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Played like shit today


+6, 42, 


4 Bogeys, 1 Double, 4 pars


The driver is all over the place, well its going right. It starts off straight to a slight push with a nice slice on the end

Irons are inconsistent in contact. Think i need more weight forward, i tried that and i had better success towards the end of the round hitting some desirable iron shots. 

Wedge game is just crap, non confidence at all. I just have no confidence that i can hit the ball with any authority. They either come out hit heavy or the club just slides under the ball, hitting a near flop shot, no clue whats going on. Couple that I am playing golf like a smart monkey right now, things are not in a good place.

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Played nine holes of match play today just for fun against my wife and both of us hit from the Senior tees (of course I only hit irons off of the tee).


I had 5 pars 2 birdies and 2 bogeys and she tied me on one of the bogey holes. She did scare me on a couple of holes where she had a short par putt before I hit my second shot but I always hit it inside of her ball (fairly unusual for me to be that accurate with short irons).


The greens weren't mowed today because the course was not open and I think it cost us both a few putts that came up short (so that was a wash).


One of my bogeys was on a par 3 where I hit my best iron shot of the day but had the wrong club and hit it right over the flag stick, and the green, and didn't get up and down. I had never hit a shot from that tee box before.


The other bogey was on a par five where I hooked the daylights out of a 4 iron off of the tee and hit a tree. Then hooked the daylights out of a 3 iron and hit another tree. Left me with a 200 yard shot that required about 80 yards of hook but I pulled it a bit and it caught part of a branch and came up 50 yards short of the green. Hit my only bad wedge shot of the day that only made it to the front edge and I lipped out the 20 foot putt.


Fun and peaceful day having the course to ourselves.

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Wow, what a lousy day on the course, but had fun nevertheless.  Shot a 90 with 38 putts!  Oh well, there's always next time.

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Played in the worst weather conditions I have played in all year. I am a fair weather golfer, well, just don't like the rain. I booked a tee time on golf now and would not have gotten my money back if I had decided not to go, so, I went ahead and played. Ended up being the best round of the yea so far. Not sure if it was the rain making me concentrate better, the new driver, or me getting used to my new irons... Maybe a combo of all three! I can see breaking 80 for the first time since I started playing again after a three year break! Whew hoo! Really nice to end with a birdie too! Eased a couple of strokes, but overall very pleased with this rain soaked round!
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Shot an 84..first ever...golf clap..., at my nemesis home course last night... The trout club 70/119 at 6295 yds. Starting to get more GIR's  since switching back to factory irons. felt so good I overlooked no GIR on any of the par 3's. It was the most beautiful day to golf in Ohio this year and I had the course (public) basically to my self. I noticed when you start to get more GIR from approach shots..your greenside wedge play starts to suck...had a couple 6" chips, from the rough to the rough...ciest la vie...It's golf....John

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Played a course I had never been to before and shot +25, 125 rating.

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Todays score was 88:


Out in 40 (37) playing really well but it slid into a poor performance with a 49 (34) on the back nine with a diabolical 3 attempts to get out of the greenside bunker on the 18th.

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77 on Saturday.  Par 72.  Lost two balls in thick bermuda on the back 9.  Was sticking my approaches tight all day and only managed one damn birdie.  Yeesh.


Not bad for my 5th round this year...

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Been on vacation but played 3 times shooting 91, 88, 96. Overall despite tough scores I've finally figured out my driver :)
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Played the course I've played the most this year and shot my best score so far out there-- +16, 106 rating.  Made 6 pars also which is the most I've ever had in a round.

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+3 39, 2 birdies, 1 double, 3 bogeys, 3 pars


Played much better, very solid. Had two three putts, once again on very slow bumpy Aerated greens. Its not fun to see a putt hit a nice hole and bounce hard left or right. 


Pitching is still inconsistent. Really having trouble with the trajectory and distance. Had one half wedge fly about half as high, and go 30 feet deep. Hit the green and took one big hop and checked. I hit the ball first, didn't thin it, just wasn't my medium trajectory i am use to. Had another pitch that i got completely underneath it and ended up fluffing it 10 yards short of the green. 


But, drove the ball the best i have in a long time, really liked that. Hit my irons solid except for 1 shot, so big pluses. 

