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Shot an 88 (+16) on a very windy day this morning on Dyess AFB.
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77 on a par 71..

3 birdies

3 doubles

3 bogeys

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Played the inside 9 course again last night. Had 5 over first two times around 37 37 then tried some dumb stuff the 3rd time, like hitting a 1 iron haha. Paid the price for that though, ended up 11 over, of course part of that was probably fatigue due to walking the course for 45 holes over 2 days. All in all, I've been able to get a lot more consistent.

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Another boring round


+3, 38


Got into a bit of trouble off the tee on the first three holes. My short game decided to cost me on the first par 3, took a double bogey there. I three putted from 20 feet on the par 5, had an eagle putt. I thought i hit the ball lightly going down the hill, but it rolled out to 6' or so, and the ball did the shoe horn loop around the hole.


Overall not bad, but not good. My expectations are for much better play.

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I'm the loving new USGA "Tee it Foward" campaign. As a 36 handicapper the scorecard said  I should be playing from the forward tees anyways at over 5100 yards it presented a fair challenge with some easy drivable par 4's at 225 yards and 359 yard ones which I parred and quadruple bogeyed respectivetly. Made a par and 2 bogeys over 24 holes. I 

I shot a 98 over 14 holes and then ran out of of balls after hitting a slice in a tree then a hook in the left trees on hole 15. Would have probably around a 120-130 ny usual sceore.

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Played Trump National in Rancho Palo Verde's yesterday shot a 91.

50 on the front 9 that I felt was easier then the back?

41 on the back, started out with 4 pars, went down hill on hole 14, hit 3 bunkers in a row.

Still struggle on the par 3 holes I am sure it is a mind thing now. It has been a few months of missing every green, now I am hitting them but have no confidence.





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Played Aronimink yesterday and it just beat me up. Shot 88, with a bunch of doubles that were a result of me missing greens from too far out. The course is one 400+ yard, uphill par-4 after another and I just don't drive it far enough to be able to get a manageable club in my had to hit most of the greens.  Almost all of my pars were up-and-downs and I never sniffed birdie.


At one point, I was standing in the middle of the 15th fairway after a decent drive and the caddie just smiled and said, "I don't have to tell you anything", because it was just another uphill 185 yard shot that played 200.

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Played 2 seperate balls today, a distance one, and a Pro V1, trying to see if there are any differences.


Shot +3 74 with the hard ball after making a double on the last hole, and a +5 76 with the Pro V1, made a double 6 on the 16th hole.


Only a 6000 yard course though.

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145 for a beginner. With no less than 3 putts for every hole.

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Only played 10 today, it was a rainy day and simply got too wet to continue. Started off with just rain, nothing too heavy, by the 6th hole it began to downpour. This was only my second outing this year in the rain, but it was much better than the last. I actually played OK. Of the 10 I played, par was 40...I ended the day with a 51. For the conditions, I was quite happy with my score. Good news is, my rain gear held up quite well.

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Played a round with my best mate and shot 87 to beat him by 1. Course was par 72.

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played 36 holes today, 78 and 77, from the middle tees.  par 72, 6300+ yards.  the 8th hole (which is one of the toughest on the course anyway) really had my number as i took double bogey on it both rounds.  the other side of the coin is the 18th, which is a pretty easy par 5, where i went birdie-eagle.

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Tied for my lowest ever 9 hole scored at 53 on the front 9 at Lake Park in Lewisville today. Great start with a double bogey for me, than triple on hole 2. Then I hit a groove and shot a couple doubles. Then I hit a GIR on hole 7 and 3 putted for my first bogey on that round. Finished hole 9 with a great drive, 2nd shot 3 wood carried 200 yards but pulled to the left, but cleared the bunker. Pitched onto the green and 2 putts for par(Almost a birdie but the nerves to making my first birdie got to me. Nothing worse than a triple bogey for all 9 holes. I played perfectly to my handicap pretty much. 


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Bah, another 45 in league, 2 pars 1 bird. Pretty sad that in 6 holes I was 11 over. I missed a lot of 2 putts because I misread almost everything had probably 4 3 putts, on the plus side I only lost 1 ball so that improved a lot.

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6,625 yds.  71.1/121.


80.  Coming off birdies on 13 and 15, finished bogey, bogey, bogey on 3 holes that I shouldn't ever be worse than even.  Ugh.....

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Played the back nine par 37 this am at my course. birdies on 10,11 and 18. bogied # 15. really working on my driver tempo and grip paid off. Hit all 7 fairways. funny game last 4 or 5 times I have played I couldnt keep a drive in play lol

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Had a 12 hole high school match today. Shot a 42 front 9 and went bogey-par-bogey on 10-11- and 12. Not bad, but won my match and out team won 23.5-0.5
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Shot 2 over at my favorite little par 3 course for 9 holes. Hit 9 greens, 3 putted 3 times, and hit one birdie. There"s nothing more important in golf to me than taking a divot after the ball and hsving a flat left wrist at impact. Its very exciting to finally start understanding how to correct your own swing. The 5 simple keys make a lot of sense to me now. The importance of having your grip in your fingers and not your palm cannot be overestimated to me as well.
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