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Shot a 49 on a par 32 which is good for me. 15 putts so my good putting trend is holding up so far. Hit a 20 yard chip shot to 6" on the last hole, actually had a few great chips. If I ever figure out how to make a reliable full swing I'll be dangerous.

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Par 72, 6500 yard blue tees.


78 (39 front, 39 back) - with only one birdie on 18, but quite a few opportunities.  Feeling it nicely, hitting my distances.

I'm on a really nice improvement ramp right now.  First round of the year in the 70's and I don't think it'll be the last by any means.

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shot a 91 on a par 72 layout,had a 9 on the back nine but still managed a 47.

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Wasn't today, but first chance to report. 40-43 on Sunday at Island's End GC near Greenport, NY. Pretty pleased with that considering the conditions- cool, cloudy and WINDY (steady 20_ with gusts nearing 30-35). A few sheltered holes, but most holes are susceptible to really strong headwind or tailwind, only 1 or 2 with crosswinds to worry about. They seem to have slowed the greens a bit this year over last few years. I think they've had problems keeping grass on them trying to get them so fast. They were true and fast enough, but nowhere near past speeds. One green in particular (#8) has really come back nicely- it was so bad that they only had one or 2 spots for a pin placement on a large, dastardly designed green complex. This should make for some better spots later in the year. Driver was working for the most part, (10 is my enemy) and the irons were decent, considering almost every one was either a punch into, or some kind of knockdown with the wind. Some were pulled off, and others weren't. Extreme winds made for wildly fluctuating drive #'s... 280+ down wind and barely cracking 200-210 into the wind. Finished nicely with a par, par, par on the last three holes. #16 is their signature hole- up to 200+ par 3 along the north shore hard against the Sound, over a gully and downhill. Winds are a real test on this hole. Even with those gusting 30mph winds, the cliff deflects the wind and it can be dead calm while standing on the tee and the flag can be dead quiet as well. But you have to look at the long grass along the gully's edge- the wind whistles into there and you get a sense of the wind. above you the wind is doing all kinds of weird things with currents and eddys. They did have the tees up a notch because of the wind to about 170. Punched a 4 iron towards the right edge and it moved back to the left and went to about 10 ft below the hole after landing short and rolling up. 2 putt for par.
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First post to this thread:  39 on the back side of Apollo Beach golf course (9 holes only today).  The feat is staying out of the water that lines most every hole.  Four bogies, one birdie, 16 putts.  Nothing special for a lot of folks, but it was a small breakthrough for me.  c2_beer.gif

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shot 82 but ESC brought it down to 79, bayonet course fort ord monterey ca

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Worst round in a while.  Lots of wind, but my bad shots weren't bad because of the wind.

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Posted an 84 on a true 85 (ESC on an 8 I put up on a par 5 due to a horrible tee shot followed by an even worse attempt at a low percentage recovery shot). 39 on the front and hit every fairway. 45 on the back with 2 fairways. 6 GIR and 3 scrambles for par. 30 putts.

I think with the slope it put me 1 under my index. Still thinking of some stupid silly shots I left out there.
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Not today, but most recent "non scramble tournament" round was an 86.  43 and 43.  Pretty decent round for me.  Only 1 ob shot.  Finished with a 7 on that par 4 hole.  


However, last time playing our team shot 10 under to win the 2nd flight!  Sweet... got our entry fee back!  Good enough for me.  

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Had one of those days where things simply clicked. Shot 76 at Stumpy Lake in Virginia Beach. Holed out on 14 from about 60 yards for eagle which absolutely made my day. 


Still need to dial in the driver though (as usual). 

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Shot a good 9 today, 41 on a par 36 2,995 yards 35.2/128.  Had one bad hole with a double bogey but was hitting fws so that made things easier.

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Shot a new career best for me today for 18 holes. 


Par 72 70.9/118


85 (6 over 41 front, 7 over 44 back)

34 putts

7/18 GIR

7/14 Fway

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Shot 48 my first nine then my personal best 43 on back nine (91). Great round of golf but the chipping failed me today.
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I shot a 92 at Spanish Bay, an 88 at Abu Dhabi and a 77 at St Andrews today.

Played at Eagle club, the new indoor simulator in downtown San Francisco today :)

The guy at the counter thought I was nuts when I asked him to set me up for my 3rd round.

Anything inside of 10' was a 1 putt, anything outside of that was a 2 putt. I think I was averaging about 30 putts per round, so I still feel pretty good about the scores.
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 i was doing great after 15 holes. Ended the round bogey, double bogey, bogey and signed a card off 75.

( on a par 70 )

It was just a solid round with 2 bogeys and 1 bird, putted solid.

Than on 16 i hit a 3wd that looked great in the air slight draw, but when it hit the ground it went straight left ended up on the left side fairway with a tree about 20 yards in front of me.

i was about 150 yards away. wanted to hit a draw past the tree but just didn't get to the left far enough. It bounced on the bank of the right bunker. bunker shot to about 10 feet and didn't make the putt.

Than 17 par 3 183 yards into wind i hit a 5 iron. pushed it to the right again in a bunker. bunker shot just over the green about 12 feet and 3 putted grrrrr.

on the last i hit a solid hybrid off the tee, leaving me a 75 yard downhill approach, fluffed it and made bogey.

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Shot a rather disappointing 80 today. I left a lot of shots out there with a couple of 3 putts. My front 9 score of 43 really hurt the round but I was happy with the back nine. After going Bogey Bogey to start the back, I settled down and took pars on 12-16. A birdie on 17 and a missed birdie putt on 18 (very makable 7 footer) got me to a 37. 



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Ok so I'll start off by saying my average is around 83-84. Today I shot 80 in pouring rain and strong wind. We were the only ones on the golf course and people clapped when we walking into the club house after.
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League match,


39 (+3)


Putted out of my mind, almost holed a 35 footer for birdie, the ball broke away from the hole in the last 6 inches, bastard :p


Had two up and downs for bogey

4 GIR's

13 putts

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