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I shot a 4.6 differential..........LOL

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Shot a 39 today. Only hit 2 fairways and 3 greens...short game was really cooking...birdied a 225 yard par 3, double bogeyed a par 5...missed the green with 2 wedge shots from the fairway, easily could of shot par today!

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Wasted so many shots around the green


+8 43, 5 GIR's, 4 three putts, and 1 bladed wedge shot. Had some tree troubles off the tee as well. Oh, the greens were about half as fast as usual and airiated, so they putted horrible. Had 4 putts get knocked off course by the bumps in the green. Swing just felt off today. Still need to watch my alignment. When i was methodical in that regard i hit some solid shots. But, still struggling with my take away, and my hip turn. Need more practice. 

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6,610 yds. 71.1/121.

81. Putted like an absolute goober....
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Shot a 92. 49 on front 43 on back. Par 69 course. Two really bad holes lead to high score. Did drive ball well. Had one birdie and pared last two holes on positive side.
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Labor Day.  96.


...and my previous round, the week before, was a 78.


Biggest problem is that I suck.  Next biggest problem was hitting three balls in the water and one OB.

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I shot my best 9 last week. I was +1 at Whistling Straits Irish course. That includes two bogeys and one double.


Yesterday I golfed Blackwolf Run Meadow Valley course and shot a 95...it was a rough day. You know those days where every shot is solid, yet you fail to put up good numbers?

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87 last night 70.9/125 6589 yds. Really played decent but what is shown below derailed me, 35 putts and that with a 1 putt birdie and a chip in from the fringe. Tis the season but dang you think they could do better than that. Though I only snapped that pic because it was the worst.


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that's not that bad they will be healed up nice in a week or so. on a side note tom Watson set the course record at KC CC on airefied greens.

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Shot a new personal best tonight, managed a 82 (39/43) which is +12 for the round. Had one of those days were every thing you hit is either gold or lucky. Had balls bounce back in from out of bounds and alot of nice putting :D

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Was playing in my league on Tuesday evening. Had a very tumultuous 9 holes. 


1. Par 5 - Birdie

2. Par 3 - Par

3. Par 4 - Triple Bogey - hit two in the woods, gahhh. hate that hole.

4. Par 3 - Bogey - Hit the GIR and missed my 3 ft par putt (one of several to ruin my round)

5. Par 5 - Bogey - Hit the GIR and again, missed a 3 ft par putt

6. Par 4 - Bogey - Hit the GIR and.. yep you guessed it.. missed a 3 ft (maybe even 2) for par :doh:

7. Par 5 - Birdie - lipped my eagle putt

8. Par 3 - Par - finally dropped a decent putt to get up and down

9. Par 4 - Birdie - Drove it about 15 yards short of the green (358 yd hole) and chipped it to a couple inches


Very unconventional 39 to sum it up. Overall, I was striking the ball so well all night. The only thing that hung me up was putting. Half the holes I putted very well, and the other half were verrrry bad.

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Fantastic day of golf today, Texas scramble best ball tournament and our team shot 64 par 72. Had two 25+ handicappers but they were doing great still. I couldn't miss a fairway today.
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I'm coming off a terrible golf year, but I think I'm getting my mojo back!  I only played 9 holes tonight, so take this with a grain of salt because playing well for 9 holes is much easier than holding it together for 18.  With that said.....I hit the ball well if even for just 9 holes.

36.2CR 145 slope..........a -2 score of 34.

6/7 Fairways........6/9 GIR.....13 putts.  I didn't make a single bogey!!


This ties my lowest 9 hole score of the year.  It's too bad I started late in the evening because I would have loved to finish this round.

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Eagle Eye Golf Club; Lansing, Michigan
Blue tees 71.3 / 133

Shot 44-39 for an 83. Hit 13/14 fairways. Also had a 4 putt on #9 for a double after hitting the green in regulation.

My best Driving round of the year. Hope to repeat the performance today.
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Bad, uneven round yesterday. 43-45-88.


The odd thing is that I made routine pars on the #1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 handicap holes on the course. I double bogeyed the #15, 16 and 18 handicap holes.

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Typical round:


Front 42 with a double and 2 3 putts

Back 40 with 2 3 putts


AAAARRRGGGGHHH!  I hate 3 putts.

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went out the last 2 days


Wednesday - Got in 12 holes, shot 57 (had 5 pars though, felt good)

Thursday - Got in 10 holes, shot 51


started slicing my driver in the later holes yesterday and didn't help with the wind out there.

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Took up golfing for the first time about a month ago and have played 7 rounds so far.  Broke 100 for the first time yesterday with a 99 and then shot a 102 today.  Obviously being new at this sport I am not great at anything but could tell today I wasn't feeling the woods well at all.  The irons felt good for the most part just need to continue to be consistent striking the ball and aiming better.  Putter felt really good today and I am reducing the number of 3 putts with each round.

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