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Made two bad choices off the tee on the par fives. I hate seeing any bogey on a par five let alone two in nine holes. The plus side is, if I can get it in the short stuff with a look at the green, my iron game is giving me some great opportunities.
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Cipher, how ticked were you when you bogeyed the last hole to just miss 36? I would have been thrilled...but with a 4.5 handicap it had to grind your gears a little. Haha.

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Shot 73 (par 70) in my club's monthly medal on Saturday 8th, June. Five birdies & I bogeyed the last two holes.

Handicapper cut me to 5.2.


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I'm going out tonight for 9 if the weather holds up. Besides a cold/sinus thing, I'm feeling pretty healthy, close to 100% for the first time in a while. Gonna try to have a good, safe round. Slow down my swing, and no hero shots. Hope to break my record 42 for 9. This summer I want a 9 in the 30's....that's the goal. If I don't have any terrible mishits and the putter is on, I know I can do it. I'll report back tonight with results!

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+9 45, pretty bad night.


First hole caught a flier out of the rough, a 90 yard wedge went 125 yards, nicked a cart path and bounced up onto a tee box, had to punch under a tree and hope it bounces right, i caught the bunker, booo :p


Had a bit of trouble with the swing early, kept pulling the ball slightly, short game and putting cost me as well. But since +5 of that +9 came in the first two holes, it wasn't that half bad. By the 5th hole i was hitting some better push draws. Still got to work on creating depth with my hips and not my hands.

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E for the 5 holes we played.

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Glen Dornoch Golf Links 69.9 / 131

Shot 89. First round with my new G25 irons. Having an adjustment period with distance control. I did card SIX (3's) on my card including 2 birdies (obviously). Had a rough blowup hole where I took 3 penalty strokes and then 3 putted on a par 4 for a 9!

Oh, yeah, it was 106 degrees out there today too. Hoping for a better effort next time out. My next 6 rounds will be in NY while on vacation next week.
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Terrible tonight. Drives sucked...and my God...the putting...19 putts in 9 holes. Terrible. These greens are awful, but still. Played from the tips and shot a 50. Ugh. The only good part was my sub 80 yard game.


Started out well, par on 1 (par 5), then quadrupled 2, par on 3, then it just sucked ass from there. 


At one point I hit a 60 yarder to within a foot and a half. Missed the putt. How do I miss an 18" putt? Terrible. lol


On the bright side, not a single skull, topper, or fat shot in 9 holes. If my putting was normal, even with my penalty strokes and bad drives I would have shot mid 40's at least.

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Shot a 69 on par 54 course this morning and an 87 on par 72 in the afternoon. Last four holes were par, birdie, birdie, birdie :) can't remember the last time I did that. Doesn't help that I triple bogeyed a par 4 before that in the water :/
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2 rounds of 9


Yesterday - 38 on a par 34.  3 inches from my first Eagle on 9.  Still hunting

This morning - 42 on a par 36


Nothing special, just glad to be getting play in

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89. par 72

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A quick nine after work (to practice up for tomorrow) and a 37 on a par 35.


Started out pretty good with a birdie on one, pars on two and three and a birdie on four. Then after pars on five and six I hit my tee shot OB on seven and made a double. Then had to lay up on the par five eighth after a poor tee shot but had a good chance from the middle of the fairway from 123 but I pulled my pitching wedge a little long and left and would have been no problem except it hit the cart path and went an extra 40 yards. Hit a good flop shot over a tree to 10 feet but missed the putt.


Good tee shot on the island green ninth leaving me with 70 yards but I got greedy with the pin on the right and missed right and it ended up against the collar (which hadn't been mowed) and my attempt at a putt only made it halfway to the hole and I missed the par putt. If I had it to do over again I would have bladed a wedge with that ball against the collar (no chance with the putter with the collar that high...stupid move).

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Dad-in-law drove down today, so we decided to hit a 9 hole course for a while. Got through 13 holes in 3 and a half hours...and would of went faster if he'd stop looking 15 or 20 minutes for a lost ball. I shot 57 (+21) on the first 9, dad-in-law shot 54. We didn't keep track on the rest of it, took some time to work on my game a little bit. It was an enjoyable time.

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Shot a 91 today on par 72. Drove the fairway around 280 on last hole and got my ball on the green with a hybrid for an eagle opportunity only to three putt and par... :/
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Shot a 90, going to post an 88.  Played well all day except for a 10 on 18, which is why the 2 shot ESC adjustment.  Hit tee shots well and approach shots. Had two shots from the bunker and played them well too.  If anything was not so good, it was the putting.

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80. Went 43 37

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I was working, and my wife went out with her lady friends and shot 65-51 = 116. But, she had a great time, and got her money's worth!

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Friday and Saturday through up a pair of 76s. Great weather, great golf. 

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