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36 on the front 9 at my course (par 35).  Was -1 through 6 and made two silly bogeys and parred the 9th.

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48 for 9 holes (good for me) took the driver out of the bag and am happy with the results

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Could easily have been an 81.

...or a 91.


One triple.  Otherwise, just a bunch of bogeys - very few pars.

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Played 9 holes last week and shot a 43.  I had a streak of (3) pars in a row, my remaining totals were (3) bogeys, (1) double, (1) triple.  Overall, my ball striking was solid, with the exception of two shots that were badly mishit.  My putting failed me and my score shows it, but I finally consistently hit my driver and irons.  I averaged 280 off the tee, but my irons were longer than usual on almost every shot.  I was hitting my pitching wedge between 135-140, which is unheard of for me.  I adjusted and started pulling one less club for every shot and started hitting greens on most of my approach shots that were 150 yards and closer (although two of these approaches yielded a shot that was literally on the green by one inch... almost touching fringe).  


I'm going to try and fit more of these 9-hole rounds into my schedule during the week to see if I can start doing a better job of executing on the green.  My putting has improved, I only three-putted a couple of times, but I'd like to work on capping my green game to two putts or less consistently.  Last week was a great start to this goal.  

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A fugly 43, was 5 over after 3 holes. Missed two birdie putts on the par 5's. Getting better at not falling apart but tired of salvaging scores that could be lower by avoiding stupid mistakes. Lost all my strokes on back to back doubles one on a par 3.

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Shot an 89 in strong wind today. Was a bit all over the place today, but somehow still shot OK.

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I had an 86 in very strong winds up to 40mph, I hit the ball long off the tee and did not have a single three putt. I carded a nett 68 to win The "Junior's Last Stand" medal, (last one of the year)


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Shot 41-40=81 @ Lake Arthur CC - the green were aerated and not cut, but we got a great fall special - $21 for 18 holes and a cart

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+8 43


couldn't string two good shots back to back. Drove the ball decent, just couldn't get the iron game going, and the wedge game is just non existent. Its pathetic that I am more accurate from 170 yards than I am from 40 yards. 

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Tally-Ho did a 89 today at my home course. 70/119  46F/43B ..6295yds...more Geese than golfers today. I took my 710 MB's out and discovered their secret...put a little wrist flick into the shot, like with a wedge and Whammo!...you're up in the air like a cavity back. Yes I am dumb that way...I haven't played Blades since the 80's. ...sad I only have 2 rounds left before I have to put it all away for fall/winter...

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You've got some really random stats there mate!

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41 with two good bogey saves. Dang near died laughing after I chunked a drive 30 yards. Thankfully I had witnesses. Actually played 12 holes, was +1 on the other 3.

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+7 42


Drove the ball very well today. Putting was bad, and so is the wedge game. Horrible from inside 100 yards. 


Irons i kept hitting left, need to fix. 

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Heritage Isles in Tampa, Par 72 6,225 yards.

I put 3 balls in the drink and still managed to shoot 90
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Played Army Navy CC - Fairfax - 39-39-78 


Got a new putter for my b-day, haven't quite figured it out yet.  3 - 3 putts and a couple of other missed putts to save up and downs.


Playing Belle Haven CC today, hopefully I'll find the putting stroke.

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Shot a wind swept 90 at a "foreign" course. Four 6's on the card the rest a mix of 4's and 5's and one 3. Pretty workman like round. Typically coming to the end of the season and i hit possibly the best drive i've managed all year.Had a new hybrid club in the bag and results  were mixed. Not sure wither to keep playing once a week through the winter or just hit the range every couple of weeks.

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I shot 76 today, with only one bird- a chip in.

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