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Played in my 1st competition yesterday and typically shot my worst round in a few months, +25 a4_sad.gif (have been hitting from +16 - +23 recently).


Still came 7th overall mind you, so not all that bad! Benefits of being a high handicapper

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Shot a horrendous 99 yesterday. The good news is that now, even my absolutely terrible rounds still break 100...and that me playing very poorly on a tough course. Par 71, 71.3/127 6800 yards.

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Shot a personal best even par 36 from the whites/blues at my local course. Had a great day with my new-to-me 3 wood, since my driver is only an option on 3 holes I opted to go for a 3 wood as opposed to playing a 2 hybrid with the same loft.The extra 15 yards or so has really left me with a few more comfortable approaches with short wedges . One bogie and one birdie with 7 pars in between and I left a few birdies out there with one bad second shot on a par 5 and a few putts that I left an inch short or just high of the break.

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98     69.6/125 6070 yds


HC went up a bit, but this is the longest course and first time playing it so I am satisfied with it. Most drives were good, solid contact, hitting pretty consistent push draw. dubbed a couple of short pitches, no sand saves. Putts were 17/15 .   Made the loop in 3 1/2 hours as I had the whole course to myself (except for numerous rabbits, and two coyotes who were lounging on one of the tee boxes). It was early, I hit the course at 6:45 a.m. I was supposed to join two other players, but they did not show, so starter sent me out alone. Longest hole was 514 yards.

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+5 41, played like shit the first hole, here's how it went


Straight out pull shot off the heel of my driver. Left with 170, trying to shoot a gap in the trees with a fade, i top the iron straight into a utility box, causing a loud bang. The ball shoots out towards the fairway, leaving me with a ball above the feet lie. I hit a straight push over the bunker, pitch on to about 30 feet, then proceed to three putt for a 7.


Then i went 2 over in the next 8 holes, 2 bogeys, 6 pars :)


I'll attribute this to being stiff form working out to hard on saturday. I lifted a lot of weights for the first time in a few weeks, and my muscles were still a bit out of sorts with the golf swing. Once i got loosened, up i was able to play somewhat reasonable.

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Shot an 83 at a 73.1/129 par 71 course. This thing wasn't exceptionally long, but it was tight. Was an alright day until I doubled the last two holes due to lost golf balls. That and the fact that I only hit 2 greens in regulation really hurt my score.

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shot a 47-44=91 (+19) at my home course.  Played with some high school kid who shot like 84 man these kids today really hit the ball.  He was better than what he shot which is scary.  I want a rematcha3_biggrin.gif

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Was 4 under today, played an incredible game all my drives were perfectly straight. Fade and drew when I wanted them to, just all in all was a perfect round.

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Correction on my round today....it was a 95 not 98  not significant but note worthy in that last nine outings my raw average is 94.55 and the 95 is my 2nd highest score. All others were less than 95. Had I been firing from the tips today, the HC would have been 19.8 owing to the difference in course index and slope.  (of course the tips would have meant 500 more yards, so I probably would have shot the 98). My improvement although gradual, is consistent.  I have not played much in years, and its been a long time since I broke 80.  I will be thrilled with breaking 90 at this juncture in life.  Prior to my recording my HC, I really don't know what I would have been scoring, as I did not even keep score very often, my best guess is probably around 101-102. Then I found this forum and started working on things but only since June.

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When good times go bad:


Front nine: 1) birdie, 2) par, 3) par, 4) bogey, 5) birdie 6) birdie, 7) quadruple, 8) double, 9) bogey. OUCH!!!!!!!


Back nine: Par, double, par, par, bogey, bogey, par, bogey, par


Needless to say, going from 2 under gross to 5 over gross in the space of three holes was painful.

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so i've gotten on the cycle of playing the same course over and over, unfortunately it's a slope 146 from the Men's (and not much easier closer).


shot a 104 Sunday which is a good score for me, but even better score since i shot a 60 on the front. met up with some guys on 10 and it really helped me focus and take everything a little more seriously.


a couple practice swings, more focus on chips and putts, and good relaxed drives really helped me turn triples and quads into bogeys and doubles at worst. i even threw in a couple of pars.


now if i could play all 18 with consistency i'd be on to something, but i have a feeling that's everyone who plays.

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Had my high school tryouts yesterday and shot an 84, which isn't bad for me.

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81.  My best round ever.  11 pars, 2 doubles, 5 bogeys.

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Shot +22 today somehow, worst round in about a year.


Greens were like lightening and I didn't adjust for 3 or 4 holes.

Shanked so many <100 yard wedge shots.

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Played the back nine at Little Mountain just goofing around. Played a match against one of my students on the front nine (they sent us off 10, which I hate, as it's a 470-yard hole, soaking wet fairways today, no range). I gave him five shots to use wherever he wanted, even more than one on a hole, so long as he called it before he teed off.


I went par (blew first putt well by the hole - see above about goofing around on the first nine as I think I putted out twice, maybe), birdie (ball was moving relatively fast though), par, par, bogey (wedge shot I wasn't committed to), par, par (yanked a drive left, recovered, good 30-yard chip shot to tap-in range), par (great 3I off the tee, so-so wedge, blew the putt six feet past - the greens were deceptively fast since the rest of the course was a soggy mess), birdie - including one of the best seven irons I've hit in a long long time. Putt was perfect - I just played it to stop four feet short. :)


Total - 34 (par 35, three par threes), -1.


The 7I was 152 from a soggy messy fairway. Into the breeze. SUPER wide green, but pretty shallow with a crown that keeps short balls short and kicks long balls long. Pin was tucked left. I picked a telephone pole out that was twenty feet right of the hole or so, and just hit exactly the shot I was picturing. Just perfect.

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Played in our weekly 9-hole scramble at the muni course today. I couldn't hit a damn thing. We finished -5, and I only contributed one drive which was about 270 with a slight fade. My irons were money on the range and horrible on the course.

Played a couple of holes on the back nine because I'm trying to work some things out for a big scramble I'm playing this weekend with some vendors. The course was dead as it was getting dark, so I took 4 balls with me to each tee box. I crushed every single ball long and straight off the tee. From my calculations, I was hitting the ball between 270-280 on every 'practice' drive. Left elbow in, full hip rotation, and no fear on the follow through. Brain off. If I can do this on Saturday and get under my irons, I'll be happy.
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Played narrows golf club in New Zealand had 90 huge hooks uncontrollable
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Played a rare 18 holes(usually just play 9) and shot 77.

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