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Shot a 93 at Pebble Creek, my home course yesterday, 6k yds; then shot an 87 at Silverthorn, 6,200 yds today.
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Shot a 97. Had some really good shots, but my short game let me down on the back 9. Big time.


Hitting my 3-wood like a freakin' pro...averaged over 250 today.

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I played the same course I played yesterday, 6400 yards, par 71, rating 71.2, slope 125.  And again today I only got through 11 holes before the storm started.  +3 through 11.


I hit the ball better today, but the pace of play was horrendous!!!  3 hours to play 11 holes and 2 groups let me play through and I finally joined a 3-some.  There was a 2-some holding up the entire course, and another 2-some behind them that was just as slow.  At one point there were 3 groups of 4 waiting on the same tee (a par 5) while the 1st slow 2-some was on the green and the second slow 2-some was in the fairway.  The entire course population was piled up on this single hole.  I should have just left of skipped a couple holes ahead.


This course has rangers, but they don't say anything or do anything about pace, so I've got to lay some of the blame on the course.


I think I'm through trying to play this course.  I enjoy it because it is the most challenging for me in the area, but the pace of play is killing me.  In Florida in the summer, you have to play fast for 2 reasons:


1)  It's miserably hot and humid.  Try to get out of the heat asap.


2)  Every afternoon it rains.  Try to finish before it hits.

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Had a 96 (53/43) par 71...I played the wife's Machspeed HL driver, hit 7/13 fairways, and long. i guess I should start hitting my 910D2 again with the ill'ima shaft and Put the S/XS drivers away for awhile...had 5 GIR so things are looking up...Had those driveable greens...should have played safe...used super driver, with kill swing...lost ball... ended up with an 8 on both

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94: 47/47. 3 pars and a birdie on the front to go with my 3 triples and a double (Uhg!). 4 doubles to start the back (Good Lord!). Way too inconsistent. :(
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Shot 75 without my sand wedge today.  About halfway through my warmup I reached for a wedge and realized that I was missing one, and immediately knew that it was in my living room right where I'd left it.  I think this cost me at least one stroke from the fairway, maybe another from around the greens but who's to say.


While this was a good round for me, I was in a very strange mental state for pretty much the whole round.  Maybe it was because I hadn't been sleeping well, or possibly the ridiculously slow round I had played the day before, but the entire time there was a smoldering, impatient rage lurking just beneath the surface of my attitude that overflowed with the occasional bad shot or when things just weren't happening fast enough.  Anything that got in the way of very efficient play from a scoring or time standpoint was almost unbearable.  But somehow through all this I was able to visualize full shots and feel the appropriate motion in my practice swings better than I ever had before.  The numerous instances where I looked up after hitting a tee shot to see the ball flying exactly how I had imagined it were nice and I'm going to be working on that more, I just hope I don't have to hate the entire world to make it happen in the future.

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Played a new nine-hole course in Osseo, WI (35.0,113) called Osseo Golf & Recreation Center. Shot a 4-over 39.





dbl bogey-1 (lost my tee shot)


No pressure, played with my brother. Hit 5 fairways and 4 GIR. No 3-putts. All in all it was a great round for me. Seems like I play best when I'm by myself or with 1 other person. Conquering the mental game is my next step I think!


I'll probably follow this round up with an upper-40s or *shakes at the thought* low 50s though. Seems to be the way the game works!

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Hey guys, I'm new to golf and new to this forum. I've played probably 20 times now and haven't really had a "breakout" round yet. But, yesterday went out and played a short 9, believe par is only 33 there. My friend and I didn't have time to play 18 at another course in my town hso we settled for the small municipal course. Anyway, I played the best round of my young golf career (still nothing great but improvement). I shot a 44, with 2 pars, and a birdie (hit a really nice chip shot that hit flagstick and dropped!). Really it came down to a few holes were I ended triple putting amd what not, but I was still pretty happy about the round and the biggest thing was my iron shots were actually getting the proper loft for the first time. As said before, a lot of work to do but I just felt like sharing

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got a quick 9 in today at my home course. Played the front 9 which has a slope rating of 128. Shot a 43 +7 with 3 pars. Not at all disappointed.  Only used 9 clubs.

