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Got to play at the Ritz Carlton, Grande Lakes course yesterday.  That's where they're holding the PGA Father/Son Challenge this year.


6,708 yards.  72.2 / 135.


79 with 2 birdies and a whole BUNCH of bogies.  Just couldn't get the ball in the hole.  Thought about seeing if my putter knows how to swim..... 


Nice day on a nice course that we played for free with GolfNow rewards, so no complaints.  Got around in 3:30 too.  That's pretty good for any kind of resort course down here on a Friday.  :-)

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yesterday - 39 on a 34, easy run.  nice break from the hard course on Thur

today - 82 on a 73, a couple birdies, was using a damaged ball on the first couple holes and didn't know it.  


I think I'll lose a couple points handicap before the end of season, so it's a good time to start trying new drills and play with it and just take the short term hit for the long term gain.


I found my game back after the crushing I took on Thursday.  Much better.

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Who cares, lost 4 balls on a simple 9 hole course this morning, about ready to throw in the towel!

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I got a HOLE IN ONE today!!!  My second hole (#11, they started me off the back with a threesome making the turn), 105 yard par 3 uphill, pitching wedge. I ended up shooting a +3 75.  This is my 2nd one, my first being about 20 years ago.  I need to find the little box with the ball and piece of paper with the details from the 1st one and put this one in it too.  I've kept my first par, first birdie, first eagle, and now my 2 hole in one balls.

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9 hole par 32 - shot a 48; Had 3 pars.

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43/50 93 @ Pebble Creek in Tampa

Good front 9; Horrible back 9
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Originally Posted by rkim291968 View Post


Had a similar round - 49 front and 42 back, 91 on par 72 (69.2/120) course.  Starting the 1st 4 holes with doubles ruined any chance of breaking 90.  Well, playing after work doesn't give me any time to warm up.  I settled down after that and went 11 over the remaining 14 holes.   Hit 8 out of 14 fairways and my short game was in excellent form which led to meager 29 putts.  Didn't manage the course particularly well.

Did 90 on the same course today.   It rained half the day.  Fairways and greens were slow and balls didn't roll whatsoever.  Mud everywhere but it was better than sitting around at home.


I had a better start than yesterday (6 over the 1st 4 holes) but got tripped up on a couple of holes on back 9.  I got into heated argument with a group in front which made me lose focus on the last few holes.   I had another good short game round (29 putts).   But short game alone isn't going to cut it.   I need to get more GIRs (only 2 yesterday and 2 today), GIRs, GIRls, GIRls, .... I digress.

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Played exceptionally well today with my irons and off the tee. Putter let me down and scored a 90 in what could've been an 80 :( lots of three putts.
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116 - first round in ten years and was crap then. Gotta start somewhere I suppose
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Yesterday , I had consecutive birdies on 6th and 7th holes !

First time EVER to have two in a row .

One was on a par 5 and the next was on a par 3 . Both had

putts inside of 10 feet (which I often miss under such circumstances).

Very pleased , but still only shot 82 for the round .

Still anxiously waiting to post my FIRST sub 80 ,


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Had a good round today - 77 (+7). Went +5 (39) on the front including 2x 3 putt bogies. Doubled #11, bogeyed 14 and made a nice tap-in birdie on the par 5 16th. Finished par-par. A nice and occasionally frustrating public course. What is so frustrating is that last week I could barely hit the ball. Sh*nked 4 in a row - never had a sh*nk before. Today drove the ball well and kept everything under control. Guess that's why we love the game!
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Never left so many birdie putts short... had a great round, but still thinking of what it could have been.


Everything was firing, except for the flat stick.


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Lack luster....90 ... 47F and 43B    69/118 off the blues, had 1-1/2" of rain late friday, but I missed all the casual water. I was kinda physched when afterwards i asked about the tough pin placements?....She told me they had a tournament on thursday and hadn't changed them. most the pins were high, 3 club lengths off the fringe or on the top of the break overs. I can't bitch because I putted 34, but had 10 - 2nd wedges shots ..my bad...

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43/50 93 on Saturday

43/47 90 on Sunday

Both at Pebble Creek in Tampa
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Had a nice round of 38/38 76 today. Had an OB, two birdies, was hitting my driver very well, just hit a few bad shots and it cost me some pars, it dropped my differential to a 6.8 though!

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shot 45/39 today. ill take it

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93 (44 and 49) on par 71, 68.3/125 course.  I have not broken 90 for 9 straight rounds.   That hasn't happen for a while and I am in a legit slump.  


Nothing worked well the whole round.   I was doing ok until #11 par 5 hole where I hit 5 straight duds.  After the triple on #11, the game disintegrated some more for a very weak finish.  

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Shot a 96 on my 70.6/125 6355-yd. goat track. After a very good (for me) ball-striking round last week, I couldn't touch the ball today, but the short game bailed me out on enough holes to break 100.  Not where I want to be but better than where I have been!

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