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Played a new course and shot a 93, 70.7/131 slope rating from the tees I played.  Had a couple good shots that caught me by surprise, a 170 yard 4 iron out of a fairway bunker that ended up about pin high and a 45 foot par putt with a couple different breaks.  It seems even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again.

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6,520 yds. 71.3/127.

80. A double, a birdie, and two 3-putts. 4:45 death march behind 4 knuckleheads..... Ugh.
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Shot a 93 today on the same course as last Sunday (88).  Biggest difference between the 2 rounds was I struggled to chip close enough to have easy 1 putts.  Overall I'm playing well right now for me, seem to be improving and getting tee to green is getting more consistent.

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Just came in from a +4 76. 39-37... Had 19 putts on the front nine which was pretty frustrating, including a missed birdie putt from about 3 feet. Also doubled a par 4. Short game was better on the back nine with 14 putts, but didn't hit my iron shots as well so that included 4 up and downs. Overall, I hit 6 out 12 fairways and 13 out of 18 GIR's. I'm on the brink of shooting even/under par but just still need some work on the short game.

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76 Boom! Bring on the wind!

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101 for my first full 18 of the year. 2/18 GIR, 39 putts. I had my tee shots somewhat fading, with a couple of ugly slices. My short game is really where I need the most work, too many shots from 50 yards in where I either skulled it, or got it up nicely only to see it fall 5 yards short of the green.
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94 today.

3 GIR, 5 FIR. however it was my 40 putts which killed me, had no distance control at all. Annoyingly all my fairway misses where out to the right so two areas for practice this week
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Had an 86. Not great but 3 under handicap and had a lot of good shots. Also different putter so went 1 or less 3 putts to 5. So very happy with score overall. And weather was great not getting warm till last hr or so.
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This weekend I finally got away from my two years of ill-fated attempts with the stack and tilt swing. I spent the week watching the videos from lessons I took 3 years ago and they finally made sense to me.


While my scores were no better, my ball striking was much better. I have a much higher ball flight - a bit of distance is currently being sacrificed because of my lack of confidence in a full back swing. Even when missing the fairway, I only had to punch out once - putting sank me 2 out of the 3 days this weekend, but I will excuse myself on that level due to the greens being aerated on Tuesday and we had no real rain this week to clean them up. I also tried to rely on irons more than my hybrid and tried to keep niblick use down to a minimum (only for full swings out of deep rough)


Friday - shot a 99 - 7/14 fairways, 1 GIR, 29 putts, 2 pars and one chip in bogey

Saturday - shot a 102 - 9/14 fairways 2 GIRs, 37 putts, 1 par

Monday - shot a 99 - 10/14 fairways, 2 GIRs, 32 putts (one 30 footer and one 35 footer, both for bogey), 1 par

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Did 89 on a home course (71/120, par 72).   Needed only 29 putts, thanks to two hole outs.  One was a chip-putt using 6 iron from 8 yards out.   Another was from 30 yards, using 60 degree lob wedge.   Breaking 90 on every round is my goal and all I needed was a double or less on #18.   This is a sucker hole with water on right and bunker on left guarding a small green.  I proceeded to put two balls in water and was hitting 6th.   I needed to hole out from 30 yards out to break 90, a likelihood of 1 in 100 chances.  Viola!   My pitch shot landed and rolled 10 feet (seemed like forever) and went in.   This must have been a lucky day.


Unfortunately, this round made my handicap to go up over 17.  It pushed out the last good score.  That completes a circle of going from 17 to 12 and back to 17 handicap in 4 months span.  Time to update my profile again.  Sigh.


Followed it up with 88 on the same course.  I did everything sort of ok.   The highlight of the round was that I par'd the two remaining holes I couldn't this year.  My iron shots are coming around really nice since I decided to grip one inch short. 

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Iron game was non-existence, short game helped salvage the round.

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6,610 yds. 71.1/121.

79. Finished double, double. One birdie.
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6557 yds. 71.8/132. Par 71.


77. 40 on the front. 37 on the back. Went driver 8-iron on 11 for a tap-in eagle, followed by a tap-in birdie on 12. If it wasn't for my ball striking, I would have been terrible; I made 3 3-putts and missed many 6-12 footers for birdie. 

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Shot a 42 on a par 34, but I should have done much better. Par Score 4 4 2 putt 3 3 2 putt 3 4 2 putt 5 9 Blow out + 1 Pen. Stroke 4 5 1 put 4 4 2 putt from 50 feet 4 4 2 putt 4 6 3 putt (only one of the day) 3 3 2 putt 34 42 This is the first time playing for real with my boss and friend since changing my swing 360 degrees, so I'm looking for better results next time.
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79 on a par 71 - only about 6000 total


front - one birdie, one Eagle, two double bogey's,   par on the rest

back - meltdown on first 4 holes, then decent play after

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Shot 79 on Monday, first time ever breaking 80 on the same course I missed a 5 foot birdie putt to break 80 last week!  Ah sweet redemption.  

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Shot my best 9 in 2 years... Par 37 and I shot a +1, 38



Hole #1- Par 5


Hit my best drive of the day dead down the middle. 3 hybrid to 10 yards short of the green. Chipped to 6 feet and made the birdie


Hole #2- Par 4


Another good drive, just leaked right and in to the rough. 2nd shot was center of the green leaving me a 25 footer for birdie. Missed on the low side and tapped in for par


Hole #3- Par 5


Another good drive on the left side of the fairway.  My 2nd shot I swung out of my shoes and pushed way right into a waste bunker. Hit that thin off the back of the green. Chipped on and 2 putted for bogey


Hole #4- Par 4


this is a reachable par 4, i put my drive in the bunker in front of the green. Out of the sand to 12 feet, missed the birdie, tap in par


Hole #5- Par 3 - 147yards


9 iron to a back pin that i pulled left and put on the fringe. Missed the birdie tap in par


Hole #6- Par 4


right side is all lake, so I aimed left and stayed left. 2nd shot was a little long to the back fringe, 2 putt par


Hole #7- Par 3 180yards


Hit my only really bad shot of the day. Dumped it in to the lake on the right. Went to the drop area and stuck it to 18 inches and tapped in for bogey


Hole #8- Par 5


Good drive, put my 2nd in the bunker in front of the green. Bad shot out left me on the fringe, missed the birdie putt and made the come backer for par


Hole #9- Par 4


Over cut the drive in to the right rough.  Played an 8 iron that went long left. Chipped to 2 feet and tapped in for par




My secret? Choked up on my driver and drove the best I have all season and didn't lose distance at all

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