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Played 9 on my home course (Par 35 on the front), and shot 38. Started poorly again. Bogey, bogey, par, bogey. Par'd 5,6,7,8,9.

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Decided to get a quick 9 in after the Eagles/Giants game, shot a 49, not a lot of highlights although I did get my first birdie since returning this summer!
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Took 48 strokes over nine, yesterday. It felt a little ugly and unlucky until I tallied the scorecard and saw that I had bogeyed 7 of the 9. I am typically pleased with that consistency, but struggled from 100 yards in, on the Par 5s and missed greens on par 4s, largely due to thick rough, and super slick greens. Hit 3/7 fairways, only 1 GIR, which, of course, I 3-putted. .


On the plus side, I played a short Par 3 course twice during the week, did not score spectacularly well, but on the short (about 110 yards) downhill # 6, hit it within 8" of the cup in the first round, and within 18" the second time.....     

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83 42/41 on a easy course with punched and sanded greens. Would have been a sub 80 round if not for the greens. Sand made the speed inconsistent. Putts hit so hard in normal conditions that would have flew by the hole and off the green rolled 10 feet short. Problem was on the next hole the same putt really would fly by the hole or lipped out due to the speed. A few I tried to die into the hole stopped on the lip. Fortunately I was good with short irons and had a lot of short putts, which ended up being 2 putts.

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6110 yards.  71.2/121.


78, finishing with 4 straight bogies.  I got skilz.....

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Altadena Golf Course from the newly renovated Blues.


Par 4-5- Took 3 to get on.

Par 3-4- (recently renovated to 183 yards), came up 5 yards short with 5 iron

Par 4-5- topped the drive, still had 3 on

Par 3-4- (recently renovated to 175-ish yards) putting surface was really bad, 3 putt

Par 5-6- Drive behind a range net, needed to hit it out

Par 4-4- Par with birdie putt

Par 4-7- Topped the drive, free drop, still had interference with a pole on the follow through (did not re-drop), had to wrap myself around a tree trunk to pitch 45 yards onto the green (my one blowup hole was only 3 over)

Par 4-5- Long drive into the wind, took a wide approach shot, chipped and 2 putt

Par 5-5 (recently renovated to 509 yards), long drive, long second shot, 7 iron over some trees, chip and putt.


Total 45 or 9 over par.


All in all it was quite an improvement. It's hard for me to explain why it was an improvement, as my best score here was 42 (before the renovations). Yet, this time I was only three strokes off of my best (which felt epic at the time), and did not feel that I made any exceptional shots even though they were from crappier than normal lies. Another thing is that I did not need any warm up. AND I am mostly practicing only controlled pitch shots at home.


If I had taken my time on the drives (like making practice swings) and re-dropped on the 7th hole, I might have shaved off 5 or 6 strokes?:roll: 

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Still holding onto some semblance of decent play (for me anyway).


Thursday - had the opportunity to play a really nice local private club (some business thing a friend had).  Course was in great shape and a neat layout - much better than our normal public courses.  A little short, but required very tight control (my biggest enemy lately).  My game showed up and I held on to an 82, even with a penalty stroke in there.  Very good for me.  Lots of fun to play someplace nice.  gitchy on a couple key putts or pulling a 79 or so was a possibility here.  Even if it was raining the first 5 holes and just damp the whole time it was a great time.  On the plus side, our 4x4somes had the whole course to ourselves almost (the members came out later).  Only one birdie and proud to have it.  Couldn't hit 3 wood (normally my favorite) for some reason - but each mishit resulted in a decent (accidental) layup - so no harm.


Friday - 9 holes at the beginner's course with the wife - 3 over for a 36.  Couldn't find my swing until hole 5 really.  4 bogies, one bird


Saturday - played my usual haunt and still held onto a 79 (78 plus 1 in penalties) - unusually good on the front nine, unusually bad on the back nine - IMO.  I'll take one in the 70's any day at a normal length course.  Two birdies.  Too wet to really have a shot at any of the par 5's.  Only one hole was reachable in two for me from the tees I chose....thrilled at my approaches.  Glad to have the rain pants.



I'm taking a lot more care in setting up for my iron shots than I used to and it's paying off.  I put more irons dead on line in the last 3 rounds than I have in a long time.  Too bad it was so wet all 3 days, maybe my putting would have been good enough for a couple breakthrough rounds.....next time


nice weather this week......

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...And I sucked - hardly hit a shot the way I planned it.

On the other hand, I was the first guy on the course, and I got around in 2:10 without rushing. (Just: hit the ball, walk to the ball, hit the ball.)

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Played a new course and finished +20, 133 slope.

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88 at Babe Zahairias in Tampa

It's only 5400 yds

Played the back first then the front.....had 9 bogies on the front....
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38-38-76 Washington Golf & CC
Nothing special, one birdie and a bunch of missed putts. Did not hit the ball well off the tee.

Trump National tomorrow if the weather holds. a1_smile.gif
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I got my very first eagle.Ive came close about 5 times.Took me 3 summers to do it



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Originally Posted by Blitz28179 View Post

I got my very first eagle.Ive came close about 5 times.Took me 3 summers to do it




Did 97 (71.6/131, par 72).  Getting slowly out of slump caused by stress & burnout.  Major part of my slump was due to bad iron.  I've got my short iron shot back.  Need to get my mid to long iron shots to fall in line.   The course I am playing requires accuracy or you get big numbers on many holes.  I am OB'ng my 2nd shots into green, usually mid to long iron. 

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I wish I could play more, unfortunately I've been too busy with university studies and I haven't played a full round since Labor Day. And since I'm not Tiger Woods, school is much more important than golf. a4_sad.gif
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Had a ugly 47 out 47 in yesterday couldn't hit it strait, very windy round.

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windy day on an easy 9.  39 on a par 35. 


no birdies, one double on #9.  Nailed the drive, but it went left and got directly behind a tree at 90 yards out.  Still happy as I pulled off a really nice partial 7i hook that rolled right past the hole and across the green - just hit it a little hard and had a tight/downhill flop to get back (3 putt).  I love trying those shots.


since the pin was long (and any decent low hook would likely be too long), the smart move was chip out short and try to get up and down......but pulling off the hook was good for learning.


I had fun - still doing much better later on alignment approach shots.

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Managed to get around the front twice last night, course wide open. The combined rating for the front is 70.6/123 shot 41/43 and both times it was nonstop gut check. Honestly I feel fortunate the scores weren't higher because I was terrible from the tee. Second time around I didn't hit any fairways, though some were missed by inches my drives were significantly shorter than usual. For whatever reason I felt weak. Could have been the pushups I did at work during lunch. Never been happier with bogey than I was last night. I made several putts longer than ten feet to avoid doubles.

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Just got done playing 18  par 35-37-72. I shot a 77 +6 the front , 1 under the back. this using the overlap grip on my driver and 3 wood is paying off. I missed 1 fairway by a yard all other drives down the middle.

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