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Despite a few bogies my tee shots were spot on, overall a great end to my golf season. Here comes winter :((
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Today was one of those days that make you question if you should bother playing anymore. Last Thursday I went +3 over six holes (it got dark). Today o got to play the whole 18, and shot a 55 on the first 9, and 51 on the second nine.

I just couldn't swing the club today to save my life! I'd duck hook one, then slice the next one, then a pull, then a push.... I was chunking them fat so bad I thought I was going to strike oil. I shot a bloody 10 on a par five that I was inches from birdieing the other day.
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79 front 39 back 40 rate 74.5 slope 142

Surprised myself by breaking 80 from the tips

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Shot 91 in some pretty tough conditions yesterday.  Should have stayed home.


If I can post one sub 90 round between now & 10/31 all or my scores counted for handicap purposes would be in the 80's.  That would be some nice improvement for me after a pretty rough stretch during mid-summer this year. In MN you can't post scores after 10/31.

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Got in an early morning round yeserday at a new course. Shot a 96 (48, 48) which a few weeks ago I would have been happy with but it was a very scoreable (if that's a word) course so I was a little dissapointed. With the exception of maybe the driver, I was pretty pleased with how I was striking the ball in general and was thrilled with my chipping/pitching on the day (my kids got me a pitching net for my birthday and I live on that thing). Putter was a little eradict but we played at the break of sunlight and the greens we're still fairly wet through the first 9 and I was having trouble judging the speed.

So bummed there's not much left of the season, I just feel like I'm a few rounds away from possibly breaking 90 for the first time, going to stink having to put the clubs away and start all over again next spring.
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9x3 over the weekend, front was closed for maintenance. 41-43-44. Actually played the best for the 44 but had a strange, for me, triple start and end. Though it goes on the books as a 43 due to ESC. Can't remember the last time I carded an 8 on a par 5. And that with no penalties. Didn't make a bogey in 27 holes, just par and double or worse. Dreadful golf weather, rain, snow and sub 40 temps yesterday.

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37-39 76 with a double bogey on the front 9. Going very well on the back until 13 and started to lose ita bit. Three straight bogies then finished with three straight pars. Today was may first day using the Super Stroke 3.0 on my putter. Did good for me on several putts inside 10 feet that I usually have been missing. Only really had one bad putt all day and that was a very nice feeling. 

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  42-38   40 degrees and 30 mph winds.  Nut a driver one way it goes 340  the other way 220   ( I prefer the 340 )

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Shot 39-38-77 from Tips
Had a double and a 3 putt, only one birdie.
First time playing course

Worthington Manor Golf Club

Great fall day, weather was just about perfect.
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38-36-74 Country Club of Fairfax Blue Tees
2 birdies-5 bogeys- 2 three putts
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I just joined my club again last week, so I will start posting in here as well. Today I shot a 40-41-81.  That's not too bad considering it's my 3rd round in about 2 years. The course is a 70.8/125

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  82 from Tips and than I played an xtra 9 with a member from the white tees (2 tees up) and shot 33.  Im playing 18 tmrw from the whites with him so let's hope I can post a #

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Today I shot my lowest score ever of 82. I haven't been able to break the 90 mark much this year, but I have been playing quite a bit lately and it really seemed to pay off today. I was playing with my new Taylormade ATV wedge set today and I actually think the 60* really helped my game. Until I got that club I would just try half shots with a 56*.

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Played Monday and Tuesday at Oglebay Park in West Virginia...


Monday:  40-41 = 81 @ Speidel Course designed by Robert Trent Jones


Tuesday:  46-39 = 85 @ Klieves Course designed by Arnold Palmer


Great two days on the October special.  Two rounds of golf, one night accommodations at the Wilson lodge, and a buffet breakfast for $121.


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Originally Posted by dfreuter415 View Post


Monday:  40-41 = 81 @ Speidel Course designed by Robert Trent Jones



I can remember wanting to play that course many years ago when I was still a beginner golfer living in the Columbus Ohio area.   I never did make the trip, but I can remember thinking about how I really wanted to play that course.  The closest I ever got was playing Eagle Sticks in Zanesville and the Salt Fork State Park course in Cambridge.......I was working my way East on I-70, but never went far enough!!  DARN!!!

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I played Stone Canyon Today and Monday:   73.2CR 141 slope




Average golf....I'm not complaining because I can play a lot worse!!









PS...for people posting scores.  Rather than to say I played the tips or purple tees or whatever, (that means nothing).....please state the CR and slope from the tees you played because that would be informative.


""steps down off soap box""

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I am reading these posts from you guys and I am even embarrassed to post mine.  But here goes nothing.  At least let me disclaim that it has been almost 4 years since I last played, and I never took the time to get some practice in prior this game.  A good friend of my instigated me to playing on the fly.  Any how, I am so glad he did get me out to play because at least I am now going out everyday to the range and to the practice green to get my game back.  So here goes and please don't freak out!


Crandon Golf Course in Key Biscayne Florida on Friday October 18th, score, 140! First time since I first started playing that I would score over 10 on any hole. The good thing I covered all my bases, I hooked, I sliced, I grounded it, chucked it, I even missed it.  Let me add that it has been such a long time that my favorite Ecco golf shoes disintegrated before even reaching the first hole making me have to buy new golf shoes. (not that its a bad thing).  It was a funny day and just took it as a lesson.  it definitely isn't like riding a bike!  I hope you all enjoyed a good laugh, lord knows I am laughing rereading this.

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Played a course at 6600 yds and the rating of 71.2/135:

Shot -1 on the front nine (three bogeys and four birdies), then proceeded to play like a cr@p on 2 holes (a quadruple and a triple) on the back nine for +9 for 80 (+8 total).  Two holes cost me 7 strokes over par!!!!  AARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!

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