambling was decent but missed lot's of 2nd putts. Lip out stuff after crappy lag putts. But, but I rushed. Finished in 65 minutes, solo after work with lightning in the distance. Tired of it. I'll be trending up soon when I run out of low 2012 differentials. 9hole golf is a slow move, up or down.

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played 18 this AM.


Went -2 through the front nine, with an eagle on a par 5, a birdie on a par 3, and a bogey on the par 4 9th.


Made the the turn and finished the the back 9 at 3 over, hurting my score, making it a 1 over 72.  The back 9 is notoriously harder here at Gowan Brae. Most of the back 9 plays along the ocean, and the many inlets give you a lot of places to send your ball swimming, which is what caused one of my bogeys on the back.


Great day though, a little cold, but that didn't stop it from being a great time.


Although the rest of my threesome, my sisters husband and two of his friends from his hometown, weren't having as much fun as I was. One of them, I think, lost more balls than I tool strokes. No shitting you, he lost AT LEAST two dozen balls, luckily when we made the turn, I was able to grab him a pail of really cheap ass rocks that were in my truck, that I only use on my net at home.


The worst part, this was the guy who bragged all last night, and this morning on the way to the course, about how great a golfer he was. He said he was a 6 handicap. I think he forgot a 0 after that 6.


He had some really nice, matching, clubs though. Everything was Titleist, except his wedges, and everything was this this years model, without a scratch in them.


And the fool wanted to play a dollar a stroke. Yay me!

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Once again, keeping up my 2013 pattern of one good, one bad 9 holes. 47-37-84.


That is the fourth time this year I have broken 40 on one 9 and shot 84.

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Just got back from playing 27 holes (9 hole course) in the light rain. The first round was a 47 and the third was a 45. The second round doesn't deserve much comment except that I had a double penalty on the easiest par 3 on the course - pretty much sums up the round.


Just tried to swing smoothly and commit to the shot. I used the 3 wood instead of the driver on holes with a tight fairway where I'd still be able to reach the green in two. When I did use the driver I was able to keep it out of trouble. I also picked through my golf balls and brought only the ones that advertise "long and straight" flight. It seemed to work as I shot two of my lowest 9 hole scores ever. Even so, this was one of those days where I didn't feel like I played very well. Irons were a bit inconsistent.


Still have a lot of work to do.

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71 at Pymatuning State Park Disc Golf Course.

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With the swing changes I have made this week I have not progressed well with the scores.  Gotta stick with it though, it will turn around.  4 nine hole rounds on four different mornings go as such:


37, 38, 40 and finally 42 this morning...ouch!

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I  was very fortunate to complete 18 holes before dark yesterday.  I played with a group for the first NINE, and played the front again as a single because it was pretty wide-open as it got later in the evening.  When I teed off on 1 for my 2nd NINE, the closest group was on 6 tee.   I hauled @ss and caught them on 9 tee!!  Hahaha....I played #1-8 in the same time they played #6-8.   They were kind and waved me through even though it was the last hole.   I was playing much longer tees than they were, so the pressure was on not to screw the hole up as they watched...LOL   It was a par5 and I played 4 perfect shots.....I made a 5' putt for birdie.



72.4CR 145Slope..............41-37=78.


I hit the ball really well all 18 holes, but 2 bad driver swings left a big mark on my first NINE.   I hit one OOB right on #7, and then I hit one LEFT into a deep ravine on the very next hole........ 2 bad swings=TWO doubles.    I played the other 16 holes in +2 in spite of 3-putting from about 15'...ouch!

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So after 3 consecutive range session where I was just plain sucking I go out yesterday and shoot one of my best scores. 46, no great shakes for some of you guys but a great score for me! Great putting, great chipping, a decent 15' flop shot (short sided) and 3 for 3 out of the bunkers including a par! Even had a birdie. Lost 2 in the woods, one of which was an absolutely labeled 5i that flew the green and into the woods by about 30 yards lol. Now if I can tighten up approach shots to avoid those bunkers in the first place (and stop hitting my 5i 190yrds at random) I could probably knock 3-4 shots off of the round.
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92. 46/46. 6151 yds 70.1/127. Lessons really starting to kick in, if I could just avoid those blow up holes, I can easily be in the 80s. Two triples and four doubles killed what could've been an awesome score. Still, I'm seeing definite results from my lessons and am really encouraged.
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Shot a 91 today (46/45) that included two SW chips-ins from off the green on the front nine, on a 6000 yard local course that I usually play.

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