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A very frustrating 39, considering I was even through the first 6.
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So i'm on holiday at the moment in spain. Well a short holiday this is allready had 2 weeks Croatiä.

So my wife gave me green light to play golf when i want and as much i want.

Gotta love a wife like that.

With my family we own a house there, and normally if i go there i call my neighbor there to see if he's there also.

Called him he didn't have plans on going, but i explained what my wife said and he booked a ticket 10 mins later hehe.

He's a good player 3,2.

First we played Los Arqueros Golfclub ( absolutely brilliant course designed by Seve ) difficult but nice.

First time i played there i won a bet from my neighbor he saind i couldn't finish it between 80-89, i shot 83.

I'm on a roll lately so i had high expectations, did bring my golf set from home just plays better than my spain set off x14 irons.

Managed to play the course in the 70's for the first time, 78. holed a lot off putts. 3  birdies, 6 bogeys, 1 triple and 8 pars.

tomorrow we play La Cala and sunday we play Valderama. Would be nice to play my A game to Valdarama and see what i shoot.

Last time 95.

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Went to the range Wednesday evening and had a very good session, and then played four holes one under par.

Played 18 yesterday afternoon and it was horrible. One birdie (lucky, 90 foot putt), three pars and 6 double bogeys. WTF? I actually drove the ball fairly well, but the course was playing hard and fast and ball kept going until it found some rough, which is brutal at my course right now. 91, Bummer of a round, as I thought I found something the day before and had something more like 80 in mind.

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I started off with 11 straight bogeys.  Finished the round with two pars... the rest we can forget about.

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Shot a 94 on a on a 68.3/118

Doubled the first three holes before settling into a groove and only doubling one hole between #4 and #16. Unfortunately, I finished triple, double, double on the round. I'm struggling badly with the putter, and three-putted seven times. Every double was matched up with a three-putt, and the remaining three-putt was after hitting GIR.
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Shot a -1, 70, on a 6250 par 71 with a rating of 69 and slope of 122.


Birdie, Bogey, 7 pars on front and 2 birdies, 1 bogey, 6 pars on back.  Had some great par saving putts from 20 feet, and some up and downs out of some precarious places.

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Geez...I'm not even sure if I want to post rounds anymore. sheesh.. I made a career change and don't play as much....I'm playing a new course that is really hard and kicking my butt......and I am feeling golf-demoralized.  I finally posted my 20th round of 2013 and my index is up to 4.5.  During this stretch, my average score was 82.2.  (73.2CR 141slope)  It cracks me up that I can average that high, and still maintain an index in the 4s.


I guess that makes sense...I got to a zero HC averaging a 77, but averaging over 80 is a bitter pill to swallow...

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Shot an 88, first time playing in 5 days.  While that may not seem like a very long delay, I was getting pretty use to playing almost every other day.  Also first time that I haven't had to tape my thumb since I cut it at work about 3 weeks ago.


Probably my best ball striking day I have had this year coupled with my worst putting performance, including what I believe to be my first 4 putt of the year.

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Holed out from 99 yards. It's the only "hole" I played to completion during a playing lesson, so… I shot 1.

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46 on my 32 par course. A couple blow-ups to start, thinking too much about the changes I'm making. I settled down after that and played bogey golf for the rest of the round. Starting to see some positive carry-over from practice.

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78 (39/39) on a normal par 72 course - best of the year so far.  I play this course well.  The fairways were in Great shape.

I played alone, drove a cart, didn't mess around, hits were clean mostly.  Took about 3 hours at the most.


Learned a little lesson.

Broke my driver on hole 4.  Had to go with fairway woods off the tees for the rest of the round.


Fairways hit - 

Driver (2 of 4)  one fairway hit was on the one that broke - only 245 yards I lasered it as it felt great but looked short - it was for that feel of a hit.  The head broke off as I put it in the bag.

Fairway woods (8 of 10)  7 of 9 with 3w, 1 of 1 with 5w.


80% >> 50%


Hmmmmm, I like hitting driver - but it worth the extra 25-35 yards I get over the 3w?

The only downside was I couldn't reach the par 5's in 2 now.  the upside was I did hit them all GIR.


Maybe thoughtful play is a bigger reward than hitting the occasional big drive.


At least I can go get fitted for the right shaft on my driver now.

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I shot a 44 on 9 holes, par was 29 though.  I should have been at least 5 strokes better.  I rushed myself because another golfer was behind me.  Need to stop worrying so much about it.  Can definitely see an improvement in my game.  Last week I played two rounds and got 2 pars.   Today I had 3.  We'll see how Wednesday goes.

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Coming off the best round of my life (83, even par after 9) at a pretty average course (69.1/120), I shot a 97 at the same course. Very demoralizing! Shot a 37,46 for my 83, then a 52,45 for the 97. Just couldn't hit fairways, couldn't putt, wasn't hitting greens with my short irons either. I lost 5 balls also, only lost 1 the round before. I suppose that's the way it goes right, your best round followed by something like this? Time to hit the range!

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85 (43/42) course par 69
6- dbl or more
Middle irons gave me trouble today.
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Shot a 90 on a course that I had never played a full 18 on my life.  Played the 4 par 3s at -2 so that was positive.  Found way too many bunkers and I just don't have the experience of playing tons of bunker shots.

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I played a course I've only played one other time.  6400 yards, par 71, rating 71.2, slope 125.  I only got through 11 holes before the storm started.  +2 through 11.  


3-jacked the first green, but made some nice 20 footers for some pars.  Stuffed a 7 iron from 160 to a foot from the hole for a bird.

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Shot perhaps the worst round in my short time playing. As bad as the score was (119), my inability to hit any G.I.R. was just mind-numbing. Parring holes wasn't even on the radar. I had absolutely no control with my mid or long irons - none. No distance control, direction control, contact control. It was painful. I think my blood pressure is finally starting to come down as I type this. Lol.


Almost every time I've played this year - even when I've scored high, there were positive aspects to build on. I had been slowly inching my way towards breaking 100 (shot in the 40's a few times on 9). Today was a real kick in the nuts.


Oh well, back to the practice range tomorrow.

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Survived the second round of our match play championship, 7 and 5.

My poor opponent did not have a prayer, shooting a new personal low on our front 9 with a 45.

I was up 5 after 9 and alternated halving the hole and winning on the first 4 of the back. Closed out with a 94, with more beers than holes to finish out the round.
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