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Shot an 46-43=89 on my local par 64 exec course. Ties my my best for that course. Couple of lip outs and a few pushed tee shots or it could have been better.
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Wish I knew what I shot. My scorecard flew off the cart at some point in time, the clip was loose so I kept having to reposition it. Had a horrible front nine that was mostly doubles and triples. One of the guys I was playing with told me he could see that I wasn't putting my weight on my back leg, but on my front leg instead. I made the adjustment and began hitting my iron shots and tee shots much better. Scored a little better on the back 9, but I still had to be in the mid to high 90s again.
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played real bad, had fun, always love to play lol. hitting it fat a lot which is a result of my head dropping coming OTT etc etc etc.  sick thing is there are a few key swing concepts I put a lot of work into, which I just didn't trust out there and reverted back into bad tendencies.  hit a small bucket on the range after the 9 holes and put on a laser show (albeit a cheap one), I was doing an ok job at executing those swing concepts which of course resulted in better shots on the range. need to put a ton more work on this before I can bring a better swing onto the course.

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84 (par 72) on a course I haven't played in 8 years. I'm very happy with the 84 I shot a 94 last weekend with 4 ob's. Today I didn't lose a ball. I had 2 bad drives (push slices) but hit it well. I had 1 three putts and 2 bad chips. Otherwise a good day at the office.
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I had a Jeckyl and Hyde round on Sunday. We teed off as a 4-some, but a guy drove out and joined us on hole #3 to make us a 5-some (to my objection). We started to hold up the group behind us pretty quick, so I started rushing to hit everything. I shot a 4 over 41 on the front. Luckily, we played fast enough to eventually catch the group in front of us on 8.

One of our guys was frustrated enough that he quit after 9. I relaxed more on the back and shot even par 35.

I HATE playing as a 5-some and rushing everything!
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Shot my best round yesterday.


Shot a +14, 10 under my handicap! Was only +9 after 16 and then typically got a triple and then a double.


Really pleased, massive progression recently and hopefully my handicap will tumble soon.

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Got 3 rounds in last weekend in our strokeplay club championships.

Started with a great ground off 72. Just didn't hit a bad shot really.

failed to make up and down a few times. on the most difficult hole

a 440 yard par 4 i was off with driver and had to layup and made bogey.

made 3 birds 5 bogeys 10 pars.


Second round ( same day in afternoon )

Went off well again.

Started par bogey birdie

great teeshot on no 4 middle fairway 150 yards out pin stuck right back

only place you can't miss is right. so i think with a little breeze into face i

take 7 iron and aim for middle green. I blocked it right into big trouble.

triple bogey.

Teeshot 5 ( par 5 ) left in bushes pitched out leaving 80 yards ball was on a uphill slope.

Forgot about the fact off de lofting. 58 wedge sailed over the green and never was found

so made a double. Had trouble on the greens because they where speeding up and didn't hole 

a putt after that ballstricking was still solid tho carded a 78.


Than my sunday last round.

I was 4 off the lead with my 2 rounds, i wanted to play full attack. because i was striking the ball so good

i didn't hit 1 shot clean on the first 9 and went out in 42 ( +7 )

I hit my tee shot on 10 ( par 5 ) and nailed it, i felt what i did wrong and what was good on this shot.

split fairway 300 yards slight draw. hit 5 iron on the green and 2putted for a birdie this pretty much triggered

me and came in with 33 ( -2 ) made birdie on the short par 4 15th only 305 yards and made only pars.


Finished T3 very happy with this result. Lowered my hdc to 6.1

the winner carded rounds off 74-72-72 way out off my abilities. 

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3 rounds this weekend - 3 different courses


80 on Friday (78 and two in the water)

42 on Sat (9 holes) - That just seems to be score I have on this course.  Can't seem to get it together here at all.


