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Played in our ABCD tournament yesterday, 4 man, best 2 ball net. The dummies in the pro shop forgot to put me on a team so I had my choice of 2 teams that only had 3.


I ended up picking the right team because we ended up coming in 2nd by a stroke(which should move me into the top 15 in yearly points.) We never screwed up and had all 4 of us play a hole good - it was always 2 covering the other 2.


I personally ended up shooting a 99.


10/14 fairways, 32 putts, 2 GIRs, 4 pars.


Driver,woods,irons and putting were fine. Struggled with bunker play and pitch shots over bunkers - went bunker to bunker a couple of times.

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Played in a threesome with my dad and our close friend Mike today. Shot 82, with a birdie on six. I had a quadruple bogey on the ninth hole (THAT nearly drove me to the bar), and two double bogeys on the back nine. Considering, I'm pretty happy with my round. 


I hit 5/14 fairways (go me), and 5/18 greens. I scrambled my ass off. 


I had 14 putts on the front nine and 17 on the back for a total of 31. 


Hell of a lot of fun. Haven't gotten to play eighteen holes in a few weeks; with college back in session, nine holes was all I've been able to sneak in. Plus my dad and I hadn't played with Mike in forever, so that was fun. Good day. 

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+4 40


2 bogeys, 2 doubles, 2 birdies, 3 pars. 


Just inconsistent play. Driver was dead, hitting huge slices. Not sure what i was doing there. :hmm:

Iron play was so-so


Long way to go. 

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Played an away game at a nice track (Old York Road) that is generally easier than mine but I couldn't figure out the greens. Started the first five holes even par, but then started three-putting and missing easy up-and-downs. Got a little frustrated on the back nine and let it affect the rest of my game coming home.


38-45- 83

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Shot 39 42 for and 81. Some holes I played really well...others were terrible, very inconsistent day, started the back 9 even through 3 and finished with 6 over..chunked some wedges and hit some bad shots.

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shot 75 in the club championship today, which was good enough for 2nd place in 1st flight.

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Originally Posted by rkim291968 View Post


Hit 95 today on par 71 (68.3/125) course.   The wind was swirling like crazy and it impacted numerous shots.  Putted balls didn't go straight due to wind.   Body swayed during address.  Balls on green were oscillating by itself.   Some wedge shots stopped dead in the air (a few went backwards a bit).    One of my partners (a long hitter) must have lost a 1/2 dozen balls due to severe cross winds.  


Scored 91 on par 72, 71/120 course.  48 on front 9 where I average 44, but came back a bit with 43 on back 9.  Hit 10/14 fairways but it only translated to 2 GIRs.  But I had some clutch putts, 31 in total.  No OBs and finished the round with the same ball I started with.  Played with Nike PD Soft and I could not get good distance with it.   Handicap index went up to 17 but I feel I am improving.

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Played in the monthly medal on saturday - shot my handicap of 19 (91) and won my first tourney! Also got a birdie on one of the par3's so won some more money for that!


Conditions were pretty difficult to play in with constant rain, so was difficutl to keep the clubs dry. Could of scored a really low score (for me), but got a +4 and +3 on 2 holes back to back, but pleased that I bounced back with a Par and a birdie.


Lukily for me, I've now qualified to play in the Medals Winners' Medal next week, so that should be fun :-)

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Yesterday I shot a 107, which is pretty bad. I got sucked into honey do hell the day before and was pretty sore, especially my back, and just wasn't making good swings for the most part. My 3W off the tee was slicing like a driver and that is normally a straight shot for me. I also fatted a good number of shots, which makes sense due to my back. If I don't make a good body turn I hit way behind the ball, and something bad will happen....

Specifically, ther were three OB penalties on the back nine and several crappy shots that undid me. I also was about a foot short on several longer putts that had the perfect line.... So close to breaking 100, and yet so seemingly far away. I'll ge there sooner or later!!!
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Played six holes and was +1. Hit the driver very well for once, it has been a nightmare lately. I am still getting used to some swing changes that will take some time.
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Had my best round of the year with a 92 yesterday.  I was fortunate.  I found a couple of balls that could easily have been lost and hit some 10-footers I wouldn't normally make, but all in all a vast improvement over the wretched golf I've been playing most of the summer.  Hoping this may be the start of a trend.

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Had an OK round (for me) yesterday with a 97 at the local course. Shot a 46 on the front (2 strokes better then I had ever scored on the front 9 before at this course). Back 9 wasn't as kind to me, started off with 4 straight bogey's (which is great for me!) but then went double, triple, double, double, double to finish with a 51.

For the day, 1 par, 9 bogeys, 6 doubles, 2 triples. 3 of 14 fairways hit, 2 GIR's, 36 putts on the day. Consistency off the tee was my downfall for sure, it's a fairly short but tight course so while I rarely needed to pull out the driver, any miss off the tee usually meant a punch shot to get it back in play. Those extra strokes certainly add up in hurry for me.
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Only made it through 4 holes Sat before the rain rolled in. Didn't even try yesterday. The rain in CO has been a real bummer and it appears to have ushered in a premature fall. Last year I golfed a couple times a week until Thanksgiving. I don't think that will be possible this year.

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There were gale force winds over the course this morning so I cannot be too disappointed at a 5 over handicap 89 (Par 71) I even managed a laugh on the SI1 hole when my third shot left me with an 18" tap in for par, by the time I walked up to the green the ball had rolled back another 20 feet and it took me another 3 shots to get up and down. The real bonus was that I stayed focused on every shot. 

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A +10 46. Swing changes coming through and hit some nice shots but also some very poor shots. 3 lost balls didn't help me at all today.
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81 on a 70.2/130. Hit my irons really well and putted great just had a slow start. Bogey birdie bogey bogey bogey. And had 3 doubles!! Could have been a great round in cold weather. 4*C
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I'm somehow still optimistic after a 98 today.
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shot a 94 yesterday. an all around average score for me, with the putter being rather cold. I was pleased with my ball striking tee to green... a couple of flubs here and there... the biggest kicker for me was standing on the 18th tee - a shot with a lot of water on the right - on the verge of accomplishing one of my goals for the year... namely not losing a ball for an entire round... then dunking consecutive balls in the drink... :doh:

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