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it wouldnt let me edit for some reason.... also found about a dozen (good) balls in a tall patch of grass near a fence while looking for my ball on 8... (which i found) 

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Shot a 53 in 9 holes. Worst I've played in a long time. Putter was on, but I had waaay too many errant tee shots, resulting in 8 penalty strokes. 3 wood was the only club working for me all day.

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Shot 36 yesterday evening with 2 birdies, 3 bogeys and 4 pars.  Didn't hit it that great off the tee but scored well, missed 5 footers for birdie on 8 and 9 as well.

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Yahoo! Handicap Rating is 18.2 Enter New Score
Click score to edit/view details. last updated Jun 10, 2013
Course Score Date
skyline 92* Jun 9, 2013
skyline 87* Jun 8, 2013
skyline 91* May 23, 2013
skyline 95* May 15, 2013
skyline 89* May 8, 2013


92 yesterday really want to get in the 80's more consistently.

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I tied my all-time best 42 on the front 9. More importantly I broke several mental barriers and discovered afew things that will change my game til the day I die. Let me explain...
Last week I played in a club tournament and had the good fortune (and honor) of playing with the club teaching pro. We tied for 3rd (field of 19 teams). I won $110. I was able to make some key shots/putts for the team. That made me feel respected and a better player than I am (mental game).

Last night, after a week of being sick, I went out and played 9 after dinner. I was only going to practice some chipping/putting but the course wad light so I thought "why not?"

Because I didn't have much energy I couldn't swing hard, I just accelerated modestly through the downswing, letting gravity do the work. BINGO! Longest drives ever. Driving greens in regulation again, nice draw in second shots (finishing my swing). Putting: no 3 putts!!!

After all these years I feel like since the tournament that I'm performing at a new level.

I discovered lately that I have a good short game, that golf played well is almost effortless (without tension), and that barriers can be broken.

It's not in a new driver, irons or putter (over 12 years old).,.it's in being and playing relaxed, letting gravity work in my swing, finishing with a quality (if slower than others) swing, working in harmony with what the course brings and treasuring each shot oppotunity.

Hi, I'm 7 Iron and I'm a golfer!
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Yahoo! Handicap Rating is 17.9 (last calculated Jun 10, 2013) 

I shot a 90 today par 72:5,853/69.8/125

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41 (+5)


Three double bogeys

One Bogey

Two Birdies

Three Pars


Started off slow, got hot, finished slow.


Not bad, a couple pulls, figured it out and hit some nice push draws and cuts. Short game really bit me tonight, about 3 wasted shots on the course that should not have happened.

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Played 18 at a 9 hole course I haven't been to before. Played the second shortest sets of tees (33.1/114) both times, yardage was 2616. First 9 I shot a 49 (+13) and second 9 was a 51 (+15). It's not a fantastic score, but I'm happy with it being that I'm usually 20 over.


Drives weren't too bad, which surprised me since that's usually where I have the most trouble. My short game wasn't good...I ended up with several 3 putts. My pitching also needs a lot of work. I could get the ball to the green, but I couldn't adapt to the greens being as fast as they were so the ball would roll off the other end.


I did have two moments I was fairly proud of, though. The first was on #9. My drive left me about 40 or 50 yards short of a water hazard, the 2nd shot left me in the tall rough, across the pond but only about 3 yards off the water. Next shot only went about 50 yards (leaving me ~120 out) but was in the middle of the fairway. The 4th was absolutely fantastic - I had pulled my 7 iron and drilled the ball straight onto the green, leaving me a 3 ft putt for par (my first par ever.) The second moment was pitching on #2, the second time through. I managed to hit the stick, leaving the ball about 3 inches from the hole. 


I have a 30 day membership at this course, so I'm planning on playing as often as possible and seeing how much I improve in that time.

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40-39 = 79 @ River Forest in Freeport, PA (blue tees)

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Got the opportunity to play in a Pro-Am at Castle Pines today.  I really wish I could have gotten Ggiese to play with me, he being such a stick and all.  But alas, I had to settle for a couple of inferior amateur partners that didn't quite have the work ethic of good ol' George.  But we finished 7th in the team and I finished 11th in the Professional division out of 32 teams.  So it was an OK day and a blast to play that fantastic venue.

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Shot 91 from blue tees. Course rating of 71.10 and a slope of 129 over 6,500 yards. Drove the ball really well, hit a decent number of fairways, but only 1 GIR. Won't score until I can change that.
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Shot a 78 at Old Works GC (par 72) in Anaconda, MT. Played the gold tees, 7200+ yards, 73.8/129. Could've been a bunch better ... Was +1 after 14 holes and limped home bogey, bogey, par, triple. Regardless, it's still the best diff. In a long time for me, so I'm quite pleased!
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Shot 75 at Stoneridge Golf Club yesterday - 72.8/139 @ 6700 yards. First time playing there and it was really nice. Course was in great condition with super quick greens. Recommend the place to anyone in the Minnepolis/St. Paul area!

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Finally broke 80 with a 79. Figure preety good for a 59 yo that started playing 7 yrs ago. Funny though, it was 99 degrees out when I started and as I have had Heat Stroke I usually can't handle the heat. Didn't seem to bother me tonight though. Now to come up with a new guarantee and to fulffill #2 guarantee-drop 10 lbs so I can get my new irons!!
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50 in League play... my best ever.   68.9/124  6542 


Could have been better... I started with a 3 putt, 4 putt and 2 holes later a 4 chip(!?!).


However I hit 4 out of 7 fairways and had shots on the misses.


I had Zero mis-hits which was a first.  ( and exciting )


Before this year I had played 3 rounds in 4 years and not much before that.


Because of that I haven't tried hitting a longer iron then a 6 on the course and have been shooting for bogey golf.


I've been working on long irons a lot at the range and this week I'll use a 4 or 5 which will either give me more chances at pars/birdies or make my score go south again.

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Castlegregory links, 9 hole track, par 68 for 18. 5600 yards. I shot a 76. 3/12 fairways, 8/18 greens, 29 putts. My old familiar over the top move is back with a vengeance, and everything was pulled way left. I lost a ball 35-40 yards offline taking a 5 iron off the tee !! So much for playing it safe off the tee. On the plus side, I annoyed the hell out of my partners by getting up and down from the unlikeliest of spots. Chipping was good, and the putter was finally behaving itself (apart from 3 putting 16 and 17 that is...) . Drilled a 7 iron to 3 feet on 18 to walk off with a 2 and a smile. If I can keep this kind of short game and putting, and sort my hip movement out at transition to get the clubpath back online, then I might even get the handicap going in the right direction again.   

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Shot a 79 today.
Yardage: 6657
Rating: 71.3
Slope: 120

My putting was awful. Went back and played in Runaway Bay, Tx. Was my home course growing up but over the years they really let it go. The new guys there are doing a great job in getting that course back into shape.
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Shot my best round over 9 holes last night, +10 over 9 holes.


Considering I'm a handicap of 24 and the 9 included 2 doubles and a snowman (8) with high winds and fair bit of rain, really happy with that! Finally seeing some proper progression. Got a nice 15ft birdie on the 9th.



Really worked on my extension on the backswing and it helped a lot and I think that's why I've been slicing it!



p.s. I wish we had the sunny summers here in the UK

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