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Been playing a really short muni course the last couple of weeks... plays 4090 yds par 66, rating is 60.4/94. Shot 76 today, great iron work course. Better than the range for me. Can practice and play. Front side 41, came back in 35... 3 birdies today, tons of fun.

There are 3 fairly straight par 4's that you can use the driver... almost drove the 285 yd 8th, left it left and 15 yds short... then turned around and almost hit the 254 yd 9th, about 25 short into a pretty good wind today...

Been working on my driver, specifically starting my hip turn as I finish my backswing, really flushed it good today... fun stuff.
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96 (48+48) at my short home course today (5,800 yd. par 70, 67.1/124).  Not particularly accurate off the tee, but stayed out of trouble for the most part.  Biggest problem today seemed to be judging distances on my approach shots, too many balls that looked good off the club but ended up being waaaaaaay over the green or waaaaaaaay short of it.  Short game was ok for the most part, putter bailed me out alot though.


Stats:  3 out of 14 Fairways, 1 GIR, 33 puts, 1 par, 9 bogeys, 7 doubles, 1 triple.   

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6760 yds. 73.2/132

79 with a double on 18. Struggling.....
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4,552 par 66.

Short course interesting topography lots of elevation and small greens apart from a couple.

Played a casual round with a friend no warm up went straight in which means it takes a few holes to find the groove. First five holes two doubles and a triple but par on the rest of the front nine and was fine from then.

Shot 83 so stay at a 16 handicap exactly a year ago when I started an online handicap was 36 so ecstatic with the progress!!!
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shot 45 on 9 Thursday (10-3-13) with 40 mph winds. So was very pleased results. I only missed on green and thats only because it blew into a hazard that ran across the fairway. Putting was the hard part, a six foot putt would move a foot to the side on a flat green. You definitely learn to move the ball when your ball striking it. It was a three iron wind and a par 3 directly into the wind was good example. I usually use a PW at 133 yds but I used a 7 to get on the green. It was a lot of fun actually as always analyzing to figure out just what to hit and how to hit. The challenge of the TX panhandle:-(
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shot a 89  


course was a 71.2 / 134 / 6317 yards ( next longest is the tips )   the tips play 6967


the course was wet, which was ok, made shooting at the green a lot easier since everything that landed on the green stuck..... it's a university course so its pretty nice, and challenging.. 

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102 at my home course (53/49)


9/14 fairways, 2 GIRs, one par, 6 bogies, 37 putts


First round switching back to ProV1s after losing entirely too many yellow balls in the rough.


Seems to have added a bit of a fade to the driver which generally plays well at my course. Putting was atrocious at best but I was the overall skin winner in my group.

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One under 70 with 4 birdies and 3 bogeys.


I actually felt like I hit the ball better than that but the grass is longer and potash has been added to harden it for the winter. Any shot against the grain is tough to control and using the bounce and anything with an open face against the grain is a fools game (which I unfortunately proved I was a couple of times).


Maybe I'll be smart enough next time to stick to my fall/winter short game techniques.

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Shot 90 yesterday on a 6,500 yard course with a 71.4 rating and slope of 135. Highlight of the round was making a par on the 15th, which is a tough 455 yard par 4. f1_cool.gif
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Shot a 91 on my home course (par 72). One over thru 5 then blew up on 6th.

Been having lessons recently and purchased a swingbyte and can really see the improvement in my iron play. Shame my driver and 3 wood were putting me in all sorts of trouble throughout.

Never broke 90 (my current 'handicap' is a guesstimate until my cards are accepted) but really should have today!
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Shot a 50 on 9 today with clubs I bought in 1993 and never hit! The guy I bought them from was a scratch golfer and they scared me. He said "Unless you are good, they will eat you." So I put them in an old bag and let Visitors/company play them. Power-bilt 1-pw set(S400u flex) w/ TPS driver and 2 northwestern fairways with heads about the size of a Key Lime. I actually hit the irons decent, but substituted a putter that was in the closet. Funny how in 20 years I never hit them...I still have 2 sets that I have never hit also, a 70's set I bought at Goodwill and my wife's set. 

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Hello you all!

Im back in golf afyer 5 years my dad got meback to it. I was and still am beginner golfer witj 54 handicap (finland). We played 9 holes. I got two bogies that I was really proud of actually, one was par5 other par3.

Other holes not too well im afraid. Total score for 9 was 65.

Water hazard visited a few times too many, also one shot outofbounds with hybrid.

Also 6 holes outof 9 were par4-5 which was disheartenimg for newbie like me. I guess my tee shots sucked, but so did putting (no time practice before teeing)

Also few too many duffs, from bad rough though.

But i had par putt opportunity thre with my bogey par5 which was nice.

Gotta.practice more at range accuracy and shotmaking. Also same for driver, can probably only hit 200yard barely. Embarrasing but such it is at the moment.

Also.greens were.infected with bird POO from hundreds of geese.
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Have not really played in weeks but shot a weird 81. Only had a couple pars on the front. Had three doubles an eagle and a birdie on the front. 39 on the back. Dunked the eagle shot from about 40 yards. Hit it too hard, got lucky and it just caught the front edge of the cup from the air and dropped from sight. That was a first, and my first season with multiple eagles, 3 this year.
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102 and 98 (par 72, 71.6/131) on Saturday and today.  Took 5 days off from golf to recover from burnout.  It didn't help or hurt my scores from the current slump.   I had a lot of blow up holes with sporadic pars.  The only thing I am doing well is chipping and putting. 

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Shot 75 at Army Navy CC-Fairfax 38-37-75
3-3 putts and a double bogey. One of these days I'll put it all together.
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Shot 40 - 37 = 77 at Saxon Golf Course.  Had my best driving day this year, distance plus 12 out of 15 fairways..  But, I also had 3 three putts.  First thing I did was put a different putter in the bag for my next round in a few days.

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Well I shot 37- 48 sadly... I got tense on the second nine a brain farted my way through poor drives and lack of focus.... Pathetic

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47 yesterday at presidents golf course



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