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Had our annual Red, White + Blue tourney today. Shot a disappointing 99 - mainly thanks to the putter.

11/14 fairways, 3 GIRs, 2 pars and the killer 38 putts (5 3 putts, 3 1 putts)

On the plus side - only one triple.

+7 from the reds (may have had a bit too much alcohol when finishing up on these holes)
+10 whites
+10 blues
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6610 yds.  71.1/121.


79.  Putted like an absolute goober and layed the sod over on two very straight forward wedge shots, both of which I was able to still get up and down.

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What sort of scores would someone be aiming for having started playing seriously 6 months ago


The last 2-3 weeks I have been between 93-96

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If you started playing 6 months ago and are legitimately shooting those scores.  (I.E. following all the rules), then you are doing fine.

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Originally Posted by SloverUT View Post

If you started playing 6 months ago and are legitimately shooting those scores.  (I.E. following all the rules), then you are doing fine.


Well I am following the rules to the best of my knowledge if that makes sense

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44-41=85 @ Saxon


Played in a threesome. Front 9 very slow (weekend golf), but then the temperature got very hot and two members of the foursome ahead of us dropped out along the way on the back nine. Played the back 9 in 1.5 hours. 

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64 at Moraine State Park. Went to Knob Hill after that but didn't keep score - just scouted things out.

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92, 45-47 on 69.7/117 6320. Scores are really indicative of my overall play. I really had a few blow up holes. Started with a 4 over on the first hole *no warm up* and had 2 triples due to ob tee shots that I blocked out to the right. Just missed about 2 birdie puts and a couple par puts also. Limited my three putts to 2. Over all I was very happy with the round, just have to get my timing down and I'll be able to shoot mid-low 80's consistently, and hopefully break 80 by the end of next year. Having a 45 on the front when I was 6 over after the first two was pretty great for me. Both OB shots were on the back so had I not had those.... yeah. Pretty happy.



This was yesterday of course, not today.

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74, 39-35 on 70.0/120.  I didn't know much about this course and it was poorly marked so without my range finder it was pretty much a guessing game, but I putted really well which always makes up for a few misclubs.  Could have scored better on the front but I didn't make any of my 5 birdie putts.  Still, no 3 putts and a few up and downs always makes the bogeys go down easier.

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35-41=76 @ River Forest


Shot even par on the front nine, then played my regular game --> 4 pars, 5 bogies, on the back.

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Played on Saturday 7/13/13.  Even par 35 on the front, and a 3 over 38 on the back for a 73. Played solid all day.  Made some good putts, as well as some nice up and down saves. 

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Tuesday.....Babe Zaharias GC....89 on a Par 72 65.1/117  5306 yds


Saturday...Wentworth GC.....Rain....98 on a Par 71 69.6/135  6053 yds....1 Birdie


Sunday...Saddlebrook Resort...89 on a Par 71 70.6/132  6127 yds

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Shot an 83 on a par 71 course.  41-42.  Three double bogeys, no birdies.  Missed two birdie putts that were more than 25 feet and fell two inches short on line.  Hit my driver awesome, but the approach game was non-existant.  I was within 100 yards on every par 4 and could not find the club or shot to get close.  Instead, I flopped by missing the green short because I don't have a gap wedge and couldn't adjust my lob or pitching wedge well enough.  On number 13, I hit the fairway with a 260 yarder and was about 100 out to an uphill elevated green with a front pin.  shoudl have been a choked down PW to the green.  I fatted it badly and was left with 60 yards.  Hit a full 60 degree fat and landed short and rolled down the hill.  Chipped up and two putted for a double.  One shot-- perfect, 5 shots inside of 100 yards.  Pathetic.  This was a change because I usually have trouble off the tee and scramble well to shoot high 70's and low 80's.  I drove the ball well enough to score in the low 70's with just ordinary chipping and inside 100 approaches.  I left 5 to 7 strokes on blade of my 60 degree wedge.  Very frustrating round, but overall, drove and putted well enough not to blow up in to the 90's.

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Played two rounds today at Palo Duro Creek. First round was a 92, and the second was an 87. This is my first time to break 90, which was my goal this summer. I was consistent off the tee, but my short game wasn't as good as it has been in the past, but I was still happy with my score.
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71 (-1) in a playing lesson with someone, so I was mostly focused on him.


We played a game where you got no points if you thoroughly planned your shot, you got a point if you pulled off very much the shot you envisioned (rather tight tolerances - within about three yards laterally on your drive with the proper shape, within about a ten foot radius with the proper flight on approaches), and you lost a point if you failed to plan thoroughly or if you hit a shot that obviously cost you a shot (i.e. hit into a greenside bunker, etc.).


I finished with nine points. My student finished with four and, not coincidentally, had a pretty darn good round.


P.S. I played the entire round with a Pinnacle, which didn't exactly help me on some approaches and shorter shots to the very small, surprisingly firm greens.

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That is an awesome way to play a round, i need to go buy a small notebook now to keep track. That's something you can really incorporate easily into any round.


+6 42


Just slightly off on my shots.

If i had to rank my game tonight,


Driver: B, hit some straight cuts, and then got it back to a push draw, really really need to remember to keep flex in my front knee, more. Did that on the last hole, the poor ball probably wondered WTF happened :p

Irons: C+, ball flight was solid, one really bad shot, kinda like, i forgot to actually rotate my body, and hit a nice shankish style low cut into the water on a par 3, forget that shot :p. Wedges need word, still not taking advantage of my short shots. inside 100 was BLAH.

Chipping: C-, some went to far, other's were ok, still need to get way way better, not getting feel down for distance control.

Putting: C-

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Did a 48/44 for a 92 today in the sweltering 98* heat(3 days after 17 days of rain everyday). My drives and fairway game came back, so something had to go...that would be my short game and putting, With the temps in the high 90's for the next week I can pretty much play all the courses I want, when I want..well... after noon...

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Played a 2 man scramble competition with my buddy Maxx. We shot a +2 38. I couldn't hit an iron to save my life, but my drives were crushed down the middle. He couldn't hit a driver to save his life, but his irons were spot on. We hit 6 GIR.

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