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What did I shoot today.....a load of crap. Anyone wan't to buy some Ping Anser Irons, cheep, cheep, cheep. Not the irons they were expensive. d1_bigcry.gif Never mind back again tomorrow.

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35 putts and you say could not make anything...I'd bight your arm off for 35 putts.

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Played 9


First hole was bad plus a bunch. First two shots okay, then put the third in the water, then the meltdown = An honest 10b1_ohmy.gif


After that a couple of knocks around the greens but okay.


Only lost the one ball, finished with a 56. More good than bad, so I'll take it

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Sick blowup today


-1 through 10 holes, dropped 7 shots in the next 5 holes!!! inc.


77 in the end

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Decided to take a break and use the wide open course as an opportunity to practice. Really not sure how to use the time wisely because there's rarely an opportunity. Mostly drove the cart to landing areas where I've had trouble hitting greens and hit a couple of balls from different spots. If I didn't hit the green I worked on different chips and pitches from where the balls landed. If I did hit it I knocked the balls into a bunker for sand practice. On par 3's I hit from the tee but no putting and on the two short par 4's I experimented with irons from the tee and the resulting approach shots. May have to rethink how I approach certain holes for the rest of the season. Took about 1.5 hrs to work around the front without putting.

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Shot a disappointing 91 (par 64). It's only 2 shots off my personal best for that course so I guess I shouldn't be greedy but I had five!! 3 putts, which is definitely an anomaly for me, and a couple of pushed tee shots that I'd like to have back.

Definitely could have been better.
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Shot a 119, one of my best rounds of the year. My iron game was firing on all cyclinders and made some nice putts as well.

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Played a select few 9 holes due to fog.


1-5, skipped onto 7, before playing 17-18.


Ended up +4.

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Shot a 54 (9 holes) at Furnace brook Golf Club.. It was the second round for high school tryouts.  The first round i shot a 55.  I was kinda satisfied with my playing but its fusterating knowing i can play better than that and have gotten in the high 40's a few times.  Also i had this one kid in my group who really struggled to hit the ball and we took so long the coach just left.. so i have to give him the score card tomorrow.  Its not my fault, or the kids fault, we were not goofing around.  It looks bad for me making the team now because the coach is just going to assume that we were goofing around probably.  

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I was 8 over on the front 9 today which is OK for me but then I started experimenting on the back 9 and everything went to hell and I kinda lost the will to try.  Finished +20 or something.

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Shot best 2 scores of my life. Played at Meadows Farms in Virginia. Shot a 41 on the Island Course and then shot a 41 on the Waterfall Course (both are 9 hole courses). Needless to say I was pretty dang happy.
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Shot a 96 lastnight at Dauphin Highlands.  It's a fairly difficult course [for my level anyway] but it's probably the 2nd best round I've done.  I was under a 100 last week as well, I hope this trend continues.

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38 this morning with only two pars. Three bogies, three birdies, and a double.
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Quick 9 after work.


Even through 6 holes.


Double, Double, Bogey finish z1_censored.gif

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Came crashing back to earth after several weeks of improved scores with a 46. All about the penalties, sand and putting, four 3 putts. Just a bad day that fortunately will combine with a better day.

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Wow just wow!!! Last three rounds 109,97, and now 86!!

I put the work in especially wedges and putting,changed techniques and voila the scores reflect it.

I have been playing for 6 years then all the progress happens in one year. Worked on the technical,mental, and course strategy and this is the result!!

So stoked and the thing is I can still get better.
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Not today, but 2 days ago.. 88. Good start, bad finish, but it seemed like everything was going in.. 30 putts.  1 birdie.... so an alright round.

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Congrats to Brakkus. Keep going, buddy! Good work!


Played the home Par 65 today.


The front 9 are harder - 32. I shot 40, I think once I've scored in the 30s and that was 39.


Back 9 was good, and started with 3 pars, and what should've been a 1ft par save, but lipped out. Scored 39 (Par is 33)


79 for a Par 65.


Last 5 have been 80, 81, 79, 78, 79.


My golfing season is nearly over for 2013 at least. I'll play some winter golf at Christmas when I'm home, but overall my h'cap is shaping up to be around 13/14 so I'm pleased for shaving 3-4 shots.

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