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6610 yds.  71.6/124


77 with 3 birdies and, wait for it......NO doubles.  Alert the media.

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Originally Posted by David in FL View Post

6610 yds.  71.6/124

77 with 3 birdies and, wait for it......NO doubles.  Alert the media.

They have been alerted. 60 minutes is interested in doing a special on it
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116. 66 out, 50 in. The 50 wast best 9 ever! Only one double digit hole.. Lots of shots let out there. 3 putts, etc. Overall, very happy! 2nd best round ever!
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Perfect golf weather in SW Ohio today. Shot a 43-43-86 with a very ugly putting performance today. Course was playing rather tough with tight pin placements and fast greens. 


73.2/135 - 6800 yard course

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today and yesterday, first scores under 50 on the local 9-holes course: 47 (today) and 48 (yesterday)


Off course that includes some cheating: no penalties (water, ob, lost ball), counting only 1 stroke to get out of the bunkers, even when I need 4 tries, (from the same position off course).

Since I haven't had much bunker practice yet (but taking lessons right now), I assume I'll soon reach the point where I only need 1 attempt, so why discouriging myself by counting all these strokes?

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Played once in the morning and once in the afternoon at my home course (Par 71).  Both were played with around 20 mph winds.


Shot a 73 in the morning - Was -1 with 3 left to play and went double, par, bogey.  Pulled one into a greenside bunker that was filled with water for the double and made an awful chip on the last hole for a two putt bogey.


Shot a 76 in the afternoon - Just couldn't score in the afternoon.  Had a few birdies but also missed 5 or 6 birdie putts within 10 feet. Made some stupid bogeys trying to get to tight pins with the wind.  Came within about a foot of my first hole in one.  I would think that being 30 and playing for 25 years that I would have one by now.


Overall I am very happy considering the windy conditions and how I was striking the ball.

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42+43=85 yesterday. 7 pars, 8 bogeys and 3 doubles. The doubles killed me and I missed a couple short putts, a 3 footer on 18 was a bummer. I can look back and see the strokes piling up, at least 4 mistakes could have easily been avoided.


I felt like I played better than 85. My partner starting rushing us at 12 so we could get off the course as quick as possible to attend a party that we ended up getting to an hour early. He asked the group ahead to let us through when it would have been better to close the gap a little more through another hole or two. It resulted in getting out of routine in an attempt to get out in front of them. They ended up waiting on us as we both put up doubles the next 2 holes due to rushing. Bad call on his part, really irritated me.

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49 on the front 9 at my local muni.  Finished triple, triple to kill the round. Tough to have half the shots over par come on the last two holes. Score of 49 is a reasonable score for me, so I was on pace to do considerably better.

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6610 yds.  71.6/124.


74.  Struck the ball well, but missed a 3 foot putt.  Can't complain though, made an absolute snake from 75 feet for birdie.  It all evens out....

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Doubled on 18 for a 73.  72.2/125 


So close...

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-2, 70.  My best score in many years...although I played with a co-worker who doesn't play often and we played the white tees.

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Ended up playing in some very wet and soggy conditions yesterday but still managed to shoot a 100 even. I almost felt the club slipping from my hands every swing!

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With it blowing 15-20, I shot even par 72 from the gold tees at Park Ridge in WPB. While I missed 2 putts, inside 6 feet, I only need 28 with 3 birdies and 5/8 up and downs. Great round. 

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112. 51 out, 61 in. My 2nd best round ever.

Had my first ever birdie, too! 150 yd Par 3. Stuck it to 3 feet with a 9I, then acted like I'd been there before and put down the putt. Felt great!
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A very disappointing 53. A good round for me is breaking 100/50, so it's not like I was that far off, but I just didn't play well at all.

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Even par 71.  Was +3 on the front 9 and chipped in an eagle on the par 5 13th hole.  Then birdied the 15th.  Managed to par in from there.

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I shot 76 with 38 putts. Not a great performance on the greens today.
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Finally coming close to the level I know I'm able to play, after 2 weeks of intensive practice.


Played 2 times 9-holes today, 45 in the morning, 46 in the afternoon (bloody hot here in Thailand).


A good improvement compared to my usual rounds being around 53 on average, and I'm still making ridiculous misses which should slowly disappear in the following days and weeks.


For those who say "Moe Norman's swing" lacks power, I've only just started using it 4 days ago, and I shot 265 and 285 today, without even trying to hit it hard!


By the way, I'm only 5 foot 8, weigh 146 lbs and am not at all athletic!

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