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94 at the Waldorf Astoria course in Orlando. Wind was howling in the front side and my wedge totally disappeared on the back.
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Played in league golf and had one of those good scores with lots of ups and downs. I was 3 over after 7 holes and finished birdie/birdie for a total of +1.

3/7 fairways
A deplorable 1 gir (although most misses were just a few yards off the green and in good spots)
11 total putts (one of my birdies was putting from a foot or two off the green)

After practicing with a short putter for 10 days or so, this was my first round without a belly putter in 5+ years. I holed 4 putts within the range of 8 to 15 feet and was very pleased. I'm sure that won't last long, but it's a confidence booster as I move forward with my standard-length putter...
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Shot an 88 at a fairly easy par 71 course. Lot of water and trees, but relatively short. Finally eliminating most of my fat shots as well as my toppers.

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Drove like a dog on the front nine and was struggling to make bogey. Got it together on the back and shot 4-over with a triple bogey (OB) and no birdies. Some really good up-and-downs. I finally got my money shot back (85-100 yard knockdown dart right at the pin), which helps when I am not driving the ball well and have to layup. Did it three times yesterday for kick-ins. Last four holes were routine pars and I took the money after falling woefully behind on the front.

I just wish I could play like that for 18 holes. Hasn't happened yet this season.

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Out before work for a quick 9, ended up at 40 after starting with a double on 10. I did have 5 pars so that's a good day for me. Probably will head out and play the front after work. Could use another decent 9 before revision.

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Bad putting day (19 putts over 9 holes) and I thought my score would be worse but I managed a 48 which is right around my norm, I thought I was at least 4-5 strokes higher but I counted twice and it was a 48. I'm starting to get pretty consistent, not good, but consistent which I guess is the first step. Mostly happy that I've learned to "stay in the game" and play golf instead of golf swing. The scores will come.

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90 on my beloved Bethpage Red. 45 on both the front and back. I'm starting to get out of my slump. I went to the course with a real purpose this morning. Hit good crisp iron shots and it just came around. I actually flew 4 greens today hitting my normal clubs in. Not sure if that's how far my clubs actually go now that the wind and cold in NY seemed to FINALLY GO AWAY...or I'm just that powerful...LOL.


Now if only my short game was on target especially my sand game, that 90 could have been an 85 easily. This was my 1st step in getting back down to low 80s with a sprinkling of high 70s. 

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Shot  52/45=97. Made only the third birdie of my golfing career on the back nine. 

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Well guys I am extremely happy today I played my first round in 15 years. I played a 9 hole executive and shot a 43. Needless to say after all this time I a very happy. Best of all I played a round with my dad who just started at age 70! Great day
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+1, 73.  39 front 34 back.

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Nice BugDude I wish I could do that lol

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I just wish people would give more info with the scores.  I like reading this thread, but..........



Saying....Hey, I shot XX means nothing without a CR.   Without a course rating from the tees you played, it's just a meaningless number.   I just assume it's a 5400yd course with a 65.5CR when it's not offered.......LOL  Your score compared the course rating is what tells a story......

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Originally Posted by BuckeyeNut View Post

I just wish people would give more info with the scores.  I like reading this thread, but..........



Was playing a strokeplay competition on my homecourse thursday. Front nine most difficult of the 36 holes course. Made two tripples (2 and 4) and a quadrupple on the fifth. Then hit my second ball on the next hole in the rough never to be found again and surrenderd z6_surrender.gif. We play Stableford for handicap and I made 6 points on the front nine (18 would be playing my handicap). So I played 12 shots worse then the handicap on 9 holes.


Goal for the backnine was set to play better then the front nine, and I shot 44 (16 stableford). Still want to know courserating?b4_blushing.gif


Next day I played a tourney on a course I never played before. Tight fairways, high rough and strong winds. Made 2 birdies, 88 strokes and second place (stableford competition 34 points). Its a 6.300y 71.5/135 course.


Did win two tickets to the KLM open to be held this year on the same course (European tour).c3_clap.gif

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The course I played is an executive course it's in a private community I can't find the course rating on it I can tell you it's not very long at all being an executive course it's all par 3's and 4's but the damn greens are quite small. Most on here would probably blow through this course no problem and shoot low scores but for me getting going after 15 years it's fun to play and challenging enough with small greens and homes all around. I've been to the range once and played the nine holes and felt pretty good about my first time out on a course I've never seen with clubs I've only hit once on the range.

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Shot a 53/42 on a 69.7/124


Felt like the back side was going well, but I didn't check in the middle of the round (on purpose). No penalty strokes all day.



Par: 4

Bog: 8

2xB: 3

3xB: 3 (three of the final four holes of the front nine)


Hit 7/14 fairways and had 37 putts. 

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Well today turned out to be the day!  I started playing last June and after 49 weeks I finally broke 100 and hit my first birdie in the same round. My goal had been to break 100 within a year. 


Played the blues at Happy Valley Golf Course in Wilson NC, 68.1/119, 5807 yards.  I knew it was going to be a good day when I birdied #1, again that was my first birdie ever!  I started with 45 on the front and felt good going into the back. Started to get a little anxious toward the end of the round knowing I was so close to my goal and even 4-putted #17.  Finished the round with a bogey and man did it feel good. Should of at least shot a 95 today so that feels really good like I am actually improving and getting respectable out there. 


I keep a handicap on oobgolf.com and I'm now at 32.5.  My goal now moves toward moving that handicap to 23 over the next 12 months.  Consistent scoring in the mid 90's .  I've got a long way to go but I know its going to be fun getting there!

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First decent round in a bit over a month at my home course. Finished with a 96 (47/49.)


I was finally able to control my driver with 10/14 fairways and 2 just missing. Of course, I was also smart enough to tee off with a hybrid on a couple of holes with trouble on the left.


This left me zero shots off of tree roots today (which may be a first)


33 putts, 3 GIRs, 1 birdie and a ton of bogies

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Originally Posted by BugDude View Post

+1, 73.  39 front 34 back.

This course was 6400 yards (back tee) with a course rating of 70.

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