Sunday - Best round to date -75 on Sun (73 plus two penalty strokes) par 72 course (short 6042).  16 fairways hit (13 drivers even), 14 GIR - two birdies.  Just boring golf - lots of holes in regulation.  Putting short a lot on the first nine to miss a few birdies.  Converted only two birdies on the back nine (two over on the front, 1 under on the back - plus one penalty each front and back).  So there is a lot more in there to improve with even.  But overall, just wow.  Didn't even know where I was until the very end when I added it up.  I knew I was driving good though.  My 60 wedge was fantastic from abour 60-70, and made a couple different really short stop flops, one from the sand.  Heck, I was hitting Top Flites and they were backing up.  Very Windy.  Just wow - rare game for me.  Hopefully not so rare in the future

Something good is happening lately

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I'll double check.  Is it penalty for the drop, and then you keep counting.  (so physical stroke into the water, then a penalty stroke for the drop, then continue counting from that point).  If it's two strokes for each water, no biggie.  Happy to count that too.  But I thought it was net plus one, not net plus two for each wet ball.


(No, I checked, It's only one stroke per - I counted it correctly)



Sunday stats - crazy day.  (This also had one water penalty on 9, and one stroke for the water, not two..  ; ).  but feel free to double up if anyone likes).  Note that the two holes with fairways missed were the two with the penalties....


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After hitting lots of form recently, came crashing back down to earth.


87 on the par 65. I had been hitting 77, 79, 80 recently.


Just one of those days I suppose as although ball striking and especially driving were fantastic. I had not much luck with my approach shots - 4 ended up in the sand, and I need to work on this paper, I cannot get it out well and just happy if it gets out at all.

Putting was terrible, lots of 3 putts.


On the green for a 140 yard par 3 - within 20 ft and 3 putted. Whilst my buddy shanked right into the cabbage, found his ball chipped out and nailed his 15footer for par.


Back out tonight though.

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Out twice on Sat for 9 at two different courses, 42/41. Played good despite 2 three putts. I left a few out there both could/should have been sub 40.

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Shot an 88 (42-46) from the blue tees at a local course.

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+5 41,


Today was a rollercoaster ride, couldn't get a good consistent round going. Par 5's killed me. I was with in 70 yards of the 2nd par 5, and i took 4 shots to get the ball in the hole, pathetic. Couldn't pitch the ball worth shit.


Though i figured out a bit more on the golf swing. sometimes i try to get a feel for what i want to do with my practice swing. Got the swing down on the final few holes, and just flushed three great iron shots.

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Played great at high school practice today shot a 40-39-79 on a par 70 course, which is great for me, and my first time breaking 80!!! Was tying a bit of new swing stuff and its been working out great!
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I had a good night on the short course. "Inside 9" Short 4's and 3's par 32 I had a 40 and 38. I was able to play 2x for the price of one walking for a whooping 11 dollars. Almost all my bad scores were due to bad approach shots under 100 yards. I had 3 really close shots on the par 3's though pictures to follow:


after first shot on 160 yd par 3 pushed right into the trees I played a second ball and it was almost a par-visional :-



2 holes later 130 yd par 3



2 holes later another 160 yd par 3



So, even though it was a short course I'm very happy with my overall play. I made one simple change to my swing and it's paying off big time. Basically I am making sure I turn my left shoulder under my chin.

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Made up a round from league yesterday.  Shot a 43.  Had a couple of doubles - one from a duffed tee shot and another from trying to bend (draw) a ball around a corner with my hybrid (it bent alright, right into the woods).  Overall, I was very happy with my score though.




Also, had a great drive on a 347 yard par 4.  Hole doglegs slightly right with a fairway that slopes left to right.  Ended up about 30 yards off the green.  Chipped to about 4 feet and sank my putt for birdie.  Woot! Woot!

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Played pretty well at practice today, played 9 and shot an ok 42 on a par 36. Getting ready for my first match tomorrow!
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Shot a +10 82 today.


Finished the front 9 just +2 after birdying the 9th, went on to top my drive and put my 2nd shot into the woods on the 10th, making a 7.


I have finally mastered bunker shots to some extent, as opposed to it being a flip of the coin whether it gets out of the sand or not.

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