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Went for 9 holes last night:


Par, Par, bogey, triple, bogey, double, triple, par (birdie putt rolled out!), birdie.... the good life of a high handicapper!


2 triples had from getting stuck in the reeds, literally impossible to get it out of that stuff.

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Had my 9 hole league last night. hit it pretty good except for a snap hook into a hazard on the 6th hole but still made a bogey. Just seemed to be a little off. short sided myself a few times. one or two chips short. Ended up with a 42.

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6510 yds.  71.3/131.


78.  One double and 2 birdies.  Doubled #1 when I buried my drive into the lip of a fairway bunker.  Tough way to start the round...

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6115 69/122 shot front 9 with 2 balls. 40 and 40. Should have scored so much better. Almost time to move back.
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I know this is a horrible score for most guys here but Im proud as hell to say I finally broke 100. Shot a 98 last Friday with several lip out putts. I feel like a weight has been lifted and my goal for this summer has been reached. I had a buddy tell me it took him 3 years after breaking 100 to break 90............scary thought.
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Great job Ron!!! Keep it up and you'll be shooting sub 90's soon.

Shot 85 today. Great round first day on vacation.
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Played a course in NC I used to play 20+ years ago, back when I first started playing.  Using my FILs clubs, I shot a +3 74.  Only 6,000 yards.  Fun little track.

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Uh oh......shot the best round of my life.   72 on par 71.  3 birdies and an eagle helped the cause. 

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+6 41


I could not buy a putt if bill gates gave me a blank check and said, "Here write in a number"

3 putted three greens, nothing close, its frustrating because i am hitting greens, i just make a putt outside of 2 feet.

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103 on a 73.9/131 at 7151 yds, lost 5 balls....lots a 3 putts...bought 3 pars. However this course was in great shape and I feel bad for shaving a beaver pelt off the first tee with my driver....ball went like 30 yds. fixed my scalp as best i could and moved on. 

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Played a tough 9 hole course.   I par all four par 3 holes and doubled or tripled all par 4 holes.   Not a single bogey, it was feast or famine.   What an odd round!   Played without a driver or 3 wood to practice long irons.  The problem was, except for one shot, I screwed up all my long iron shots.   

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dog doo

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Originally Posted by iacas View Post

This thread typically gets started one way or another, so I may as well start it here. When you play a round of golf, pop open this thread and add a comment. Tell us your score, tell us how you played, and so on.








Note: this thread should contain only posts about your score. No replies, please!



I know that sometimes I want to comment on a specific round too, but just a gentle reminder for those who may be newer to the site.   



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53 last night in league. Was having a little trouble to start then just missed an up and down save for par on the 4th after putting it 15 ft from the cup after a drop. Carded a 5 only to have my opponent say "I had you at 7". I said "how's that" I hit one, dropped two, hit 3 on the green and 2 putted for 5. He said, whatever if you said you got five then fine..... I never short any strokes on my scores and NEVER improve my lie like those guys do all the time and he wanted to try to argue my score. That was in my head the rest of the time and I couldn't recover.

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Naturally, I had a snowman on 18 (and 16).


Otherwise a good round.  g1_wacko.gif

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Last night 42 on front of 70.9/125, I think that side is 35.6/123. Played better than that and I wasn't happy with the condition of the greens. Two holes had damage from people being careless with the flag and both deflected my ball from dying in the hole on tricky downhill putts. The ball actually rolled up the little lip and turned one time. Pitch marks galore, as a result 19 of the 42 were putts. Which sucked because I hit 6/9 greens.  

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yesterday (2nd round in 3 days)........93 70.2/122 6411 yds.


A little more distance since working on getting parallel at the top, had 2 blow up holes, but changing putters resulted in my having 17/15 putts including six 1 putt greens. Short game was pretty good. I was able to hit greens with enough spin to stop, or only a short 10 inch bounce and that with a distance (two piece)  ball.  Several pin high approaches, leaving 5 footers or less. I don't know why that some days front nine scores better and others days it is the back. As I mentioned previously, if I were to combine the better of nine holes, my handicap would be in the 'teens with scores low to mid 80's. My guess is that most people could say that.

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79 at Westlake Golf Course, not nearly good enough to win the junior tournament, and this was my last chance at it.

I lost a ball in a tree to result in a triple bogey on a par 5, and had two more costly double bogeys that hurt me a lot.

I just wasn't putting or driving my best, I missed a lot of fairways and missed an eight foot eagle putt on the second par 5.

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