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Mount Vernon Country Club

Back Tees


Ended up playing 18 and then another 7 prior to darkness.  Played first 18 holes in 2 hours and 30 minutes

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44, finished with a 7 dang.

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going out now if its not too cold

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43/44; 88 practice round at Ocala Muny.....6,525 yds.

Two Day Doug Oswald Invitational starts tomorrow.....charity $$$ goes to Marion County Youth Sports.......Doug Oswald was a Gator.

Terrific Tournament....we bring our wives, we golf they shop. Fri, Sat, Sun
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Ugh! 103, white tees Waialae CC with a 13.6 Index. Struggling. Fighting flu. That's my excuse and sticking with it.

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short 9 hole course, at Briar Bay in the Falls area in the South Miami area. 31 par, 3,966 yards 35.5 rating, 113 slope   Only played 9 holes shot for 51 took only 1 penalty shot, which is great for me.  Only the second time on the course in almost 4 years, lots to improve still though.  Would I have played the course again to complete an 18 I would have averaged out at about 102-105, Huge improvement from my 140 first outing!:banana:

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Wow.....just wow.


6450 yds.  71.4/126.


95......yep, a freaking 95.  For those that like the math, that's a 21.2 differential!  Couldn't drive, couldn't chip, couldn't putt.  Absolutely perfect day and a course in pristine condition.


So bad I had to look back at my GHIN history.......I looked back 5 years, from January 2009 on.  It's the worst round that whole 5 years, and only my 6th round in the 90's at all in that time.  I got nuthin'.


All you can do is put it behind you and move on, but a round like that sure is a kick in the gut.

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Good on ya.


I;m 60 , second year this year


played my last game yesterday. Had two goals this year,  break a 105 for 18 and 50 for 9,


Managed two 51's yesterday playing a 9 hole double.


Started last year at 140, started this year at 120


Looking to break 50 and 100 next year.

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First day of two dat tournament.....played horrible....94 with 29 putts
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I played the front twice today at Stone Canyon: 72.4CR 145Slope..........35-38=73

I only hit 3GIR on the first nine, but I only needed 10 puttsB-)


10-14 Fairways---7 GIR---25 Putts overall.

I didn't do anything spectacular...just kept the ball in play.  I missed a lot of greens today, but the misses were small leaving myself with simple par saves.   I used the same ball all 18 holes....that certainly helps!!


I teed off at 4pm....and finished 18 holes before it got dark at 630pm!!

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Shot an 82 on a par 72 course, Whittier narrows.

40 on the front 9, 42 on the back.

Once again did not disappoint my self on the easy par 3, 130 yards was able to card a 6.:cry:

Don't need lesions at this point I think i need a shrink!

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Originally Posted by hacker101 View Post

Shot an 82 on a par 72 course, Whittier narrows.

40 on the front 9, 42 on the back.

Once again did not disappoint my self on the easy par 3, 130 yards was able to card a 6.:cry:

Don't need lesions at this point I think i need a shrink!

The par 3 was messured at 143, like it matters!

Course messured at 6,824 yards dont have the slope.

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Played with 6 others who have always beaten me. But today only one managed that and only by one. We had a two club wind and played a course haven't played on over a year.
Had a great time and even won a few bucks. Really like that part as well. I think I am starting to be able to "Play well with others" a2_wink.gif
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Shot a BRUTAL 46/54 100 today.  Only the second time I've played in the cooler weather and my swing felt tight all day, just didn't feel like I was able to extend my backswing or fully follow through on my downswing.  Very poor off the tee and my putter felt like a sledge hammer.  2 pars, 8 bogeys, 4 doubles, 2 triples, and 2 quadruples. 5/14 fairways, 1 GIR, 36 putts.


Ugh, still too early to put the clubs in the closet for the season, although I may just drop the scorecard from this point on and just get some practice rounds in when I can.

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shot a strang 78. went 6 over the front and even on the back.Tried a new driver for the first 5 hole which resulted in 6 over par. played the next 13 even par. ended up with 4 birdies.

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82. A couple doubles, several 3 putt bogies, several missed greens with short irons, Kind of a sloppy round,but played with three good guys and laughed the whole way around.
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83. Freezing today and windy. First time playing in about two weeks.
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Laurel Hill Golf Club Lorton VA
Site of 2013 Public Links Final

Played awful
6700 yards 72.8 142
Shot 82
4 doubles, 1 3-putt
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