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83 and all I can say is I am beat.

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Won the finals of match play in my local club comp.


Went to an extra hole.  Trust me to pull my drive out of bounds. Lucky for me the guy I was against smashed his into a metal pole used for a safety net. The ball then screwed off sideways and I smashed my 3rd 250 yards up the left side to be 50 yards short. I ended up down for a 5 and up for the win.

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77 on my home course today (par 72, 6300 yards).  our club championship is coming up this weekend and it's match play, so to get adjusted to that kind of play, before i began my round i filled out an imaginary opponent's score at the bottom of my card, giving him birdies on the 2 easiest holes and bogeys on the 4 hardest.  i made it through 16 holes 1-down to my "opponent" before pulling my drive OB on 17 and taking a double bogey to lose my fictitious match 2 and 1.  went ahead and played the 18th and undid a little of the damage closing with a birdie.

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Last time I went, I didn't keep score. Was just working on my game. Didn't strike the ball well, but my wedges were saving my ass, as was my putting. God forbid I'm actually competent with my short game and ball striking in the same day...

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Home course.  6,610 yds.  71.1/121.


80 with a lost ball just off the fairway on a very short par 4.  Turned a birdie putt into a double.  Ugh......  Just never really got going.  I'm on a "lip-out" roll the last 2 weeks or so.  Hitting the putts exactly where I want to, but they're just not going in.

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Another in a long line of bizarre rounds this summer. I couldn't drive the ball to save my life, especially on the front, but I hung in there to make some good bogeys and saved some incredible pars. My middle and long irons were on fire and I putted out of my mind. I posted 5 on my first eight holes and then birdied the ninth (par 3). I then went two under over the next four holes (including the ninth, I birdied three out of four holes; don't know if I ever did that before). I stood on the 14th tee four over par. Of course, I hit another poor drive, this time into a lateral hazard and made double bogey. I parred two of the four holes coming home, but they were two of the hardest holes on the course and I bogeyed two of the easiest. Overall frustrating, but I also played some of my best golf all season.


Consolation: I took the money.

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Driver went to crap. Lesson learned, don't hit 3 large buckets before playing a round. My back is so sore, I can barely turn.

92 at Santa Anita blue tees.
Hit my mp32 on the course just fine, chipping landed within 10 feet on most, and 15 on a few. 38 putts.
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+3, 39, was 5 over through 4, with a double and triple bogey, then went -2 in the next five holes.


Just stupid mistakes. Lay up perfect on a par 5, had a full wedge, hit it like crap, duffed a chip, finally got on to two putt. Next hole i thin a drive into the lake, crap another wedge short, then chip on and two putt for my 6. Then things started to get better.


Drove the ball well today, found out how to get my left shoulder a little steeper with out getting it to steep to sky the drives. Irons were coming around, short game was shit, putting was good, not outstanding.

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38 (+3). Missed 2 chip ins by a few inches, and a birdie putt rimmed out..pretty good day tho

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87.  Snowman on 18.




Oh well. Can't wait to play the next round!

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86 today on my home course. First round with my new Mizuno 825's! Distances need sorted out, but today was not a day that was going to happen as my swing just never felt right. Had some great shots with the new clubs, and they are going to be great in my bag! The round was not great though. Three 3 putts (I hardly ever 3-putt), four doubles and an OB. Nearly 100 out today! It was a HOT one!


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Things indeed got tougher with Delta View and I carded a 98 today.  It was 100+ degrees hot and I got worn down by heat toward the end.   Two par 5 holes did all the damage with 9 and 10.  Otherwise, it would have been a good round given the course difficulty.  In fact, it lowered my handicap index by 0.1.   No 3 putts but I missed number of short and medium range putts.  

97 from Arrowcreek, Legend course (70.7/134)  in Reno, Nevada.   Lost lots of balls, leading to 8 doubles or worse.   Enough said.   Will do better tomorrow or I will quit golf.   If there is golf god out there, I mean it :censored:.

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Both rounds at Stone Canyon (73.2/141)



I had 3 penalties and no birdies. This is an 80 that I was pleased with because it could have been a lot worse!!



3 bogeys-1 birdie

The putter has been sizzling hot inside scoring range.  I made a bunch of great par saves. My single birdie was a bomb...I got lucky.  I had some nice birdie looks, but it was always from the wrong side of the hole with lots of break.



Par save of the day:

#9.....533yd par5:

I hit a solid drive, but it drifted a little left in a crosswind.  9 out of 10 times, it would have been fine on that line but the drive went further than normal in the hot/dry conditions and it rolled into a hazard on a line I normally don't reach.  I take my drop and hit 5-wood.  I never got a yardage.....my thought process was to get it up somewhere 30yds short of the green where I can pitch-putt for a par.   I nuked it and reached the front/first of the greenside bunkers.  The pin was in the back of the green some 30yds away... I hit a low chunk and runner to about 8ft.....draino...saved my par:beer:

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Just got in from a quick 9 holes after work. Played the best I have all year.

Strokes: 34 (-2)
Fairways: 5 out of 6
GIR's: 7 out of 9
Putts: 15

Had 3 birdies and one bogey (on the easiest par 5 on the course)... Really wish I could have kept the round going and played the back 9, but mother nature wouldn't allow it.
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97 from Arrowcreek, Legend course (70.7/134)  in Reno, Nevada.   Lost lots of balls, leading to 8 doubles or worse.   Enough said.   Will do better tomorrow or I will quit golf.   If there is golf god out there, I mean it :censored:.


I did better (93) and I am not quitting golf just yet.   2nd time around on this course, I managed the course better.   Number of times, I opted not to go for green on my second shot.  It reduced number of blow out holes from 8 yesterday to 6 today.  Lost only 1 ball!   4 GIRs, 31 putts, 6/13 FHs, 4 pars - pretty much the norm.  


4 rounds in 4 days across two States ... I didn't fare well.  

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An 89....through 15 holes. The heat/humidity got the better of me and I had to call it a day. Struggling a bit with my new wedges, but this was only my second time out with them. Greens were a little rough due to recent aeration. Today was one of my best driving days this year, driver down to PW were all very solid.

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This morning was my first official round in over 8 years.  I've been to the range twice in the past couple of weeks trying to get a feel for these new irons I had fitted to my height.  I hit the ball really well today, with the occasional errant tee shots, duffs... and other odds and ends.  Putter wasn't too hot, but rolled a few balls well... and my PW left me... Course from the White tees is rated 68.8/117... I shot 93.  I was hoping to break 100 so one goal down... now the 90 mark.  If I can get just a bit more consistent then I think shooting in 80's will be no problem at all.  Hit a gorgeous 8i over a gap from 130 to within 2 feet for my only birdie of the day... 4 pars.


The tee box is back behind Jim (red shirt).  That's Terry his wife, awesome couple... Steve isn't in the picture... great bunch of folks I hooked up with today.   The tee shot is over that ravine...  




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Played the back tees on the front 9 today and I rarely do this but just for fun I tried it out. Shot 46 +10 with only one par. :pound:

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