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Played front 9 this afternoon with my old man and his frend and managed to shoot a 29 out (first time ever), I did carry on to see if (SOMEHOW) I could shoot a 59 but ended up bogeying 10 - 11 so walked off on 13th, still.. Onwards and upwards!

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Played a very difficult Robert Trent Jones design course today...think it was 74.4/135 at 6900 yards, shot an 87 which is decent just had a few bad holes. Pulled the driver 13 times!

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Bested myself today.  Not entirely sure where the shots were coming from.  Shot an 85 at Stumpy Lake GC in Chesapeake, VA.  I think it had to do with putting my driver up and hitting my 3W on all the tees.  Just haven't had confidence in that particular driver since I got it - will probably be the last used driver I ever get.  Golf Galaxy called and my new one is in so hopefully I'll be back to playing a driver soon.

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Was even through 3 holes, but then it started pouring on us. Went bogey-birdie-par
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Played 9 from the lady's tees last night just to mix it up and use some irons that normally I never get a chance to. Shot a 34 , two under par but blew chances at eagles twice.

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Played 36 holes yesterday. 79/78. Had 6 birdies and an eagle in the 36 holes though.

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89.  43 front 46 back.

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Horrible,  just horrible


+10 45, just bad.


1 triple, 3 doubles, 1 bogey, 4 pars.


Didn't get into trouble off the tee, just couldn't hit a wedge to save my life, it was bad. Short game decided to give up on me as well.

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had a 47, on nine...new clubs...710/mb's, 910d3 & super s hybrids...we all did well..and that's Golf!

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Played my executive par 32 course tonight and had a 39 on the front and a 45 on the back for an 84 and a new personal best.

Stoked! Thank you 5sk and thank you Evolvr. Brian and Stephen have really helped me add structure to my swing and even though I am miles away from nailing what they have taught me I am seeing real on course results.
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I shot absolutely awful today. We had a match on a new course and played the harder back 9. Lots of hills and doglegs. I shot a 57 because I couldn't hit a ball straight to save my life.


But the bright side is I had one of the greatest shots of my life, I left the other team's coach speechless. Hell, everyone that saw it was speechless. I was down in a valley, my feet halfway on a cart path, and there was a tree I had to hit a draw around (I'm wrong handed just so you know). 180 out and the green is 20 yards or so up so I hit my 6 iron. I then make perfect contact and see the ball bend around the tree, then just disappear. I knew it was on line and just from their reactions I knew I was on the green. Bogeyed the hole though, but if it wasn't for that shot I could of been screwed.

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37 36 73

-3 on the par fives (and the first hole was a tap-in par after a missed 15 footer for birdie)

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Played terribly. EVERYTHING was off to the right, either a push or a strong fade. 


Shot a 45...and that was only because I finished par-birdie on the final two. And got REAL lucky on 8. 90 degree dogleg left, and I pull the tee shot (only one I didn't hit right) into the woods. Hit a provisional and move on. Get down there, and my first shot made it all the way through the trees into the middle of the fairway leaving me a wedge to the green...proceeded to push the wedge right of the green, where it bounces of a hill and rolls 15 feet from the cup. 2 putt par.

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Kind of a mixed-bag round. Didn't get a chance to warmup at the range and got off to an indifferent start and didn't make my first par until the 5th hole. Got on a roll and went 1-over from 5 through 13. Had a complete brain fart on 14 and butchered the hole into a triple bogey. Finished with a birdie on our very difficult finishing hole.

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Out last night 43 on front of 70.9/125. 19 putts was the story, not a happy ending for sure. I hit 5 o7 FIR, better than 70%, and 4 of 9 GIR. Just couldn't get the putter working and it led to 3 doubles. Though they had nearly every hole placed on the top of a ridge. Doesn't look as difficult as it is. Pretty much impossible to land it near the hole, everything rolled away and putting back up it was tough to get the speed right.


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I've been AWOL in 2013 because I've been working too hard (I think)..LOL... and my golf game went missing too.  I haven't had time to keep up with this fun message board!!  Most of this golf season has been a terrible struggle.  With that said, I logged my first par-breaker of 2013!  I've been playing like crap all year too........aaargh!! 


For 1 day...I put that aside.  I played Stone Canyon.   It's a Greg Norman course that positively kicks my butt...UNTIL TODAY

I played the 73.2CR 141slope tees......par 72 

34-37=71.............Maybe a fluke?  I don't care!  BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!  hehe....Freaking A.....my best damn round of 2013 is in the books!c2_beer.gif


Whatever happens the rest of the year, I don't really care because I had my day!!  Sheesh...

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Just played 9 holes after work this afternoon. Hit the ball the best I've played in a long time, but didn't score well. I shot 37 (which I normally wouldn't complain about) but hit 6/6 fairways and 8/9 GIR's, with one of those being a par 5 in two. Had a 10 foot eagle putt that I ran by a few feet, then carelessly tried to tap in for birdie and missed. That was frustrating. I had one other 3 putt and a one putt for birdie, so a total of 19 putts on the round. Just didn't have a good feel for the reads today for some reason. Lipped out on three different holes. Heading back in the morning for an 18 hole round, and if I'm striking the ball as well as I was today I hope to be reporting a par or under par score tomorrow afternoon.

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Did 47 on front 9 (par 72, 71/120 rating).   Forgot to bring my putter and putted everything with 6 iron.  The end result is 20 putts where I average 16.  Made 3 of 9 GIRs which is pretty good for me.   4 days of range practice helped get my iron shot straight. 


I was working on putting from fringe with 6 iron.  So, forgetting to bring putter worked out OK as I was forced to practice on real course.

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