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My golf game is in the dumps....I went from an all time low index of 0.0 in 2012, and I may end up with a 5-6 very soon.  sheesh.. I'm already up to 3.1 Index and I still have scores from last year to bump.  I'm just trying to play enough to get the old scores out so I know how bad I really am.  


Stone Canyon golf club: 73.2CR 141 slope.....39 for 9 holes, and this is one of my better nines in recent weeks..LOL   The new home course is kicking my butt!!  I'm not playing as often which certainly doesn't help!!  Couple that with a new more difficult course and I've had a lot of really bad scores.   I even shot a 91 last weekend.....it's been at least a decade since I carded a 90s score.  It was very painful.....

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6610 yds, 71.6/124.


79 with 3, count 'em THREE doubles.  2 of which were on par 3's where my tee shot was off the green no more than 5 feet.



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Rained out...+5 after 12 then woosh. 

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42 again, perpetually stuck in the 40-44 range. Will be at it again later to attempt something sub 40. Every time I look at the stats I can see where I should have shaved a stroke here and there.

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shot a 46 today on a par 36, course rating 35.2/125. Had another blow up hole today went white stake on a par 5 and racked up a 9!!!

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Great news finally broke 100 shot 94. I went on a tear on the second 9 coming home in 41.

6200 yard track with a SSS of 71. I have been practicing so much last 6 months particularly my short game thanks Phil Mickelson for making me into a chipper.

If I can stop tinkering I now have a swing that just needs more repeating. Left a few shots out there so 90 seems a very reachable target.
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Shot an 89 today.


6800yds Par 72 129/70.9


Shot of the day. 149 yard par 3. Hit a beautiful 8 iron, 5 yard draw. Ball lands and spins sideways to within 15 inches of the hole. Sank the bird.


My driver was too inconsistant today. I would smoke a 290 yard drive, then the next hole I would duck hook it.

My irons were pretty solid today though.


Its only my 3rd round of the year. Just need more time practicing/playing.

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Shot an even 100 in our *superintendents revenge* tourney - good enough for 5th place in the next division (net 74). There were 3 with a net 73 and 3 with a net 74 - tiebreakers is what kept me in the $$$.


The length did not kill me, but pretty much every pin was on a peak or somewhere where if you missed, you were well off the green. Four 3 putts, two 1 putts, 8/14 fairways, 1 GIR, 1 par, 8 bogies.

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Shot a rough round today of 95. Course was soaked, probably because it rained the past 24+ hours, and it led to a lot of fat shots. I drove the ball fairly well, but my short game killed me. The first 4 holes were the highlight of my round; par, birdie, birdie, par...then it went downhill.

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Shot 88 in 27-35 mph winds on course haven't played in 2 yrs. 1st time didn't drown a ball or two.
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Shot a 107 today after getting a 92 yesterday, One step forward two steps back, Slicing was really bad today, Much worse than it has been

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Golf is a wierd game. I had a golf cart in my barn that hasn't been used for a few years and I knew the batteries were weak. I took it to the course this morning to see if it would go nine holes on those batteries. I had no real intention of trying to shoot a good score and there was rain coming so I was going to have to really hurry.


On the first hole I made a 3 foot birdie putt. Good start but I didn't think much of it because it's probably the easiest par four on the course. Then on the second hole (a tough par 3) I didn't even put the ball on a tee like I usually do and hit my shot to less than 2 feet. Hmmm...What's going on?


On the third hole I messed up my approach and left myself with a 25 foot putt, which I two putted. I'm thinking that's probably the end of the magic but I birdied the next two holes.


Still nothing too special because the next two holes are a tough par 3 and a tough narrow driving hole with OB on both sides on a par 4. Missed the green on the par 3 but got up and down for par. Then hit a good tee shot on the par 4 but the approach missed long and left in the rough. Chipped out of the rough to less than a foot and tapped it in.


Now I'm thinking I might have a chance for a really good round because the next hole is a par 5 and if I hit a good tee shot it's usually a very easy birdie or sometimes an eagle. I hit a great drive but choked on the second shot with a 3 wood (usually my bread and butter) and hooked it under some Bradford pear trees and had to try to run it out of there on the ground. Couldn't get it on the green and ended up with a par.


Final hole is a par 4 to an island green and it's all about the second shot. I had 113 yards and thought I hit a decent shot but it hit the boards at the edge and went in the water. Had a SW and a putt from the drop area for the only bogie of the nine holes.


Final tally 3 under par. 


Yesterday on the same nine holes I had four bogies and only one birdie. Maybe it was a lucky golf cart that I should use more often. Ha ha!

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Shot even par 72 today.  35 front 37 back.  2 birds and 2 bogies rest pars.  Course 6400 yards rated 70.  


Distance wasn't great and irons weren't dialed in (haven't played or practiced the last 2 weeks).  Short game made up for it.  I had 10 up and downs total (one for birdie).  I only missed 4 fairways (and those were just off, still had clear shot) but missed 11 greens.  A lot of those were just a couple feet off the green, so easy chips.  I had 25 putts (a lot of tap ins given I was chipping a lot).


My half wedge shots were not cooperating today.  Next range trip I'm working on that.

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46 out, 62 in. 108.

Best round ever!

Birdie-Par start. I'm getting there!
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Mini-tournament on Friday - course I never played before.

36 holes - $40 each in


18 with a paired format against handicaps.  I shot 3 under, partner shot 3 over - we tied for 1st and got back $50 each.  I tied for best score, but was the worse handicap so I got the nod.  A few missed shots and one penalty only, but pretty decent for guy that's used to primarily treating play as practice rounds.


The next 18 was a mixed scrambles format of 4 man teams matching up .  First 9 was 2x2 pairs, back nice was 4 man scrambles with the drive being a dice roll to choose which drive to use, the rest of the shots was straight scrambles.  This wasn't as fun for me.  I like hitting my own shots.


quite a few cocktails all day, probably reflected my play getting worse as the day went on, good crowd of people to play with, lotsa fun

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6827 yds. 72.5/128.

78. Nice run of 3 birdies in 4 holes, sadly offset by 2 doubles and a 3-putt bogey.
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Par 72 +5 77. Made no birdies, but overall it was a pretty good round.

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I played a  quick 9 on a course I have never played, EWCC is a Par 36, 2933 yards, course rating 33.9, slope 113.


Pretty easy course...


I birdied the first hole, then went bogey, double, bogey, par, double, double, triple, par for a total of 46.... which is probably the best round I have played this year.


First hole felt great, 363 par 4 goes up hill then downhill the last 100 yards....... 4 iron off the tee,  prob 190 so a little short but it was up hill.... then banged a 7 iron and stuck it 3 and a half feet from the hole made the putt for my first bird of the year....


One of the doubles was highway robbery, it was a par 3 137 yds.... hit a perfect 9 iron heading right for the green.....  felt awesome... and it hits a power line and bounces back and right to leave me 100 yds from the center again..... The triple was a par 3 in which my ball took a swim.... happens sometimes.... 


the last hole is a longish 531 yard par 5... i pitched from the rough with my 9 iron for birdie hit the pin, bounced 2 inches from the hole.... Way to end it, weather was great, had a lot of fun, that's why  I keep going back.

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