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Shot a 77......... On a local par 63 course :)


14-over ties my personal best, which I managed to do without hitting any fairways and playing in gale force wind today!

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Got home last night and the weather was just about perfect.  My wife agreed to ride in the cart with me!  So I played nine at a local course.


Just started back to the game after taking about six years off.


1) Shot a 50 for nine holes.

2) Pared one hole.

3) Best game I have scored this year.


For some that 50 would be a great disappointment, for me it shows continued improvement over the last few weeks.  I look forward to the time when a 50 will not put a smile on my face. b2_tongue.gif


On a Monday yet!

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Played the back 9 at Westridge in La Habra last night. I have not played the whole course but it was one of the hardest courses I have played yet.

Par 36 shoot 5 over, was one of the best rounds i have had, even though we only played 9.

Driver was not behaving but my irons and putter picked up the slack.

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Played in a stroke play match with my friend and shot 88 on a par 72 course rated 68.6/113.  I won by 12 with him shooting 100.  We tied the last match we played so I guess I won the tie breaker.e2_whistling.gif

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For my birthday this weekend, I played my very first set of 18 holes at Belmont Golf Course after living on the range/par 3s for the past year. I shot a 102 which was way better than I thought I would do.


I had a blast and was happy to just keep the ball in play and make a couple pars. I even hit some great drives after struggling with the driver since I started playing.

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Just got back in, had a really good round, put my card into LibreOffice and here she is if you want a peek:-




A couple of holes went amiss, if you look, I got 2 8's, the first 8 on the par 4 5th I had a bit of bad luck really, the hole is really weird, you tee up and the hole snakes heavily to the left, but, since your on a bank, hit it wrong, and, it will come back down... Hit what I thought was a lovely drive up the left hand side, but walked up and, it must of rolled around and stopped into a whinny bush, so, unplayable called. I used the two-club length rule for the drop, but, still left me an arse full of prickles, and a funny wedge in because it was too short for a sand, and a bit of a mmmmm, for a pitching wedge, the green is cut into a bank, and your right under the hole, there is a bunker straight in front of the green from that angle, to the left is a massive drop down from the green lined with trees, to the right is a fluffy hill. At the back, there is OOB about 6 foot from the green, flag is middle left (Where the green slopes away to the drop down)


So, I elected to open my pitching wedge, give it a good punt, it came up beautifully, but as soon as it was away, I knew it wasnt strong enough, loads of height, dropped right in front of the guarding bunker, not in it, but, required a flop on over the top. Which, I did, that came up magic too, though, a little too left, took a bounce on the green (The green peels away pretty strongly there which makes a shot from the fluffy bank a nightmare) and rolled left off it away down the bank. so, played a chip back up, minding some branches and went over the other side of the green, a bit of a nervy three putt, I finally got it in. Looking back, when I played the unplayable, I should of walked back along the line to the pin and give myself a decent pitching wedge shot in, instead of fancy pants opening of club heads and that... But, I was sure I could make it, a little bit more umph next time from there!


And the other 8 I got was the par 5 10th, basically, tee'd off, ended up in thick heather to the right, took a smack out, club head got wrapped and went flying into a thick set of whinnys to the right, redropped, played out, but this time, the heather pushed me left to thick general rough on the other side of the fairway, pitching wedge out of that, big smack to the green, then a two putt in for 8.


Other then that... Had a grand round, not my best mind on the stapleford front, managed a 42 once, but, I really enjoyed it out there, pulled myself out of the mire a few times, played some great putts for some huge points... All in all, I'm shattered, but happy! ;) Hehehe



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Only finished 4 holes before the rain and wind blew us off the course. Second time in a row we weren't able to finish due to bad weather. I was +2 through 4 and playing well despite the wind. Will try again tonight but not sure about the weather. We've had an unusually rainy July and Aug so far. Somehow I manage to book a time at the courses under clouds when the rest of the sky is clear. No exaggeration before I could drive 4-5 miles away from the course we were back in the sun.

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122. So improving all the time.

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Finally broke 80. Shot 79 on our Par 65.


My last rounds on my local course have been - 82, 81, 85, 83 and now today 79.


Played pretty well all round. Club choices were near perfect most of the afternoon. Only 6 GIRs, but 5 more that were fringe or just off ( 5-10 ft from the green).


Driver is hitting well, irons very good (a few fats), but 90% consistent hitting.


My biggest disappointment was the flat stick. I really shouldn't be greedy, but I could have gone in for 75 if I was more clinical with it e.g I missed 3 par saving putts from 3-5ft and 1 bogey from 2ft ;( but I ain't going to fret too much on anything and just try to remain positive and continue to both enjoy and hopefully improve my golf. 


Happy playing folks :)

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89 on a local course (71/120 rating).   Only 1 GIR but needed only 25 putts - every chip seems to end within 5 feet.   If I didn't miss a couple of 4 footers, I'd only have 23 putts.   I had too many doubles (6) vs pars/birdies (5).  As an experiment to improve my 2nd shot, I've gripped down on every shot by an inch.  It was very promising as I more solid shots without losing distance, and my score didn't suffer.  

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93 I played the front nine well but imploded on the back nine.  I Couldn't sink a putt for my life.  Hopefully this weekend will yield better results.

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Broke 80 for the first time at my new home course, shot 78 at the par 72 course which is rated at 70.1/129 from the blue tees. 8/14 fairways but just 7/18 GIR g1_wacko.gif gotta work on my iron play weee

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Shot 81 in twilight fun round (+10).  Was tired and didn't play well, but had most birdies ever in a round.  Hit only 2 fairways, led to big numbers.  3 birdies, 2 doubles, 1 triple.  Iron play and accuracy was terrible and a couple of errant chips, but I figure I scrambled pretty well.  Was working on playing aggressive for birdie and it either paid off or blew up on me.  

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76 (par 71) With 3 birdies and a few doubles. Slightly annoyed. Some silly mistakes but ill take it after not being able to play for 2 weeks.
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Blah! 91 on a rainy and muddy course today. Game seems to be going a bit backward at the moment. Can't really say I had too many shots that felt great today, evidence in in the scorecard. Did have a nice chip in for birdie though!


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Well my game is finally starting to come together. I shot a 86 today at Alhambra for the first time under 90 ever. I started off the day really well going only +2 through 6 holes then on the par three 7th I Dropped my shot off the about 15' to to pin and ended up 4 putting for a double. Only time I had more than 2 putts on a hole today. My irons were hot today hitting the green about 80% of the time within 200 yards I also drove the green on the fly on the par four 4th and missed the eagle putt and missed another eagle on the 18th.
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Shot a 92 today. I couldn't putt to save my life on the front nine, but settled things down coming back in.

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+3 38


This was a pissed off 38, very upset with how i played. I know, its getting bad. All these great lessons from Erik, and the information on this site has really inflated my expectations. Buy hey, when you can put together a stretch of under par holes, you get to expect you can do it.


My problem today was just miss opportunities. What got me was, i was with in 100 yards on a lot of holes, and couldn't capitalize on the opportunities. That and 3 putting, really pissed me off. I wasted 2 shots there, and i had some 3 foot par putts that i did make. So, putting needs to tighten up a bit.

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