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Shot even par 36 on the front nine yesterday afternoon. A very rare thing for me.


I arrived at the course and realized that there was a mini-ouitng going on so I went to the range. I had been driving poorly so I went to work on my swing. I realized that my hands were getting a little loose at the top, so I increased my grip tension a little and deliberately shortened my swing a little. Boom!! Started hitting the ball long (for me) and straight. I ran into a friend and we stayed at the range until the outing cleared the 1st tee. I hit the ball great with the new swing thought. Hit a loose drive on 2, had to layup and made bogey. Hit another loose drive on 7, had to layup and got up and down from 70 yards. Hit every other green in reg (almost; one was about five feet short of the green and I putted it). Birdied the 9th to shoot even par. It was getting dark so that was all we got in.


I am very pumped for Saturday. I hope the rain clears.

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At River Forest in Freeport, PA


40-40 = 80  (+9) - 11 pars, 5 bogies, 2 double bogies

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+9 44, played like absolute garbage. 


Actually drove the ball very well, really getting that down. My irons were constantly thinned, horrible. Pitch shots thin, horrible, bunkers thin, horrible.

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Played another new course and was +18, 128 slope.  I wasn't used to thick, carpet-like greens where the ball actually rolled where it looked like it should roll.  haha

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I didn't plan to play yesterday, but the beautiful weather was calling my name!! I ditched work and got to the course at about 330pm.  It's dark by 7pm so I knew it wa a tossup on whether or not I'd finish.  I paired with another single on the front and we played pretty fast early, but we caught slower traffic on the back.  It didn't look promising at times, but we did it...we finished before dark.  LOL  I love it when a plan comes together!!  Being able to haul @ss on the first nine was the difference maker......


Stone Canyon Black Tees:

73.2CR 141 slope.............. 36-37=73 (four birdies & five bogeys) One of my best scores of the year!


12/13 Fairways......10GIR.......28 Putts....Good fun!!

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Played in a two man outing


Front nine was a scramble

Back nine was take best tee shot, alternate shot in. 


We did ok, finished fifth with a net 63 (-9) 


My driver was pretty good today. My irons and wedges sucked. I am hitting my irons left, and having a reverse weight pivot with my upper torso. So something to work on. 

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94 at Pebble Creek in Tampa.....first day of the two day semi-annual tournament....I finished even with my points so I am in the middle of the pack, out 35 golfers.

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95 on the home course, was having the best front 9 of my life (43 with 3 pars) but absolutely imploded on the back including posting a 7 on the par 3 17th.  All-in-all, though, was a good day for me.  4 pars on the day, 7 bogies, 4 doubles, 2 triples and my lovely quadruple, 5 out of 14 fairways hit, 2 GIRs, and 35 puts.  Could have been better off the tee, but was generally happy with my irons and the short game and putting was relatively OK today.  Playing again on Monday, can't wait!  

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86 today...LOL Wow...what a difference a day makes!  Brutal....

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Played yet another new course and was +20 for the day, 125 slope.

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Just returned from a windswept round up at Auchenblae. Shot 92. 43 to the turn then back in 49 blows. Driving imploded on back 9 , no scrub that driving suspect all way round. Mate shot 75, he played some really neat stuff. Really need to work on my driving as lack of distance is putting pressure on my game.

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Great day out and shot my lowest round ever by one stroke.


The "0" on the 4th hole should be a "1" and since I have not set up the program completely the 2Hy should actually be a "2i". I don't know why the icons didn't show either.

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shot a 74 saturday, last 3 rounds have been 71,74,74 par 69. Got a visualise of adam scotts footwork the other week and try and emulate in my practice swing till i get a feel, then go for it.

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Shot an 82.  It is my lowest score to date and I am very happy with several areas of my game.  My performance off the tee and my irons was great.  I also now know that I can for sure break 80. 


I shot a 43 on the front 9 with three doubles (ouch)


I shot a 39 on the back 9- which is my lowest 9 hole score as well.


My putting has to improve a bit and my wedge play inside of 50 yards.

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43 on Sat afternoon. My intentions were to play 18 but it was miserable. It took me 5 holes to get past slow groups. The clubhouse and ranger allowed a walking 5some sharing 2 bags of clubs on the course. Consequently they backed everything up until people played through. It was nuts. I could write a 5 page rant about it but I won't.

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I played Saturday, first time in a couple of months. I just wanted to walk nine, so they paired me up with a 17-year old kid. On my way to the first tee, the starter said to me, "Watch out, he's good."

So we exchange greetings & he proceeds to smack one down the middle about 250 yards. I put one right next to him. Walking down the first fairway, I find out he's the #2 man on his high school golf team. 

Long story short, I was one-up on him on the 9th tee, hit two real good shots on the unreachable par 5 to set up a 100-yard wedge into the green, which I chunked into the bunker, blasted out, 2 putts later I bogeyed & he parred. We ended up tied.

The old dude can still play a little. ;-)

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28 putts fantastic stuff. if only I could putt.

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39 - 41 = 80 (+9) @ River Forest, Freeport, PA


Blue tees - 9 pars & 9 bogies

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