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44 on 74.7/131 with two 3 putts. My stats were good, other than the putting, 20 in all. The greens at this course are tough, in some instances better to miss it short side. Easier to bump it from the close cut collection areas than try to lag a 70' roller-coaster putt. A lot tougher than the course I usually play but the scores have been the same. It was once a private club, very nice for $28. Got to love GolfNow.

Same course, same score. Not happy with the results because I finished with a triple after hitting what I thought was the perfect approach shot. Turned out I missed long and had a funky chip with little green to work with, side hill/downhill lie that I bladed over the green and back down the fairway about 20 yds. It's a tough hole and I don't take chances just can't figure out the approach. It's uphill and usually windy. I only take one club more but I keep missing it long, more than one club long and it ends up on the hill behind the green.

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It wasn't today it was Saturday but I shot a 95 on a par 72. Not my best score ever (a little worse than average) but I did better on the back 9 than I usually do. Generally I do well on the front and poor on the back, was the opposite this time. Putted 35 times which Is nice because I strive to 2 putt or better.

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I shot an 83 at Babe Zahairias GC in Tampa yesterday.


1 Birdie, 7 Pars, 8 Bogeys & 2 Doubles.


Best Drive....243 Yards

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shot 77 on Father's Day.  not bad for the third or fourth time to play in a year.  i still got it.  short game, not so much.

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I have played osseo many times its a fun course but 39 is the best I have ever been able to shoot. Osseo golf club is only about 20 minutes away for me. Nice job with a 39 first time playing at the ogc.

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Much better day, its getting easier and easier to swing out now that i am getting some reps.


39 (+4)


4 bogeys

5 pars


Scrambling: 1/4

3 putts: 1

GIR: 5/9

FIR: 4/8

Putts: 18

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Shot fairly well today, and was lucky enough to get the round in before the thunderstorm hit. Shot an 85 (41/44) with 2 really poor holes (2 triples). My putting was very solid today, probably the best its been all year.

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Shot 85 after doubling 2 of the last 3 holes.   Was still a much needed return back to my pre-heart attack type of scores.   It always feels good when the GHIN program gives you the alert that says "Score is outside of normal range for golfer"  8-)

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last time out 41/51  time before that 51/43.  not sure what to make of that i.e.  lack of endurance after nine, or finding what works after nine.  Last time I also started out in heavy fog not that it has anything to do with it unless it made me a little more cautious.

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Practiced a two man scramble with a friend of mine, we're playing a friendly competitive round as a team on Saturday, so we figured we could use a tune up. Shot a 37 I believe.

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Shot a nice 44 in the Mens league tonight and had a closest to the pin on the one par 3!.

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41 (+5)


1 double

5 bogeys

2 birdies

1 par


Two shots i would classify as pulls, so the starting line for my shots is slowly going further right. My bogeys were really mishaps on short game shots. Butting a 40 yard wedge shot over the green into a bunker, duffing a chip, Things like this really adding strokes onto my game, grr.

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Shot a +4, 76 on a 6400 yard par 72 rating 71.  I chipped in my only birdie.  I hit some good shots, and some bad ones, but could not putt today.

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Shot an 84 at Pheasant Trail GC tonight. Temp 106 at start with winds starting 16 mph gusting and swirling. No 3 puts or birdies but some great scrambling. Overall good play but must say just fair driving.
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105. 51-54.

This is my best round yet!

I've been getting lots better recently. Scores finally going down.

This was a strange round, too! I had 1 Par, 3 9's and the rest bogies, doubles and triples. Only 1 3-putt. ZERO GIR, 1 Fairway.

It's concerning to me that I didn't hit any greens, and only 1 fairway. But also encouraging that I had so many bogies and still shot my best score. It definitely didn't FEEL like my best round. But I did have a good stretch of 5 straight bogies in there.
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76. Good round made a few bad swings in the round with driver cost me some strokes.

But i played with a borrowed driver so no complaints. just got back to the shop picked up my new

Mizuno JPX825 woods. Going for a hit with them after work.

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52 on back nine in league last night.... Don't know what happened to my swing but nothing was going right. I'll just chalk it up to not having a chance to eat yesterday.

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Third round of our match play championship and it started out ugly.

Was down 6 after 9, proceeded to take 4 out of the first 5 on the back with one split but was eliminated 3 and 2 after 16.

Comparing it to my first 2 rounds, I did run into a hot opponent but the blame falls on me.

First 2 rounds averaged 12.5/14 fairways - today I hit 1 out of 7 on the front (finished at 7/14.)

Final score was a 98 (53/45) - the odd part about this years tourney was that in 3 rounds, i did not get a single conceded putt (first 2 rounds I was up too much to have an opponent give me one and today I was already finished the hole when my opponent was drilling in his 20 footers)
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