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The front nine really hurt me, well really just two holes. I tripled the 8th, and if that wasn't bad enough, quadrupled the 9th. I lost my ball on the 8th, which I can't figure out how that's possible. The ball was just buried in the rough apparently. The 9th hole was just a blow up...two water balls. Turned around and played the back well enough to save my score a little bit. Came in with only 14 putts on the back, 3 GIR, and 5/7 fairways hit. This is the worst score I've had in a week so my handicap should still go down...I hope!!!

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+8 44


Started off real shaky, but settled down on the last few holes. Only 1 double bogey, but only 2 pars and no birdies. Still keeping it at bogey or better golf though, so I can't complain too much. 

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89 on a local course (71/120 rating).   Only 1 GIR but needed only 25 putts - every chip seems to end within 5 feet.   If I didn't miss a couple of 4 footers, I'd only have 23 putts.   I had too many doubles (6) vs pars/birdies (5).  As an experiment to improve my 2nd shot, I've gripped down on every shot by an inch.  It was very promising as I more solid shots without losing distance, and my score didn't suffer.  


91 on another local course (69.2, 120).   Hit only 1 or 14 FW (my worst PR) and 1 GIR.    Had a terrible putting day - only 31 but I missed many  < 10 ft range putts.   1 triple, 3 doubles and 4 pars.  My usual short game kept the final score close to my handicap.    Continue gripping down by 1 inch and it kept my approach shots near green.

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Terrible day for me today, don't even wanna say what I shot :(

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+8 for a 43 last night.


This is decent for me, as I couldn't break 100 six months ago.  This SHOULD have been a +5, but I got a wicked bounce on a fairway shot and my ball went out of bounds by crossing under a fence and rolling down a 25 ft. ravine... then I three putted.  No shoulda coulda's though, because I wouldn't be out of bounds if I'd have hit the right shot.  Still getting a feel for my new Burner Plus irons and this Odyssey White Ice 7 putter I just purchased.  If I'm chipping within 25 yards or under, I'm deadly, I get within 5 feet of the hole about 90% of the time.  Putting is a different story.  Long way to go, but I accept the score. 

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Played the front of the home course twice last night but I can't find my scorecard. I didn't tally it when I finished 9 either time but I think it was 42/44. It was late and I was playing speed golf just to mess around. I was killing the ball from the tee, don't think I missed a fairway, maybe one that rolled through into the first cut that was dried up so no price to pay. The front has a short par 5 just 480 yds. It's dog leg right and if you cut the corner over the hazard you can really get it out there. First time around I hit driver 6i, second time driver 7i. Both times I airmailed the green.

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41 with 19 putts...ouch.
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71. Hit the ball pretty darn well. Would have been a 68 on a tougher but higher end course (goofy, inconsistent greens lead to all sorts of approach shots either checking up or bouncing high and long). Hit a few long bombs with the driver, very little curve on anything.


17 pars. One birdie on a par five.

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88 yesterday morning. My 9 on a par 3 was the highlight of the year...... Pffffft
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thru 7 holes before getting rained out


-1 thru 7 holes, 26 strokes.


2 bogies, 1 birdie, 1 eagle, 3 pars. Drove the ball well, irons are coming along, putting is coming along. Had some good short game shots around the par 5's. Got up and down for birdie, and chipped in for eagle.


Twisted my ankle on hole 7, piss poor condition of the cart path caused me to roll it. Its a bit tender, will probably stay off it for the weekend, and wrap it up while playing next week.

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A damn 73 and I was 1 under thru 16. Bogeyed then doubled the last.

Beautiful weather though.
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Shot a 71 today at Restigouche Golf and country club

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Shot a 91 at Tahquitz Creek, Resort Course not great. To dam hot in Palm Spring, mid day play!

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Even par for 9 on the easiest Par 3 course in the world (It's like 1800 yards total). Even so, I played better today than ever in my life. 2 birdies in a row for the first time ever. Missed an ace by one inch. Chipped from about 25 yards off the pin on a roll. 4 consecutive birdie putts inside 20 feet on 9 holes. Very happy about progress.

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105 at my local course. This represents a massive improvement on my last previous best of 121. I stopped using my driver and started using the 3 wood which meant straighter shots that went further rather than duffing tee shots 20 yards or OB with the driver. 


Still I did take 4 tee shots on one hole as I had a lost ball, OB, OB and then finally got it on the fairway. Ended up with a 10 on that hole LOL.


My putting was good today. Mainly two putted with the odd 3 and one 4. 


I am soooo chuffed.

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38, par 35, front nine of my course.  The front is my bane, especially first 4 holes.  Didn't play well and scored ok.  1 birdie, best knews is no doubles or higher!!!!  Missed by inches on 3 birdie putts, missed two par putts by same amount, one was struck too hard and hit back of cup nestled on the lip.  Could have been better.  Striving to play front in par, but I need to be better than 3 over on the first 4 holes.  Have to figure those out.

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One of the bennies of belonging to a private club (at least in Philly anyway) is that, when there is an event at your club that takes over the course for the day (like a Member-Guest or a GAP tournament), the Pro can usually get you a tee time at another local club with no fee attached (other than a cart or caddie). I played another course yesterday that is nowhere near as challenging as mine, and shot a pathetic 48-40-88. I tripled two of the first five holes because I couldn't keep my driver in line. And even after I got my act together with my driver, I never found a comfort zone with my short game until the last 6-7 holes. The price of not having local knowledge.

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Last Saturday I played Hermann Park Golf Course in Houston, TX.  This was my second complete round of 18 holes (I have played 9 holes at different course about 6 times), and I shot 99.  I started out with a par on #1, which believe me was a big surprise.  I went on and nailed 3 pars on the front 9 for a 45, and then lost it and shot a 54 on back.  However, in the long run I am very happy with my score.  and this was with no mulligans and no gimmies.  

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