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6,657 yds.  70.7/127.


77 with two doubles and two birdies.  Woulda/coulda/shoulda..... 

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Put up my ugliest score all year yesterday - 119. Hd been at the range the night before working through my driver and long irons off the tee and thought I'd figured out a few things. Felt good going into the round yesterday but nothing stuck. Started hitting everything off the heel which has never happened before so clearly I was overcompensating something. Went OB off the tee at least once on many holes -grrrrrrr. On the 14th hole, I remembered something I'd read here - cant recall who posted it but it was "swing the hands, not the club face". My drive on 18 was 290yds down the middle of the fairway.

Man, I hate this game.

Played another 9holes last night in a family tournament with my wife, son, and daughter all of whom had never before stepped foot on a golf course. "We" shot a 45 on the same front-9 on which I posted a 62 a mere 6 hours earlier. Drives were all playable and relatively controlled. Maybe my family is my good luck charm... Maybe I'm finally figuring things out... Maybe this game is the biggest tease in the entire universe...

Man, I love this game.
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76!! c3_clap.gif


I seem to have been "stuck" at 78, 79 for weeks now.


I can start off great, like last weekend birdie, birdie, par, par...then WHAM! pull a tee shot on a par 5 and card an 8 c1_cursing.gif


Today was a par fest, with the par 3 being the culprit, but managed to avoid any double bogies for the first time in months. It was a scramble kinda round... did a good job getting up and down, which sure help the putt count.


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Just a bad round... 47 on 9.

If I hit a good drive, my iron shot sucked...

Didn't hit a single GIR. and 2/7 FIR.....

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Three over par 73 on a par 70 course. Hit the ball semi-okay but blew 3 easy up and downs and didn't hit the ball as close to the pin as I should have all day long. Kept having 20 foot birdie putts instead of more makeable putts. The 3 easy up and downs were from within 5 yards of the green and each time I decelerated on the chip (yuck!)


Guess I need to practice because I'm supposed to be good at those shots.


What's worse is that my team lost by one stroke on each side. Those 3 up and downs would have won both sides.


What's even worse than that is that one of my teammates (and the best player at our course) had a 10 inch putt and tried to tap it in while not standing in my line, and missed the tap in. That also would have won that nine if he had made it.


One bright spot was my long game.

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Originally Posted by rkim291968 View Post



Did 47 on front 9 (par 72, 71/120 rating).   Forgot to bring my putter and putted everything with 6 iron.  The end result is 20 putts where I average 16.  Made 3 of 9 GIRs which is pretty good for me.   4 days of range practice helped get my iron shot straight. 


I was working on putting from fringe with 6 iron.  So, forgetting to bring putter worked out OK as I was forced to practice on real course.




Well, in today's round, I get to chip putt with 6 iron only once and it worked well.  I am adding it to my arsenal. 


Scored 94 on a tough course (par 71, 71.3/133 rating).  There was no one in front and behind so I opted to play from blue tee to get my money's worth a3_biggrin.gif.  That should explain my 0 GIRs, and 6 blow up holes (doubles or worse) d2_doh.gif.  But it was fun until hole number 10.  All of sudden, I found myself sandwiched between a slow 4-some in front, and charging single from behind.   I lost a focus (went double-double) briefly when the singled joined my group.  He talked, talked, and talked.  I play more relaxed when it is just my wife and I or the other players are fun to be with (know golf etiquette, have sense of humor).  


All the greens were sloped and I did my best to avoid downward putts.   I still ended up with 36 putts (4 worse than my average on home course) with whopping four 3 putts.  

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Played Fullerton par 68, shot a 78 with left birdies all over the place!

Had a few great drives, irons are getting better, not great, no more then 2 putts per hole. But is was hot and humid, mid afternoon!

Play was really slow the Marshall was out but did no good!

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I'm slacking...I slept in today and didn't play until late in the day.  I played the front twice....... as it got late and the front opened up, I opted for the speed 2nd nine as a single rather than make the turn behind a mob of golfers.

Stone Canyon: 72.4CR 145 slope (rating for playing the front twice)


9 fairways/10 greens/29 putts/2 penalties


today was one of those hot muggy days with hardly a breath of wind...it was a sweatbath and keeping a good grip was nearly impossible.  With all things considered, I'm pretty thrilled with the round.  I hit some really bad full shots do to sweaty grips....No matter how much I toweled off my hands, they were still dripping wet...it was one of those days.  I putted well today....my saving grace.



The hole of the day:

#4...395yd par4

My driver slipped in my hand and I hit a smother hook in the right rough....I had about 220yds to the green and tried to hit 5wood...the club slipped again.....and I dribbled it forward in the rough about 85yds.   I had 137yds to the pin from the rough for my third shot......hit a soft high 9-iron to 12 feet.......made the par putt!!!  ya gotta love it when after completely butchering a hole.....you somehow salvage a par!! hahahaha


PS...the 2nd time I played this hole, I piped my drive and only had 88yds to the pin, but  I still made the same score....lol

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I played Consett (UK) in 2 over par one day and George Washington (UK) in 30 over par 2 days later!! Isn't golf a strange wonderful game a2_wink.gif


Hitting ball well off tee one day, and then turned into woody woodpecker next time out with tree seeking pull off tee. GW was first time I'd shot 100 in over ten years.