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+10 46 (1 Par, 7 Bogeys, 1 Triple)


Couldn't get off the bogey train, i gave my self perfect opportunities, hit 5 out of 7 fairways in regulation, with distance.


Driver: Pull Fades - 2, Straight Fades - 2, Push Fades - 2,  Pull Hook - 1, Straight Draw - 1

Irons: Pull Draw - 1, Straight Draw - 1, Push Draw - 3, Push 1

Pitches - BAD

Chips - BAD

Putting - Average

Penalties - 1 stroke and distance


Poor pitching put me out of prime location. Just not good, couldn't get a chip with in 5 feet, blah. Need some major time at the driving range on this part.

Irons on the last few holes really confused me. Hit an 8 iron 10 yards farther than i usually do. Hit a PW 10 yards farther. So on the final hole, i was into the wind, usually hit my PW 145ish. So i just say, screw it, so pull the PW, and just rip one pin high, pushed it to the right in the rough. 150 yards, 12-15 mph, PW. Curse you Erik, i need to redo my iron distances, i am hitting them longer for god knows what reason :p

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81 today wind 25 mph gusting to 34 and only 1 hole with the wind direction so pretty pleased. Hit all my clubs better than usual but didn't acct for windage as well as I should have at times. But, as hadn't been able to go to course or hit balls and just drove 1960 miles in 2 days with funeral in the middle it was very relaxing and helped me just swing and not think so much. So all smiles here. Funny thing thought I started from the longest holes first and scored better there than the shorter ones. (9 hole course but 2 sets of tees for 18)
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Yesterday I shot 37-38=75. My best ever nine/total. The back nine included two doubles d1_bigcry.gif

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44 on 74.7/131 with two 3 putts. My stats were good, other than the putting, 20 in all. The greens at this course are tough, in some instances better to miss it short side. Easier to bump it from the close cut collection areas than try to lag a 70' roller-coaster putt. A lot tougher than the course I usually play but the scores have been the same. It was once a private club, very nice for $28. Got to love GolfNow.

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Normanside Country Club 39-41 (80)

Stadium Golf Club 49-37 (86)
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Played Babe Zahairias in Tampa. ....shot an 83 with one birdie and 4 lip outs that would have been birdies. My drives were straight and longer today, 220. 225, 235 & 243 were my best. I love my Nike Covert....getting 200 out of my Nike Covert 3 wood.
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Got up early to beat the heat this morning. Walked 9. Shot a painfully bad 43.


Started off with a clutch 8 foot putt to save par after missing the first green.

Then 3 putted the next two holes  (3 over thru 3). I was fuming at that point.

Parred the longer par 5 4th.

Doubled the stupid-easy par 4 5th (hanging my head).

Bogeyed 6. (talking to myself at this point)

Parred the next two holes.

Bogeyed 9 to end on a high note of course.  


Walked off the course fairly dismayed. 


4/7 Fairways

3/9 GIR 

18 Putts 

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Second time on a 18 hole course today. Hit 134. Yes One Hundred and Thirty Four.


But my first round was 141 (hence the user name) so I am actually quite chuffed.


I am back out tomorrow so here is to 133 or better. I know I am capable of it as I have played several rounds on a 9 hole par 3 course where my best score has been 44. 


My problem is my driver/ 3 Wood and 4hybrid. I can hit them on the range (not straight but at least they go forward). Put me on a tee on the course and you can guarantee 9 out of 10 times it goes less than 50 yards. 


From small acorns and all that.

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Sorry for the double post, cant seem to find an edit button.


Well it was a success. Shot 128.


Its a 9 hole course I play and the first 9 were atrocious. I wanted to leave but had paid my dough so stuck with it. 73 for the first 9 with a (great for me) 55 on the second 9.



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