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Played 36 on Saturday and Sunday. Shot 81,76,80,83. Struggled with getting up and down and had a couple bad tee shots leading to double and triple.

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Shot 109 yesterday (6494 yd 72.1/138). Still settling into a rhythm (5th round all year) and terribly inconsistent. Was all over the board - could not get off the tee for anything and was scrambling or grinding on every hole. Thankfully my irons and short game showed up or else it would have been ugly.

Have to get on track off the tee. This is such a mental game it's amazing. Yesterday is a great example - hit balls before teeing off and was making good contact with mostly straight or controlled fade ball flight. Feeling pretty good and pasted my first tee shot down the left side of the fairway. Every tee shot after was a horrible slice or block to the right. Hit the range a few hours later and was dead straight. Jumped right it to play the two holes on my way back to the clubhouse and put two in the trees. Focus this week is getting my "driving range" head onto the course - stop thinking and just let it rip.
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Shot a personal best 95 on Saturday at Diablo Creek. 46/49, hit 8 FW's. Could've been lower as I carded an 8 on the front and one to match on the back. But still left with a huge smile on my face!
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Struggled to a double-double-bogey finish for 43 on the front of my parents club. That side is 35.9/133 and has a way of getting in my head. Still felt like a victory because I've never played 2-4 as well (even) as I did yesterday.

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This is actually a what I shot yesterday post. 


I played my local course that is a slope 126 and a 69.7 rating I think?  Anyway, shot an 88 going 45/43 which is my best round since early June (I am playing right now to consider bogey as par).  I got new irons in June and I'd say they are a little better than my capability (if you believe in stuff like that) and I've struggled a bit learning how to hit them. But I've seen my form coming back around and yesterday was a day where things were generally much better on the ball striking.  I actually made 7 greens in regulation so I feel like this score is higher than it could/should have been.  I had three 3 putts for bogey, 2 of which were inside 20 feet on the first put.  That's an easy couple strokes right there.  But I also had a couple holes where I got in trouble and scrambled well to save bogey, so maybe 88 is about where I should have been.

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Just broke 70 for the first time.  Shot 69!




Black Tee's Par - 72

6395 Yards

71.5/129 Slope


The course is at the top of a hill so it plays VERY VERY windy.  Probably played, with the wind, easily 6600 yards.

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Shot a 75 yesterday (38-37, par 72)... The front nine I played better than I scored. Was hitting my irons very solid leading to a few makeable birdies, only one of which I converted. Lipped out two birdie putts inside 10 feet. Also, I was pretty disappointed in bogeying two par 5's. The back 9 I actually didn't play as well, but was able to get up and down a couple times and just didn't make many bogeys.

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Had a nightmare today, 89 on par 72.


Managed to get two nice birdies, but had about 4 double bogeys and a quad.

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Originally Posted by Slice of Life View Post


I was thinking the same thing. When I'm in the 80s, I'm all smiles.

It needs changing but I haven't had an update in ages.


I was talking to one of the guys at the club, and asked about my handicap which is officially 14 (after I posted 3 scores for my first handicap), whether I should use this for my first tournament, even though, it is lower than 14, he said yes, only tournament scores count towards handicaps.


Is this normal, or just something in the UK?

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Pretty decent day. New driver in the bag which helped me greatly! Added 20 yards to my drives. I was playing an old TM R5 Dual. New one is a Cobra Amp Cell.
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Gorgeous day at Hidden Valley Golf Club, Norco CA.
Shot 50/46 70.8/132, many of the blue were placed with the blacks which is 73.8/141. 11 OB. Lost 6 balls. 4 pars, 6 single bogies. 40 putts. No 4 putts, four 3 putts. Chipping is finally satisfactory again.
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Beautiful day in Northern VA. Shot 87 at Wedtfields Golf Club in Clifton. With 42 putts!!!! I usually play local muni's with slower and flatter greens. The fast and undulating greens of Westfields kicked my butt, but it was a learning experience.
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Went to Athens, AL. today and shot a 73 at Southern Gayles Golf Club. It's a par 72 with a course rating of 71.8 and 116 slope, but we didn't play from the tips and I never looked up what the rating was from the white tees we were playing. I heard the owner (who was in our group) say it was about 6,300 yards from those tees.


Made 3 birdies (all on par fives) and 4 bogeys. Missed a few birdie putts that I thought I should have made but had a little trouble with misreads.


Hit my driver and fairway woods very well. Long and mid irons pretty well. Wedges like crap.

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Blah, another +4 40, seriously a +4 feels like something tough to do, use to be +4 were good rounds.


-1 through 4 holes, double bogied the 5th hole, put a drive into the water. Had to drop back to 250 yards out because dropping at the entry point is down the side of a hill under trees, no way to get close. hit a hybrid next to the front bunker, poor chip and two putts later. Bogied the next par 5, pulled a wedge slightly left and long, couldn't get up and down for par. Doubled the last hole, had to punch out from some trees, and then i totally mishit a wedge, chunked it to 20 yards in front of the green. Hit a pitch to 4 feet, and the putt lipped out on the BOTTOM SIDE, the putt was a good right to break, the ball caught the lip, and got sling shoted around the hole and behind it. I have never seen a ball define gravity like that, and i didn't hit the putt hard, the ball was dying into the hole, it was freakish.


As for the swing, driver is ok, i'm having trouble with a slight reverse pivot. I find with my drives, i do the hip turn well, but i am slighly falling away from the ball trying to get the path more right. This is a bad move for me. I am trying to artifically create an inside move by leaning away, not good.


Putting is better, short game needs a tune up. Think i will hit the range this week.

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Had a rough day today. Seems to be the trend last 5 times I've been out. 94 par 72, started off with a string of pars only to let some triple bogeys in. :(
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Bet round in about 14 months, and it could easily have been lower - I left three birdie putts about two inches from the hole.  Of course, if I'm going to play that game, ...it could have been worse too... I nailed about three putts from 10-12 feet. I almost never make those.

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My second nine hole round of 35 for the year. 4 FIR. 6GIR 14 Putts.

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81. First round with new irons. Little less forgiving than my Ci9s but love them. Had a 5 foot eagle chance and lipped the putt. Don't get many opportunities like that so it was the first time I was disappointed with a birdie. c5_banana.gif


35 putts - couldn't make anything

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