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Shot a 58.  Well, okay, it took four of us in a scramble tournament at Tiffany Greens Golf Club.  But 14 under par was good enough to win.  It was a good day for the four of us in windy conditions.

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44 off the back tees. Hit all fairways (unike last time). Parred 3 of 4 of the last holes. Almost birdied a parr 3 hitting the flag stick low with a chip shot. 2 putting mistakes (dumb ones) added 3 to my score. Getting ready for a big tourney in 12 days with big money on the line.
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94, rough day. Started out with a birdie and 3 pars then it all went to poop!
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9 holes (~3000 yds???)


15 putts ( i'm quite happy)

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Played at a par 64 course last night. Ended up shooting 77 which is definitely an improvement. The sad thing is I could've shaved at least 4 of those strokes off for stupid shots. I had a foot tap in par on 17, and it went in the hole left side and rimmed out and sat there. Just mistakes like those have been costing me strokes that I shouldn't have to take.

I'm happy about it though. My irons were inconsistent but I will improve.
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Played up today and used only irons, longest is 6i, from gold tee's. Makes the course easier at 65.9/112, front 9 is 2950 from gold but not drastically different only 390 yds shorter than the tips. This course is short. Had to laugh, best score in several weeks 40 and that was with two lip outs, could/should have been a 38. Number 9 is a short par 5, from the gold more like a long par 4. Hit 6i twice and 62* wedge to kick in close. Made the birdie. Despite the low rating still better than my recent differentials. I'd do it more often but I'm certain my index would be artificially low. Wouldn't want to travel with it and play tougher courses when bets and strokes are the game.


I mention only because I got paired with duffers playing the tips. As usual the course destroyed them and I can say with certainty neither kept it under 55. Both hit driver on everything but the par 3's and not once was I not the last to hit approaching the green. One guy had the stones to make fun of me on the first tee. I hit 6i and 7i for GIR. He hit driver, a hybrid and two wedges to get to the green, # 1 is 410 from the back. I made par he tripled.


They were deflated by the 9th hole, asked what I shot and I revealed 40. They were playing 18 and were genuinely impressed by then. It was cool but not great or anything and I did have fun. Made me look better than I usually play. One kid asked for suggestions. Tee it forward was all I said. I don't think they liked it.

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Pine Lakes CC in Myrtle Beach. Just could not get it going today. My driver wasn't reliable. My irons were just a little off. Putting wasn't bad, but chipping was rough.

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Shot the most unsatisfying 42 (par 36). Hit 6 of 7 fairways and 7 of 9 greens, but I putted waaaaaaay too aggressively. Still, better than leaving them short like I did all year last year...

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Shot a 91 (par 72, 69.5, 118).  Very happy with the round, winds were steady 25-30kts with gusts near 50.  Gotta love South Dakota some days!  This is a sad thing to be happy about but after a long run of no birdies finally got a couple today, no more two putt pars!!! I've been plagued with horrific putting as of late.

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Shot 86 on a par 72, 73,4/136 course under difficult conditions. Playing clubcompetition strokeplay. Winner was a 2 handicapper who shot 81.
Yiiiiiha a1_smile.gif
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Tied my personal best with an 87. However was very pleased to score an 87 on a much more difficult course than I'm used to (slope of 126 vs 113).

All around very good round. Only hit 4 GIRs, but most of my misses left me putting from the fringe or facing and easy chip
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75 on a par 70 course ( 13 pars 5 bogeys) pretty solid if you keep in mind there was a hard wind blowing all over the place. 

came to this score by putting extremely well. think i holed 90% off the 10 feet putts some for par some for bogey.

best bogey i made was a 375 yard par 4 with a green with 4 bunkers. Straight forward hole but reasonable small fairway,

hole was playing into the wind and i hit a driver i hit a slight cut on it into the wind not a good idea it ended nearly

on the next fairway, i was in the rough with 165 to the green, but to get there i had to hit a high draw over some trees.

I hit a six iron but it didn't get i high enough to get it over the trees, it hit a branch and came straight down, still on the wrong

side off the fairway. only thing i could do from there was to put it in the bunker front right off the green. Bunker shot came to about  12 feet.

downhill strong left to right break. Holed the put dead center 

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yesterday's game was dreadful... 52 on 9.  missed my par putt on hole 1 and that pretty much set the tone.  easily could have saved 7 or 8 strokes had i not botched countless pitches and putts.  


crushing it off the tee with my 3i, though -- second week in a row i've decided to play irons only (last week shot a 45 which had the potential to be a 41 -- again, pitches and putts).  game is a lot more fun when you're not slicing and hooking every other drive!!

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125. 65 out. 60 in.

Started 7, 10, 12, 9.

Ended with a 9. All other holes 7 or less.

All single digits on the back 9.

Getting there!
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A couple of solid rounds this week.  Yesterday ...


Sink a couple of makable putts, decide to lay-up on 7, and don't brainfart the drive OB on 10, or skull the PW over the green and into the water on 13, and that 78 is quite easily a 71 or 72.  As is, still a good round for me, and I still know where the most improvement is to be made (driver and putter!!!)


Today, had a little fun on a pitch-n-putt ...

Still couldn't make any putts though.

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Shot a 102 on a local par 72. Had a 46 out, 56 in. Ended triple, triple, triple, double to ruin a good round (by my standards). Had a group on our tails the last quarter of the way.

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72 on a par 69 easy course. -1 on back nine. First time ever below par
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Shot a 47 on the front 9 of a par 68 last night.  The course is fairly short but is very old and has lots of mature trees lining the fairways.  First cut of rough isn't bad but if you end up in the trees you're hosed.  Two penalties off the tee, a stubbed chip shot and putting on several greens littered with winged elm seeds probably cost me 4-5 strokes.  Only 3 FIRs (ended up in the first cut a lot) but had 5 GIRs. 


Finally, regularly playing in the 90's.  Look out 80's here I come!

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