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52 with a miserable 22 putts. Three 3-putts and a 4-putt.

I have GOT to get this putting thing figured out.
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Played at Longaberger This afternoon and shot an 85. First time there it is a beautiful course


I really hate playing slow and being in a twosome following two foursomes made for a very long round, just shy of 5 hours. All day it was hit, wait for about 5 minutes, hit wait... Could never quite get in a groove. 

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+6, 78.  Hit my woods bad on the front but my irons great for a +1 front nine.  Then on the back I hit my woods great and my irons terrible for a +5 back nine.  


This round just showed me which one was more important in my game.

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72 - lowest score ever! (I'm an 8.3 index).  It was actually one of those rounds that didn't seem too crazy, just kept it in play, made some putts and no big mistakes.  In the end, 5 birdies (a record for me), 3 bogeys and 1 double.   

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97 at my home course


10/14 fairways, 31 putts, 3 pars

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46-48. It's a par 64 executive. I suck less than last which is good 'cuz last year I REALLY sucked.

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39 last night on an easy course 69.3/119 but I played good. Only one duffed shot and just 12 putts. For once most everything went in the intended direction. Really played better than that, if not for two burned edges it could have been a 37.

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played with friend and two of his buddies. I shot 86 which wasn't great but I have never been the best one in a group before. And my friend kept getting upset which affected me and then on the last hole we had an autistic boy run across the fairway right in front of me. I had to try and stop the swing (Im not Tiger) so hit it in a really bad spot which made it a triple boogie by time I got out of the trouble. Had a lot of good things happen though and that is what I always focus on now. Did realize just how much your playing partner can affect your game when they are angry. Live and learn I did..
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Ended up shooting a 97 today. Started raining on the back 9. Was wet and hard to hit out of the rough. Played with my father who is 74 years old and shot a 95. Still hits a straight as a arrow 200 yard drive!
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Shot an ugly 101 today. The course was a swamp, the rough needed mowing, and I played the front like it was my first time out on a course.


I'm definitely trying to incorporate too many swing changes too quickly; I was completely lost out there.

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Shot 87 yesterday. Best round of the year so far.
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78 yesterday; first round with my new MP-64's (with no practice). Doubled 18 though, so I was a little disappointed at the end.
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46 Front 40 Back. Started out +5, the short game was really killing me. I think i wasted about 4-5 shots around the green :(, though i made that up later on the back getting up and down about 4 out of 5 times.


Had some issue with slight pull draws, i think had 6 approach shots end up left of the green. Putting was good. Still need to work on swing path, getting that sweetspot coming from the inside.

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Was on +11 over 11 holes, having my best round and then some horrendous storm comes in and we have to walk off a4_sad.gif. Gutted, but games coming along nicely and expecting to drop my handicap from 24 to around 17-18 soon!


Not bad after just 1 1/2 years I reckon

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6515 yds.  70.7/127.


81.....and not one of those pretty 81's either.  b4_blushing.gif


2 doubles and a birdie.  Just never got anything going.....

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Shot a 95. 48 on the front, 47 on the back. Short game and driver killed me. Had 2 go OB which cost me 4 strokes on the back, and had 20 putts on the front (cut that to 15 on the back).


Also couldn't get my distances. I need to work on that...I was hitting my pitching wedge beautifully. I mean, straight at the pin...and nice easy half swing from just over 100 yards that was just flying 25 yards past the hole. Terrible.

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91 on Saturday. 47 (again!!) on the front and a 44 on the back. I actually shot fairly well on the back except for that 9 I carded on the first par 5. A triple and two doubles on the front.

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My wife said I can't go out to play today, so I shot her.

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