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91 on another local course (69.2, 120).   Hit only 1 or 14 FW (my worst PR) and 1 GIR.    Had a terrible putting day - only 31 but I missed many  < 10 ft range putts.   1 triple, 3 doubles and 4 pars.  My usual short game kept the final score close to my handicap.    Continue gripping down by 1 inch and it kept my approach shots near green.

Another 91 (71/120 rating).  9 on a tough par 5 hole killed any hope of breaking 90.  Made 4 long putts which was highly unusual.   Chipping was off which led to 33 putts even with making the 4 long putts.  3 GIRs & 50% FW hits - back to my normal.  I continued with gripping down by 1 inch on every shot.  It's helping my game to stabilize after a 2+ month slump.


Doubled the easiest par 4 hole after a perfect drive.  I had only 90 yard approach shot left.    But I saw my wife's 2nd shot hit a small bird and injured it fatally.   I ended up needing 5 more shots from 90 yards to putt the ball in the hole. 

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36 on front of 70.9/125. An eagle, 2 birdies, 2 pars and 4 bogies.


Even par (9 holes) and it's bittersweet. Without a doubt the best I've ever played, much of it luck I assume. Though I was -3 through 6 holes. Anyway we had rain again and when the sun finally came out at 5PM we scrambled to make plans. We got there late and turned out others made the same bull rush to the course.


This could be the longest post ever so I'll make it quick. Slow play prevented us from finishing, we made it through 11 before it got dark. My partner's tee shot on 12 disappeared into the dusk light as the sun went behind the mountains and that was all she wrote. I played those two holes even as well.

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Home course, Canyon country club, shot an 88 but score wasn't important. Finally got to play with my 20 yo son who hasn't wanted to play for 2 yrs. so we had a good time and enjoyed our time. We walked and just enjoyed.
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Shot a 104 (par 72) Braintree municipal golf course in Ma.  (It helps to know that ive golfed for only 3 months without lessons so im satisfied with the score)wilson_staff.gif wilson.gif ram.gif

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Went to play a new course, Chardonnay Golf Club in Napa, CA.  Did 98, mainly due to 39 putts.  Some of the greens were very long, easily 60 - 70 yards.  And it seemed holes were at the other end of where my ball landed.   That translated into three 3 putts, and one 4 putt and I average only 31 ~ 32 putts per round.   My handicap soared to 15. 


As the name suggest, the course is inside a Vineyard.  I sampled some grapes (assumed it was Chardonnay) while playing.   It'd be much sweeter in about a month or so.  

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Shot a 76 today, front 9 had 6 birdies back nine had a ton of bogeys definetly an upset since I was thinking I was going to shoot under par for the first time.

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Followed up my Fri 36 with 39 yesterday. Wanted to keep playing but as usual the clouds rolled in and it rained.

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Had a really bad day. Shot 115, grrrr
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Made one birdie and two bogies this morning for 16 holes. My wife and I had to skip holes 6 and 7 because of the idiots that jumped in front of us.


We were the first group on the course so it should have been clear sailing all the way through but a group decided to start on the fifth hole as we were on the 3rd tee box and there were groups on the 1st and 2nd behind us. Not uncommon on that course for (good) players to do that (especially singles) but usually the ones that do can play without holding anybody up. This group was the exception and were just teeing off on 6 when we got done with 5 so we skipped to the 8th.

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A filthy 91.. I hate tree's.. Especially when you find them after originally going OB off the tee on the same hole... But a couple birdie's and a share of the "2's" pot for a having a 2! 6 doubles, a triple, 2 pars and a bunch of bogeys.. Pissed though after shooting sub 80's multiple times this week.

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114 but the score doesn't really refelect the way i played as i made some great shots that i almost never do 

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Shot an 81. I was 2 over through 14 of the 18 holes, and the other four i pushed my drive one million yards into the right woods. 7 over through the 4 I lost my tee shot on, 2 over through the other 14.

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Shot a 103 today, and saw my handicap index shoot up a stroke as I continue to be unable to break 100 with any consistency after being in the low-to-mid 90s for most of the last half-dozen or so years.  I have never had a hitting slump like this before.  My 60-year-old body with the arthritic hip simply refuses to get its weight over to the left side with any fluidity and naturalness. Lessons don't seem to be helping.  Is it time to just throw the clubs into the trash? 

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6,615 yds. 71.1/121.

79. 2 doubles and an OB bogey. Better round than the score would indicate. Really just 3 bad swings.....
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Did 87 at Willow Park (68/120, par 71), Castro Valley, CA.  This is my 2nd time playing there.   1st time was a disaster - a 97.  Hitting 9 out of 13 fairways helped.  The rest of stats were 2 GIRs (bad), 28 putts (good), 1 birdie, 4 pars, 2 doubles, and a triple (ugly, on handicap 18 hole!). 


Met a nice couple whom we got along very well.   The lady hit a deer with her 2nd shot.  The deer was about 40 yards away and the ball made a loud thump noise when it hit it.  That must have hurt.   On the same hole, my wife hit another deer in our 1st round two weeks ago. 

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Shot a 62 for -8 at Bay Hill Club & Lodge. I'm experiencing pain in my right hand from too much golf lately, so I decided to play a round on Tiger Woods '09 (Xbox 360 variety). Now if I could only keep from spraying my 370 yd video game drives into the rough...
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Shot 104 Today 8 better then my last game.

My driver quit on me today and i decided to late to drive with my 5w to change anything. Coudnt chip either and my puts where either right in or way off
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played a smaller 9 with my wife today. we played it twice. so par would be 64. shot a 71

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