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Walked a quick nine this morning.  (1 hr. 15 min.)  Shot 40 (+4).

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Was 8 over through 15 holes.  Skipped 16, 17, 18 as life got in the way.  Best ever +3 on the front for a cool 39.  Had I parred out the last three, career round of 80.  Would've been neat.

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I shoot 106 at Silverhorn in San Antonio. Not great, but the first round of golf in months. The rough was so thick it was difficult to chip around the greens. The greens were very firm. Very tough conditions as a whole. Aside from a few bad mistakes, I feel I played OK. I think I should have been around 95 the way I was playing, but there were so many bad putts or bad bounces that pushed my ball OB.
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I played Ocotillo Golf Course in Hobbs, NM again this afternoon/evening.  Shot a 46 (+10) on the front nine which is a large improvement for me over yesterday.  I finally got the feel of my irons back and hit a lot of well struck balls, with the occasional diff.  Lots of future range time will bring my consistency up, as I know what a good swing feels like.  It's a complete training of the body, muscles and mind, and I need more practice to be able to perform consistently and avoid hitting a 180 yard ball 50 yards.


The back 9 was so backed up it was unreal.  I got stuck behind a group of 2 couples who were spraying it everywhere, and they were stuck behind a slow party as well, so no sense in letting me play through.  I had so much time, I took 4 - 5 balls with me to each tee box and played best ball by myself.  I really wanted to get some work in on an actual course for the tournament tomorrow, so I hit a wide variety of shots.  Of course I didn't keep score since I was going so far off the grid, but it was very relaxing and I feel I got a lot done.  I took several drops in random spots and forced myself to make several 'golf' shots instead of taking the easy route from the middle of the fairway.  All I want right now is to strike the ball well.  If I get off-target, my chipping is almost always ON and I can rescue myself from any right or left misses when hitting approach shots. 


Tonight was a good mental comeback, which I desperately needed after hacking it up on the same course yesterday.

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42 on front of 70.9/125. Not bad but I am a dolt. I missed the fairway, dang near hit it across a patch of unmaintained field between the 1 and 2 coming back the other way. There's a gas well out there for crying out loud, have never seen anyone over there. Seriously I missed the fairway some 20 yds left over a serious of mounds that typically keep balls on the green stuff. Bad lie and I tried to punch a 7i towards the green from shin deep dried whatever. Fail, the ball land short and I chunk a chip leaving a long downhill, left to right impossible putt. Because I am a lazy SOB I leave the flag in. Blam in it goes after trying to lag it close to save bogey and with it a 2 stroke penalty for double. All I had to do was walk 25-30 feet and it couild have been an awesome par.


Can't remember who asked about my clubs being locked in the car. I had intended to play up with just spare irons but this was my first time out in a few days. I managed to free my clubs from car jail so not going to happen. I do need to update my forum HI, yesterday I made into the tens finally. Feel pretty good about it considering more than a decade passed before I started playing again 04/2012. If I move back a set of tees and stay the course I'll trend to single digits this season.

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6,615 yds. 71.1/121.

78. 1 birdie and a double. Putted poorly.
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86 played awful.

Duffed several chips and four putted from 5 ft more than once.

Was a par 71.
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-3 32, 2500 yards 9-holes, 32.5 rating, 117 slope, net round -0.5


4 birdies, 1 bogey, 4 pars, probably the most completely dominating round of nine holes i ever played. Though the course is short, its a tricky course. The third hole is a very long par 3 over water. The 4th hole is a short par 4, with water that snakes across the fairway, and water and OB guard the left and deep of the green. The 5th hole is a short three tiered par 3, with OB Right and long. The 9th hole is a short par 4 with OB left due to the driving range. So, its a short course, but accuracy is needed or it can beat up on ya.


I knew it was a good day when i am 2 under going into the 8th hole, and i in-vision my shot starting over the white tee marker, and drawing back to the flag. The ball did that because i nicked the flag stick, and the ball came back towards the hole for a 1 foot birdie putt. The ball mark was about 2 feet past the pin.

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Yesterday was awful. We only got in 8 holes due to the rain but Mother Nature was being merciful. I only hit 1 fairway and no GIR. I lost two balls in the first hole and quit keeping score after the second. I told my wife it was one of those rounds that would make some quit. She said it was only one day and the next round will be better. I need some range time.
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Played today with a new-to-me set of Callaway RazrX irons. Have until Monday/Tuesday to decide if I will keep them. First time using graphite shafts... anyways, actually hit pretty well considering they were new clubs. Playing again with them Monday!


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Played the scramble and we went -5. Enough to win 3rd in our flight. Used the clubhouse credit for new balls and stocked up. I hit some good shots, and some bad shots. Had one excellent drive. The rest ranged from mediocre to decent. My putter was on today, but we literally had about 8 putts that didn't go down but were SO close.

Playing at the local course again tomorrow. My schedule is clear and I'm ready to get back out there.
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84 on a par 72. I was pretty happy with it but upset I missed 4 par putts within 10 yards. But that's golf!
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116. bad score, but better round then i've been playing. got a lot of stuff together, just didn't score well.


one more chance to tame the tough course i've been playing and put a whole round together.

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82 at the Batesville, AR muni. Finally figured out a little something with my grip and my drives have straightened out a bunch! I hit a couple really nice shots with my 3 wood that gave me a bird on a long par 5. I missed so many par putts I nearly let it get to me, but the second putt was always just long of a tap in or was one. I didn't 3 putt all day. At 59 (60 in Nov) I don't feel too bad about the state of my game. I just wish I were more flexible so I could get more than 200-230 out of my drives. I just can't seem to store enough spring in the old body as I once could. I'm hitting my irons fair to good, but that 40 yard and under shot is the part of the game I really love, and it shows. A little more practice reading putts, and placing those close iron shots within reason, and I might get back to the mid 70's (like I could in the early 1980's), but I'm happy with the direction of my game.

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Got caught behind some really slow players at Santa Anita. I think they evaluated every single possibility with almost every club. After the 16th it was so dark, we just walked off. Front 9 had some blowup holes for a 49. Back 9 improved with a birdie, my first ever from the blue tees. 34 with two unfinished par 4s. Had some really good drives.
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shot my best 9 this year with a 39.  It was an easy little course 64.9/106 but I played well.

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6625 yards. 71.1/121.

77 with a FREAKING OB double on 18.......from the middle of the fairway, no less! a5_crying.gif

Hit 10 greens and didn't have a birdie. If I could've putted.....
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Went out this morning and shot a 93 (+21). Just couldn't get the putter to work for me. I have the Odyssey metal-x #6 that I'm trying to adjust to coming from a 2ball. Went back out this evening and shot an 86 which is about average for me. Drained a 40 foot and a 20 foot putt. Night and day difference from this morning. Sometimes they're dropping and sometimes they're not. That's golf!
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