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I'm new to golf and played 9 holes today on an executive course par 29. I shot a 46 which is the first time I broke 50 and it felt really good. Especially the first hole I was on the green in one and then three putted. Stayed on the fairways except twice. I have to work on my short game.

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I'm slowly making some progress on the game.  I'm guessing my index will drop on the next update Thursday...currently at 24.5.  That equates to a 28 handicap at my home course.  I played on Wednesday last week (just getting to write about it now) after work and shot a 91.  That's my best score so far since I started playing last year, but more importantly to me was the breakdown which was 50/41 with 4 pars and no doubles on the back 9!  Since I went right out after the train without any warm up, I'm pretty psyched about the result.  Still lots of work do to but it's always nice to have the GHIN computer tell you that you're posting outside of your normal range and it's because your score is higher, not lower ;-)

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I am really making progress with my short game, but now my driver is a bit balky. I believe that it is indicative of where my better scoring comes from. I was driving the ball better earlier in the season and my scores were anywhere from 84 to 90, but I  played twice over the weekend and shot 81 both times with mediocre driving, but getting up and down from everywhere and putting very well. I had a couple of sloppy doubles in both rounds and I think I should have easily broken 80 both days. I feel it coming any day now, just have to drive it in play better. My index should be down significantly in the next cycle, as my last four scores are 80, 84, 81, 81.

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The Oaks Course at Dancing Rabbit IS awesome.  There is another great course there, too, maybe called the Magnolia for the literally thousands of Magnolias on the course.  As I recall one course is a Fazio and the other is a Jerry Pate course. In the middle of nowhere, but worth the trip if those courses are in good condition. One course has bent grass greens and the other is the fairly rare tee to green zoysia, both terrific surfaces.  When my group goes on golf junkets, we always call ahead for the maintenance schedule to avoid your problem with the punched out greens.  Given the time and effort required to get there, I agree;  it's a screw-job, even if you don't ask, that when you book tee times in advance and before you tee off the Proshop should tell you of the course conditions. "There ought to be a law."   

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9 hole course x  2.


Par 34 - scored 43.


2nd round - 42.


So strange, but felt I actually played better first time around, yet scored 1 better on the latter.

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played 36 holes today in NC with my nephew.  par 72,  6,354 yards, rating 71.  I shot 75 first round and 75 second round.  Used my father-in-law's golf clubs, he died last year.  He was my long-time golf buddy.  I left his clubs at my parent's house and use them when I visit NC.  Pretty consistent for clubs ive only used twice.

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88 this morning. 70.6/132 par 72.

Great with driver, not too great with approach shots under 50 yds.
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Played a full 18 for only the third time this year. A new course that I have not played before. 39 on the front and an ugly 45 on the back. Could not find the low point of the swing with my wedges on the back. That was pretty strange for me. Wedges have been a stronger part of my game this year. Did not par a hole on the back until the 18th and it took a miracle of an up and down to do so.
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Played nine this morning with a 3W, 3 iron, 5 iron, SW and a Putter.  Forced myself to play tees and shots that left me 175 or more in for the approach.  Shot a 42.  

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Last night 39 70.9/125, can't remember the rating for that side, it's the back and the easier of the two. Really windy, led to a few missed putts, 19 is high for me. 66% GIR and 83% FIR so I feel I played well, not surprising the only missed GIR were the holes over par. Going down to 11.7 tomorrow.

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92  67.7/119


Putting killed me. I missed at least 10 that I should not have. I seem to do better on courses with higher indices. I did not  have one single putt green, but I did manage to hit a few GIR. which is an improvement. Therefore my running handicap went up a tad. Oh, well, guess I should practice putting more.  Best shot of the day....Par 3 167 yards, up hill, blind green, #4H on the green in one. a3_biggrin.gif

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Went out this morning with my grandpa at almanzor in Alhambra, 65.6/115 I shot a 92 from the blues with 50 on the front and a 42 on the back. Started of the day with my driver slicing everything, luckily on the back nine I tried some adjustments and started to finally hit it long and strait. My chipping was horrendous though and chipped in several bunkers while trying to go over them. Pieces are starting to come together though.
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I went out Saturday and did well for me = 103a1_smile.gif


Went last night, what a train wreck.... stop keeping score after the fourth holed1_bigcry.gif


I'm going after work tonight, want a rematch

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Saturday, shot a 95 at Pebble Creek in Tampa.....very wet & sloppy due to rain every day for the past 3 weeks. Sunday, shot an 83 at Silverado in Zephyrhills....course was much drier.....didn't land in a bunker all day. Tuesday, shot an 83 at Babe Zaharias in Tampa....again, never landed in a bunker all day.
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Okay I guess I'll be the guy that makes you all feel like pros.

I played the front 9 at Olmos Golf course here in San Antonio on Sunday.  It was 102 degrees out, but only felt like 99..

1 -9 plays 3244 yards, par 36.  I shot a blistering 61. (This is only the second round I have played in over 40 years)  I was hitting my drives straight down the fairways about 230 yards and really hitting my irons fairly well, or at least I was happy with them.  Then came my chipping and pitching.  I hit 2 bunkers that took me 3 shots each to get out of.  A couple of chips that did the old chip from off the green on one side to off the green on the other. And a short pitch that didn't make the green.  I am going to spend my entire lunch hour tomorrow chipping.  Then I will be playing a round in Houston on Saturday with my brother in law.  I will post another, hopefully better score on Monday.


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E 36


hit 9 out of 9 greens, made 1 birdie, 1 three putt, and putt 7 out of 9 putts short of dead center by 6" all day long, GRR!!!

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15 in front and 13 on back 9 on par 72 course. I had 9 hole in ones. Oh, wait, that's a late North Korean leader's score on his 2nd rounding. Mine was just a tad worse - 95 on an avg par 72 coure. But I have an excuse. I was experimenting - no driver, wood , or hybrid.
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Had a rough day, sick all day after mild food poisoning last night. Anyway I had a tee time paid for yesterday so off I went. 48 on 71.9/134, don't know the rating for the 3494 front because I haven't posted it yet. Five doubles in a row to finish the front, too shaky to chip and putt well but oddly killed it with my driver.  We didn't finish the back, dreadfully slow out there but I was one over through 14 on the back. Started to rebound but it got dark and we headed for the house.

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