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6,560 yrds.  70.7/127.


A very mediocre 80.


Greens had just been aerated and sanded.  Unusual and disappointing that there wasn't a notification on GolfNow when I booked.  They're usually pretty good about that.  One dead pull OB that resulted in a double.  2 birdies, but the greens really made it tougher to get the ball in the hole than is usual on this course.

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Played four holes and was even par. Nice U&D on the last hole after blasting a seven iron over the green. 3 of 4 GIR and 3 of 3 FIR.
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Which usually I wouldn't be concerned about, but, I had 41 putts which included eight 3 putts


Missed 1 fairway, and 6 greens. New swing is far more consistent

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Originally Posted by Kieran123 View Post



Which usually I wouldn't be concerned about, but, I had 41 putts which included eight 3 putts


Missed 1 fairway, and 6 greens. New swing is far more consistent


Yeah, I had an almost identical half-round yesterday... 4 3-putts and shot 42. 

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Shot a 47 yesterday over nine holes. I was even bogey for the first eight holes, then I fell apart and tripled on nine. 1 par, 6 bogeys, 1 double, 1 triple. It's still the best score I've shot over nine holes.

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88 at Keystone Ranch, first time to play mountain golf in a while. Amazing how far the ball flies up there but greens are tough to read. Piled up the strokes up putts.

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83, with taking a 9 on a hole (tournament round so no ESC for the final score, although it will post as an 81). So close to breaking 80. A lot of other shots I left out there, but that 9 really sticks out.

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A good day +1 37 on front of 70.9/125 16 Putts-GIR 7/9 77.8%-FIR 5/7 71.4%. Not my best score on that course but definitely the best I've ever played it. I shot a 36 there but I had some lucky putts for birdie that day. Yesterday besides the double I made on a par 3 I was on. I missed two makeable birdie putts so it's one of those what could have been scores. I don't think I had any putts longer than 15 feet. Which kills me to think I 3 putted that damn par 3 after missing the green.

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One of my goals this year is to break 90 on the 4 easier courses of Bethpage and then go after Black.  Last year I opened with an 86 on Yellow, this summer I shot an 85 on Green then an 84 on Blue.  I've played Red three times this year (once from the blues) and have bounced around in the 90's.  Yesterday, a 90.  The hunt continues; it's a beautiful course. 

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september medal

shot an 80 sunday.

11g.i.r  with 11 pars 2 double bogies 1 treble 3 bogies and 1 birdie..Played quite well except for a few bad drives that got me in deep shit.

I also had three 3putts which is unforgiveable.Needless to say I came nowhere,tied for 20th.

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+1 37
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First round of golf in over two months... here I was trying to play MORE golf this year.


Anyway, shot 96 (51, 45) which is a lot better than I expected to do. Looks like setting up my backyard net is helping me stay in game shape.

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Dreaded 3 digit number:-(.  I shot 52+53=105  @Summitpointe 6331 yd 71.8/136


Lame excuses:

- Wind was just swirling.  Crazy mountain winds.  Many shots just drop dead 

- Walking at very sloppy course.  Trying to catch up with carts.  Had to abandon a couple of tee shots even though I know they are not dead

- Half of first 9 hole greens were being aerated with sands everywhere, not to mention pine leaves, debris  


- Not excuse but biggest contributor to strokes.  Poor shots everywhere and lack of stamina.  Losing concentration is another.

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Played like shit today


+9 45


chunked about 4 irons today, just flat out hit way behind the ball. 


Swing is a bit out of sorts today, work to be done. 

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Well I did a 93 on my home course, 70/118, 6295 yds. Took my Muzzys out for a spin first time this year, they did fine. then I got behind Gollum fishing balls out of the creek on the back nine...and lost my will...well my ADHD kicked in. screwed up doubles on 2 holes...and let Gollum get a couple holes ahead. Finished par, bogey,par,bogey ,bogey....Precious!....

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Played six holes and was even par. Made a birdie on my first putt with the new putter.
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Out last night for a weird one 46. Can't remember the last time I carded two 7's. I felt like the guys in the 300 yd drive thread. I hit 7/9 fairways on the way to abysmal iron play. Though I haven't input my stats yet I don't think I hit any overly long drives. Actually bladed a wedge over the green twice on the same hole. I swear I heard some old folks sitting on their patio laughing at me.

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First time playing 9 in 2 weeks. Shot 40. Started off terrible, bogey on the easiest hole on the course followed by a 3-putt bogey and then double on the easiest par 3.
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