Next time out was 5 over, and won midweek sweep at Hobson (UK) - like I say strange game a1_smile.gif.

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Weird story today. First things first I was 1 under through 13 holes and had a 2 foot par putt on the 14th.


About that time my wife said "those guys are fighting". I looked to the 15th green and sure enough one guy was tearing the shirt off of another guy and chasing after him across the green. They were yelling at each other (and you could hear it all over the course). A girl with them was trying to break them up and crying but they were showing no signs of stopping.


I yelled at them and told them to knock it off, and for a few seconds they did, but then started back up again. One guy was mostly chasing the other and trying to get within range to throw a punch and the other kept saying he didn't want to fight. After it became apparent that it wasn't going to end without somebody getting hurt I started walking up there and broke it up and told the father and his playing partner to leave in their cart and the daughter got in the cart with my wife, who took her to the clubhouse. The father had a hurt finger that was bleeding and he asked me where the nearest hospital was. The daughter's boyfriend called somebody to come and get him.




After all of that we just called it a day.

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Shot an 87. One of my best rounds ever, and I didn't play well.


Was constantly in trouble off the tee, found water, and only hit 2 greens in regulation...but my short game was absolutely on fire. only 28 putts, and quite a few from 10+ ft. If only I could have been on with my irons...waaaah

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Anyway, For the first time ever I broke 100 with a 93 this morning - 44 for the first nine, 49 for the second. The 9 hole course is relatively easy at just over 2500 yards. After playing 27 holes last week and not hitting a single GIR (not an exaggeration), today was the type of golf I really expected to play this year. No spectacular shots, just hit fairways, approach shots and chips when I didn't get it on the green. My "blowup hole" was a triple bogey. Don't expect everyday to be like this, but it was fun.

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Shot a 40.  No birdies, doubled the first hole, so 4 over wasn't bad...18 putts, 2 birdies lipped out...4/9 GIR....  If I did 18 I think I could've broken 80...

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went to the driving range tonight because I was bored. ran into a kid working there who is a good young talent out of high school. his swing reminded me of tiger woods from 1996.  that youthful, steep, outside-in, super fast motion.  I wonder how a kid like this will pan out.  Certainly his ball striking is very impressive but I wonder how sustainable and what the ceiling on it is.

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87 with around 50 putts, one lost ball to the island green on 18. Can't wait to find out the real distances of my irons because today everything was going 10-15 yds further than normal.
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122/70.2   round of 95 which does not change my differential.  It took me 18 holes to figure out what was missing. (sound familiar?). On the last hole, I suddenly started cocking and uncocking my wrists. What was missing was being able to feel the club head on my backswing.  My drives up to that point were not all that long, and even on solid hits, it just felt as though they should have been longer. That little wrist cock easily added 30 yards to the drive and to the subsequent approach to the green in 2 (still 2 putted for par though).

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Did 89 on a home course (71/120, par 72).   Needed only 29 putts, thanks to two hole outs.  One was a chip-putt using 6 iron from 8 yards out.   Another was from 30 yards, using 60 degree lob wedge.   Breaking 90 on every round is my goal and all I needed was a double or less on #18.   This is a sucker hole with water on right and bunker on left guarding a small green.  I proceeded to put two balls in water and was hitting 6th.   I needed to hole out from 30 yards out to break 90, a likelihood of 1 in 100 chances.  Viola!   My pitch shot landed and rolled 10 feet (seemed like forever) and went in.   This must have been a lucky day.


Unfortunately, this round made my handicap to go up over 17.  It pushed out the last good score.  That completes a circle of going from 17 to 12 and back to 17 handicap in 4 months span.  Time to update my profile again.  Sigh.

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After playing late yesterday, I was first on the tee this morning at 640am.  With the shorter days, we could barely see our tee shots.... It's been hot and dry in KC and I never thought to check the weather radar before teeing off.  A huge storm was bearing down and we didn't even know it because we teed off in near darkness.   We played 3 holes and ran for cover...I was back in bed by 730am...oh well.  


I opted to return at 5pm to avoid the mid-day madness. I made the turn and played the front again as a single for a speed 2nd-9.  Due to the 3hr storm, it was cart-path only, but I managed to complete my 18 holes by 726pm.   I'm playing as well as I have all year right now........


The front 9 rating at Stone Canyon is 72.4CR 145slope......39-37=76

9 fairways/ 11GIR/ 31putts/ 2 penalties


When I had a good look at birdie, I made it.  I also had a couple really nice par saves.  I did have 1 three-jack....but it was really long range so I'm not too upset.  The highlight of my day was saving par twice on the 6th hole.  It plays uphill 408yds and there is a deep bunker in the middle of the fairway.  I can normally fly it, but not into the wind........I hit into it twice...LOL   The bunker has a steep face, so it's usually a hack-out.  I saved par twice by getting up and down from about 75yds.  I'm on a pretty good roll right now....

I made 2 doubles...and still managed to finish in +4.  Aside from the disasters, I played pretty well.

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