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I recently took a lesson and have been working on not letting the club get stuck behind me.


I've been working for the last week on what he showed me with good results on partial swings but mixed results on the full swing. I adjusted the timing of my downswing and saw dramatic results with my driver. I shot the best round of my life today; a 73 (36/37) with 3 birdies (all on par 5s) and 4 bogeys. I hit 9 fairways and was in the first cut of the other 5. I was on the fringe or on 12 greens and had no three putts. Just played smart, took an extra look at each green before I putted to pay more attention to the break. Coming down the stretch I stayed in the moment and kept my mind off the score.


I'm trying to temper my expectations but can't help feeling I've turned the corner and am on my way to shooting scratch.

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Only played six holes today: par - birdie - birdie - par - double bogie - birdie = 1 under (Drat the double bogie!)


Haven't had 3 birdies in 6 holes in a long, long, long time.

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Haven't played since tourney 2 wks ago. In our 4some had 2 start verbal then in your face fighting challenges with only 3 holes left. That was very frustrating to say the least and I dnl then triple boogied last 2 holes. Topped by our 4th 25 handicap that played a 16/17 handicap. Pro had to step in in that one.

So I needed a break but playing tomorrow.
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47 - 42 (89) yesterday at Sunset Valley in Pompton Plains, NJ.  This was the second (final) round of the Men's County Amateur.  I placed 12th of 28 entrants in the net division shooting a 2 day net total of 83 - 73 (156).


47 - 41 (88) today at Flanders Valley in Flanders, NJ.  This was the first round of match play in our Club Championship.  I qualified as the 13th seed in the B Flight (10.0+ Handicap) and faced off against the 4th seed today.  I won the match 1 Up with a clutch 2-putt from 48 feet on the last hole.


Overall... I'm very pleased with the way I've played over the last week, posting 41, 42, 43 and 45 on different nines throughout the week.  Unfortunately, those were coupled with scores of 47, 47, 51 and 56, respectively.  Meh... on to better things!



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Got up early this morning here in so cal and had a decent round of 44 for nine holes. I'm a former baseball player so still trying to dial my swing in with the driver which I slice lately. It always seems it take me a while to get my swing consistent and had two holes which tallied up to +5 with a double and triple bogey. Luckily I turned it around at the 6th with par, par, birdie then bogey to finish.
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81. Went out in 42, 39 coming in. I had a chip on 18 to get to 79 for the first time ever in my life but got too aggressive and missed a 10 footer coming back. Also chunked two wedge shots consecutively from 120 yards on another hole that led to a double bogey. 


With some work on getting rid of my hook, 80 is going down fast! I was hole high all day long, but missed the green left on at least 3 holes, and I only got U/D twice all round. (9 GIR, though). Trying again on Sunday.

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I played at High Throston, Hartlepool (England) scored a personal best of 86 (46/40) which was +15 on a par 71 course, first time breaking 90 :D

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Broke into the 80s today, Just 


Shot an 89, Missed a couple of birdie putt's too


Happy as I have only been playing seriously for around 6 months

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6489 yds.  71.3/131.


79.  Finished bogie, double, bogie.  Ugh.....

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A painful 44 last night. Started with back to back doubles on easy holes. By the 3rd I found my swing and played good but still only managed bogey after missing short par putts. Three pars later and I've salvaged what's left only to miss an 18" par putt on the par 5 9th. Looking back at least 4 strokes were due to unforced errors.

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Shot at 125 today, my first time ever playing 18 holes, and the 2nd time ever being out on a real course. I hit a couple really good tee shots, and the short game was good on some holes, and had a couple excellent putts. Never really put it together on one hole though. I got really excited when I had a chance for birdie on a par 3, but ended up 3-putting for bogey. Going to continue to practice and read up and hopefully can keep improving.

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44/44 which is fair as fairly easy course but 2 3 putts and playing with friend who shot 125. 10 of 14 fairways 3 GIRs 18 was my downfall - 8 on par 4 trees and I argued. But had a good time. Great weather only 15 mph winds.
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Shot a one over 71 today. I hit 14 greens today which is like 10 more than i usually hit :P. 2 birdies and 3 bogeys. Course is my home course at 6200 yds 70.2 131 from the tips.
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93, should have been a lot better with 3 3 putts and 3 lost balls. Couldn't hit a good driver for anything today. I may have to just break down and buy that 4 wood for days like this.

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Log Beach had a day from hell, driver sucked, irons were even worse and my putter got turned in for credit!

If it was not for my wedge shots I would have tossed the bag in the lake! d1_bigcry.gif

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Shot a pathetic 5 over par 40 on the "easy" back nine (our first nine today) with 5 bogeys and no birdies. Shot 2 under 33 on the harder front nine.


Funny thing was that our double low ball team score was -11 on the back nine (which won that side) and only -6 on the front side (which didn't win diddly squat). I guess I'm better off to not play well and let my teammates carry me. Ha ha!

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I shot down 3 different tree twigs with my drives today.  Approach shots weren't good either (1 GIR!).  Only my short game (good chipping which led to nine one putts) kept the score down to 91.  Tomorrow is another day.

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shot a 97 with only two penalties, and none off the tee.


i got a new driver and long putter and it really showed up. i'm always happy to break 100, even if it wasn't the most challenging course.


hit 7 fairways (the g25 defines forgiving) and 5 GIR.


5 three putts, 1 one putt, and the rest two putts is really what sealed the deal though.


challenging course coming up today, so fingers crossed.

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