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Yesterday I shot a 36 in the stapleford format, but, we only played 15 holes as it was getting late, as well as I didnt score on two of them! :)


Pretty pleased! \o/



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83 on a Par 68.


Round before was 80 on a 65.

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98 today


Two holes destroyed my score, Got a 10 and a 9, One on the 1st and then on the 16th


Both times because I went into a bunker and hacked away 5-6 times until I got out 

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6,585 yds. 70.7/127.

76 with one birdie and a double. Double was on a par 3 when I had to take an unplayable in a bunker. Drop plugged (of course) and I couldn't get it up and down.
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71, lowest round ever. Sadly it was a 3 and 4 par executive course. Par 61. Great fun though. Felt like a boss playing from the "tips" lol.

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Shot a 44 at a local 9-hole course that included 5 pars, 0 hit fairways, and 3 one-putts. I was pretty inconsistent all day to say the least!

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6115 71.9/129. 42/42 84. At least I am consistent. Not bad I guess seeing how I had a whopping 6 FIRs and 6 GIRs, the rough was ridiculously long and I kept toeing my putter. 

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Yesterday at Pebble Creek in Tampa.....95...ugh! Just horrible.


Today at Silverado in Zephyrhills.......83.....I was hitting the ball...11/13 Fairways......6 GIRs.

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Did 97, one of the worst scores this year.   Ever since recovering from my back sprain, I can't get 2 good rounds together. 


The highlight today was my wife's 3 wood shot hitting a deer.  About 15 of them sat across a fairway and won't budge.   She had no choice but to hit and hope that her ball goes over the herd.  Instead, it hit one of them in mid section.  The deer just got up on its feet and trotted away.   But the rest of them just sat there until we drove our cart right through it.   It's like they owned the course.  Venison anyone?

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Rough day yet again. 91 on par 71 (68.1/118). Drive was consistent, pitches consistent, irons... horrible.
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Shot a 79 (par 71) yesterday.  37, 42.  Bogeyed the first two and parred 8 in a row before mishits charged forward.  Had a triple on 14 with OB off the tee.  Fatted drive on par 3 16 that went about 40 yards, two poor chips and a long putt to save bogey.  Had 1 birdie, 5 bogeys, 11 pars, 1 triple.  Very solid day for me.  Hit 9 fairways and 7 greens.  Chipped well and putted great (30).  The birdie was best of the day.  After 3 poor holes, triple, bogey, bogey, I had to have a birdie on Par 5 17 to get under 80.  It is long and very narrow, fairway is about 20 yards wide with major trees on either side.  Striped drive, mishit 3 wood to difficult rough behind tree.  hit a hybrid grounder that ran up to the green for a GIR leaving 55 feet for birdie.  Ran the putt in.  Maybe highlight hole of my golf career.

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70 last Friday.  Caviat - easy course, especially the front 9, par 67 (33/34).  But even par on the front nine.  Very windy.


Last hole was fun.  Short Par 5 (454 yards, dog leg right and uphill).  Driver - 8i to green - about a 15 foot putt.  Still missed the eagle putt.  3 opportunities this round, two close chips (missed) and that last hole - inches missed, all three.  Opportunities, will convert one someday. 


Never had an 8i 2nd shot to green on a par 5 before (9 iron distance at 135y, just added a club since hitting to an elevated green).  Normally it's 5w or 3w.  a few 5i - once had a 6i to a green.

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Got up really early, an played a round with joshn3 today.


Beautiful morning, and a very enjoyable round.


I ended up 3 putting everything and 4 putt once, for double bogie. The greens were wet and the grass was straight up so all my putts were short. I hit extra hard on one putt and it just got to the hole. I looked like it hit the brakes 1 foot from from the hole.


Nice round, and it will take a few more morning rounds like this to get used to the greens.

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Played pretty good golf over the weekend, 40 Sat afternoon and 42 Sun afternoon. We intended to play 18 yesterday but it rained the entire time were out there, even the rain gear wasn't enough to keep me dry. By the time I was half way home the sun came out z7_no.gif.

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+4 40,


Drove the ball extremely well, could not take advantage of it with my irons, and my putter is still lost in la-la land. Found out that i was looking through the bottom of my eyes, instead of center. So i lowered my head, trying to keep my head more still (lacking this key lately), i was hitting the driver amazing. Irons were grade C at best, some decent shots, nothing consistant. Still a bit too steep in the attack angle, and missing some shots short right (pushes).

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37+36=73 on a pretty easy course in Midland, Texas (72.0/113). Didn't hit the ball particular well, but chipped and putted pretty well. Missed 3 or 4 birdie putts inside 10 feet, but made practically every par putt inside 6 feet. 

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Played 13 holes tonight with my son and his friend. Fun round. My son broke 45 on the front 9 and was on his way to breaking 90 off the blue tees at Santa Anita, but it got too dark to see.
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Had a 78 yesterday. hit 12/14 fairways. Had 3 birdie putts from inside 10 feet all were down hill side hill putts didn't make any of them although I had a couple of nice 12 footer that I made to save par.

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