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73.2CR 141slope tees at Stone Canyon today:  I played great early, and then faded at the end.  It was still a good day as a whole!  The nines were reversed today, so my good front-9 was on the more difficult back-side....  37-42=79  9/13fairways....9GIR...32putts.


I holed the putts that should be holed on the front..... I lost it on the back/  I could have salvaged the 2nd nine if the putter/short game didn't ice-over. I didn't play as well tee to green, but I was in position to score and save shots but failed to do so. I missed 3 putts inside of 6-7'...and chipped poorly.  Coulda'choulda'woulda...LOL

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Very high and low round for me last night. 52 on the front with a lot of rain, kept not factoring in the rain into my club selection since I never play in the rain. Back I shot 40.... Had one 9 on the front so my score factoring ESC was 91. Also, took some time while it was raining to run through a smallish wooded area to look for golf balls, ended up finding 22 golf balls last night about 7 or 8 of which were pro v1 and pro v1x's. Not a bad night, just wish the rain hadn't come in I may have finally broken into the 80's. Either way, I'm only 1 or 2 bad holes away from it so I may make it yet this year. With that 91 my HC is down to 18.6.

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Worst round of the year. 

But at the nicest course I've ever played - The Classic - Madden's on Gull Lake (Brainard, MN).  Even if it did rain the entire front nine.


I can't even blame the difficulty of the course, I just didn't bring my game.  or putting.  It's a nice course and you have to think about everything - tee selection, risk/reward, the greens have a lot of nice shape to them......  It's what I think a 'real' course should do....


Maybe I can assign some to me trying some swing improvements - normally the game goes south a bit before the improvements take hold.


However, this was a nicely set up course and the only thing I could expect was a few more penalties for stray shots.  My 'typical' course I can miss fairways and just hit over the trees.  This one.....stray balls = lost or unplayable.....  That, and don't 4 putt when putting for Eagle.....I had more than my handicap in penalties alone.


It'll be fun to play again someday - I might just pay the $110 bucks, walk to the tree line and throw a dozen balls in the woods - then spend 4 hours in the lodge drinking heavily and swearing at my putter (which will get it's own chair).  I'll get to stay dry and my clubs will be cleaner.


We're actually setting up a weekend golf trip guys weekend soon up there before the weather completely goes.  Can't wait.  LOTS of great courses up there.

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Had a pretty crispy 38 (+3). Was 4 over through 4 and finished 3 over. Without a double bogey on a relatively easy par 3 it would have been a nice little 9

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41 after starting with a double. Wanted to try and get 18 in but there were a bunch of slowpokes out there today. The young guys in front of us played from the 7000 yd tees and the course destroyed them. It was torture watching them. There was no way for them to reach the par 4's in two. I don't get it.

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Originally Posted by Jeremie Boop View Post

Very high and low round for me last night. 52 on the front with a lot of rain, kept not factoring in the rain into my club selection since I never play in the rain. Back I shot 40....


Had a similar round - 49 front and 42 back, 91 on par 72 (69.2/120) course.  Starting the 1st 4 holes with doubles ruined any chance of breaking 90.  Well, playing after work doesn't give me any time to warm up.  I settled down after that and went 11 over the remaining 14 holes.   Hit 8 out of 14 fairways and my short game was in excellent form which led to meager 29 putts.  Didn't manage the course particularly well.

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Had a weird day today. Shot an 80, which should have a made me very happy (and for the most part it did) but my putter kept me from posting the best round of my life. I have spent the last couple weeks working on my mid to long irons, and it has really paid off. I was making exceptional contact with my 3, 4, and 5 irons (I play from the back tees even though I probably shouldn't, so I hit these clubs a lot), and made far and away my best fairway bunker shot ever- a 185 yard 4 iron to about 12 feet from the pin. But I couldn't hit a putt outside 7 feet if my life depended on it. And my driver was a little meh. So my day was, for the most part- OK drive, fantastic iron, terrible putt... or 3 :( . I am optimistic thought, because if I can hold on to this iron play (which used to be my greatest weakness) and find my short game again (not that it was great, but it was at least OK), I can see a lower handicap on the horizon! But golf is a fickle mistress, so I am very cautiously optimistic about my next round. 

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