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Buddy Trip to Sebring, FL


AM rounds were individual and PM rounds were scrambles...


Thursday Panther Creek 6500 yds...89

Friday Panther Creek 6500 yds...93

Saturday Panther Creek 6500 yds...93

Sunday Panther Creek 6500 yds...90

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42. Personal best.

5 pars, 3 bogeys, and one triple. 

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Yeah, no kidding.


I had never had a double-bogeyless round before so I hit my 4 foot sideways bogey putt really firm and it lipped out. Ended up missing the come back putt too for a 4-putt 7. 

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+5 41


5 Bogeys, 4 Pars


Putts - 14


Shankish - 1 :(

Push slice - 1

Push Draw - 5

Push - 1

Straight Fade - 3

Pull Slice - 1

Pull Fade - 1

Pull - 2

Pull Draw - 1


Overall not to bad, still working on the first three keys to get those down solid. the diagonal swing path is taking a bit longer to get groved, its a bit more subtle. The pull fades and straight fades are 99% from hitting driver or 3 wood off the tee. The foward tee position with a positive angle of attack leads to a slight straight to pull fade with me. I can live with it. The irons are mostly push draws, straight draws, or occassional pull to pull draw.

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Walked a fairly easy 9 hole course today, Poplar Forest Golf Course in Lynchburg, VA. 


Shot 41. Double bogeyed 1 and 2. Then made 6 straight pars. Bogeyed 9. 


Wasn't terribly upset about the score, but I wasn't happy either. Breaking down the numbers, however, clearly showed where I will be spending my practice time this week.


2/7 Fairways (missed all of them to the right)

5/9 GIR

17 putts (3-putt on 1)

2 downright awful chips from the fringe


Need to hit more fairways and work on my chipping and putting. 


Shot of the day was a flushed 4 iron on 7. Ball was in the right rough and 202 to the middle. Put it on the green to about 20 feet from the pin. Always happy hitting a GIR from 200+. 

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I walked 9 holes by myself at my home course and played as well as I ever have from tee to green. I had four legitimate looks at birdie (15 feet or less). I made none of them, but I don't think I've ever had four tap-in pars in the span of 9 holes before.


The putter let me down, accounting for 17 of my 41 strokes.

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Shot a 44 today. My summer goal is to break 90 so this was a pretty good outing for me! Would've been a lot happier with out the triple and double on 7 and 9 respectively.

First round with my new rbz stage 2 3 wood, which I got for Father's Day. That thing was long and straight! Can't wait to hit it again!
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I played 18 on my normal course yesterday evening after work.  I shot what turned out to be my best AND fastest round I have ever played in just over two hours.


I ended up shooting a 76 with three birdies and the rest pars and bogeys.  I usually have at least one or two bombed holes so to go the hole time without anything worse than a bogey is pretty exciting for me.  


It might not be a pro score but for someone who just started playing two months ago it's really fun to play well.

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I shot a 94 on a par 72 on sunday. This is the second time this year I've scored in the 90's out of a total of 4 full 18 hole rounds. Last year there were zero rounds in the 90's on par 72 courses so i'm glad to see the improvement this year. 

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46/46  course index 68.3 slope 121 5939 yards. Used ESC on 2 holes. Pitch in birdie from about 30 yards Par 4. Shitty round, but two strokes less than previous round which had mostly clean hits. guess its true...No body cares "how" but only "How many".

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78 at Gowan Brae Golf and Country Club, which would not be so disappointing had I not shot a 33 on front 9. I actually had a decent back 9 as well, until I put 3 balls in the water on the 237 yard (back tees) par 3 17th hole (Forced carry over an inlet with waves crashing hard into the shores for the first 175yards, and a prevailing headwind at ALL times) and carded a 10, when I had been at par for the back 9 until then. Frustration carried over to the 18th, and double bogeyed after putting my tee shot in the rough, my approach in the sand on the left of the bunker, skulled my chip off the green to the other side, chipped back on the green with my 4th and two putted from about 12 feet.


I don't mind shooting a 75+ every once in a while, its certainly not bad golf by any stretch of the imagination, but when the high score is caused by a huge blow-up on one or two holes, i get upset with myself. 17 is a very, very hard hole from the tips, and i've carded many bogeys there. To me its the toughest hole on the course, as I don't think par 3's should have to be played with a 3 wood (and lets face it, 240 yards is driver for the vast majority of the golfing population, or even further than many can drive).

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Shot a 93 today at my home course.  Driver is starting to get better.  My approach shots are keeping my scores from being in the mid 80's.  I don't know why but half of the time my irons are fading a lot to the right not quite a slice and the other half go with a little draw.  Putting was good and so was my short game.  Sand shots are becoming a problem, but if I didn't have bad approaches I wouldn't have to worry about it.  I use to post my email from my Golfshot app, but for some reason I am no longer receiving them.  If anyone knows how to fix this you can PM me.

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Shot a 95 on a new course today.  One of the toughest I have played so far.  Was very inconsistent, but still feel a little "local knowledge"  would have saved me 5 or 6 shots.  I also think i played from the wrong tees.  Not TPS, but one ahead.  Nice course, tough shots to make, lots of risk/reward.  http://www.challengegolf.net/index.cfm

I enjoyed the round, and want to go back to give it another shot.......
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Played a course this evening I've only played one other time.  6500 yards from back tee, rating 71, slope 124.  I shot an even par 72.  8 pars and a bogey on the front, 8 pars and a birdie on the back.  Had a ton of chips from just off the green for easy up and downs, had a sand save par, and chipped in my birdie from about 20 yards.  It was a scrambling round with a mix of good and not so good ball striking.  My driver was straight but not long today.

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After work yesterday I played 18 at a course (69.1/120 from White Tees) in Wisconsin. Played out of my mind on the front 9 and shot an even par. Back nine I was more of my usual self and ended the day +10. That was about 9 strokes better than my best round of 18 this year. Felt really good and all I can think about is the next time I can get out (probably Friday). I'm starting to wonder when I should make the jump from the White Tees to "the tips"?

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109 Today at Waiehu Municipal Golf Course.
Front: 59 Back: 50
I stayed out of the sand the whole game. :)
It's my fourth full game in my life, have yet to break under the 100 mark.
I need to work on my short game from about 70yrds to the green...I hate anything less of a full swing. LOL.
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Shot my best ever 44 on 9 holes, no driver or woods.


Hit 5 fairways, 4 GIR and over all had a great round striking with my irons.


My putting wasn't great though, I missed two easy pars due to poor putting. 


I was clobbering my 6i off the tee though!  That is my longest iron currently, I think I need either a 3i or a hybrid and I can leave the woods/driver at home for good!

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shot a 91 today.

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