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0, but I did get a snow check...thankfully, weather is suppose to be nicer for closing weekend at 2 of the courses I play regularly.

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Had a blow up hole (snowman) and a couple of just dumb shots today. Pretty windy here in Oklahoma today also which made iron shots very interesting. I am working on standing a little more upright, and that seemed to help a bit today as well. I feel it kept me from swaying so much. Still trying to get used to key new irons as well, but really liking them!
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Played the front nine only and shot a 43. Five pars, two bogies, two doubles. Was partnered with 3 other guys who socialized among themselves which was fine with me , since I could concentrate on the game. A good afternoon.

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6,550 yards.  70.5/127.....par 71.


81.  Hit 10 greens, and shot +10 to par.  Do the math......   :censored:

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Played my usual 12 holes 43 and +2 on the repeat of holes 1-3. Getting dark around 6:35 so can't squeeze in 18 after work anymore. Fortunately 1-3 is quick and easy, 2 par 4's and a par 3, so I get that in just for giggles. Again 7/9 FIR but something is amiss with the irons and putter. Time for a lesson, nothing a video or two can't cure. Though it was miserable out there with the rain and 50* temps. I will be loving days like that in Dec but not accustomed to it yet.

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I had one of my better rounds today. Played The Elkridge Club outside Baltimore MD, shot 71 with 4 birdies and 4 bogeys. Had two putts go into the hole and pop out and 1 three putt or I would've had my best round in years/
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93 @ Pebble Zcreek in Tpa
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I played very steady to day.  I didn't hit many fairways, but I kept the ball in play and hit a bunch of GIR.  It was a rainy morning so I played at 1pm just as the rain had stopped.  The course was practically empty, but there were 2 foursomes in front of us that were slow.  After the initial rush on the first tee after the rain stopped, the front emptied......so I split with my group and played the front a 2nd time as a single.

The rating playing the front twice is 72.4CR 144slope..........38-37=75  6/13 Fairways--14 GIR--33 Putts. 


I'm normally not happy with 33 putts, but after hitting all those GIR....it's not such a bad number. I did 3-putt twice, but it was from very long range.  I also holed a few nice putts so I consider it a wash..... A fun round of golf!!

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Dreaded 3 digit number:-(.  I shot 52+53=105  @Summitpointe 6331 yd 71.8/136


Lame excuses:

- Wind was just swirling.  Crazy mountain winds.  Many shots just drop dead 

- Walking at very sloppy course.  Trying to catch up with carts.  Had to abandon a couple of tee shots even though I know they are not dead

- Half of first 9 hole greens were being aerated with sands everywhere, not to mention pine leaves, debris  


- Not excuse but biggest contributor to strokes.  Poor shots everywhere and lack of stamina.  Losing concentration is another.


Summitpointe seems to be everyone's favorite course in the Bay Area.   IMO, it plays much easier than its rating although your score does not reflect it.  But you have excuses ... :-D.


I played at a par 72 (71.6/131) course and almost scored a triple digit, a 97.   Too many blown up holes is killing my score.   The weather was good, I had a good rest, I hit range balls before the 1st tee,..., i.e, I have no excuse, lame or real.   Now, I am back to contemplating suicide.  One more poor round and I will go meet my maker.  :mad: 

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93 today in a club Championship. Took net 3rd place. Played fairly poor. Need to practice under pressure. Long game was good.
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97@Hernando Oaks......in Brooksville, FL (6,045 yds).

The greens were huge and I just didn't putt well until the last 4 holes.....beautiful course, in receivership but being taken care of.
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111 in the 2nd day of our stroke play club championship.


Too pissed off to look at the rest of my stats because the only one that sticks in my head is the FOUR lost balls just off of the fairway. First one was on the first hole, 2nd on the 4th - everything after that was irrelevant to me.

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Skweeked out a 90 today. Slow play after 13, left an approach shot behind the snack bar and green, chipped it off the snack bar into the water. Thank you triple bogey Gods!

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I played at a par 72 (71.6/131) course and almost scored a triple digit, a 97.   Too many blown up holes is killing my score.   The weather was good, I had a good rest, I hit range balls before the 1st tee,..., i.e, I have no excuse, lame or real.   Now, I am back to contemplating suicide.  One more poor round and I will go meet my maker.  :mad: 


Same course, worse score today.  I finally broke 100, the wrong way.  I was cruising along (aka playing bogey golf on a tough course) and then a 9 on a par 5 hole shook me to the core.  I could not get my game back after that.    The slump continues. 

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Shot 71 - 39 points and won by 1. Be to hell and back last 3 months, but worked on routine and focus and it came together. 28 putts which helped.

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Shot a 99 (98 adjusted for handicap).  That's a bad round but when you start off +3,+5,+2 on the first three holes it's an uphill climb. Definitely time to schedule a lesson.  The ball-striking has been bad the last two rounds. Good putting is the only thing keeping me under 100. Had five one-putts on the back nine.  Ought to be better than 47 with that.

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Played Sun par 72, 46 on the front and a 46 on the back.

The par 3's are still my kryptonite for some reason, hit the range prior to playing all is good. Out on the fairway all is good, put me on the tee box on a par 3 all goes to hell.:cry:

One par 3 shot a 4, one a 5 and the other a 6?

The only thing that seems to be back in check is my pulls, they seem to be all but gone at this point. A few shots where right but easy up and downs and lets not forget the one blow out hole I get every round

Driver was averaging 250 left side of the fairways but all playable,  that is a big improvement from the 220, that was with a GPS, measured each drive to get the average.


All in all not to disappointed.

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Played a miserably slow course on Sat and just finished 10.5 holes in just over three hours. I hate playing that slow and I played poorly, 44 on an easy course. Some jerkwad picked up my ball on #10 and that was enough to push me over the edge so my patience was wearing thin. We had to wait behind some really bad golfers all day, playing the tips of course. It takes you three maybe four shots to get to a 400 yd par 4 and you're playing from 6800 yards, please. I stood next to my ball on 11 a good 15 minutes waiting for the green to clear on a short par 5 before suggesting we pack it in. There was a little light left and we probably could have finished another hole or two but we had a chance to cut across the front 9 and get back to the house. We were the last time of the day so nobody to disrupt.

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