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Suncrest G.C. - Butler, PA - 48° and 15 mph winds


40-37- 77


Tee time tomorrow is 10:52 @ River Forest.

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Played a new course a couple days ago and ended +20.  I was on fire.. well, as much fire as someone of my ability can be on the front 9 but dropped a giant deuce on the 9th hole and ruined that half.  The back 9 was just a big bowl of blah.  105 slope.


Played a round at a familiar course today and felt like I played much better than normal eventhough my score wasn't earth shattering.  +17, 106 slope.

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3rd time back on the course and continue to improve.  Played at Melreese Golf course near Miami International Airport.  Great course CR/SLOPE from the whites 71.3/123. Shot a 105, not so great, but continue to improve.  I had some great shots today with sinker from the sand trap and pin strike from 40 yards to make par, I also had some great long putts that kept my putts to 1 and 2 for the most part.  I am so happy to be playing again!

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Shot my personal best last week. 83

That one triple bogey cost me getting an 80.

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36 on a 35 - two bogies and a birdie.  Missed a 3 footer and a 6 footer for two other birdie opportunities.  Mostly putting on a good line, but they are letting the greens grow a little longer end of season and I kept leaving a foot short....


definitely running to the end of the season and losing my swing for now.  I only hit one fairway.  Soon, will be in the indoor range and can dial it back in.


The birdie was a ridiculous one - Par 5 Hole 8:  pull/drew my drive hard and it ended through the tree line, very long, and up on the front of the tee box of the adjacent hole #6.  Surprisingly, I had a clear line to the green (hidden in a tight spot) and thought, "no problem, it's like a long and tight par 3" then pull/drew my 4h well past all the junk, again, and far left almost to the #9 fairway.  Just under a 100 yards left, I lasered one over the trees and to within 5 feet and putted out for a birdie 4.  Two shots that were so bad that they got past all the junk, and then a really good wedge, in summary.  I'm not proud of that one, but I'm not arguing.

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Funky weekend. Had a lot of bad luck on the way to a season high 52 on Sat. It was like a staged gag it was so bad, every bad bounce imaginable. Hit sand 7 of 9 holes and 6 of them were under a lip. First hole my ball hit something hard and bounced high landing OB.


Sun. was golf as usual. 81 42/39 with 4 3 putt bogeys after GIR and a double on a par 3.

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Oh, forgot about Friday - I took the day off and went straight to a couple nice courses I only played once earlier this year.  Was able to walk on one of them right away (the other had people waiting for the frost to go away).


83 on a par 72 (71.8/134) no birdies, super windy, cold.  Just couldn't find my game (despite this being a decent score for me on this particular course, it just didn't feel right.)  I couldn't string an entire hole of good shots - one or two would be great, then the others would be mediocre.  Or I'd just hit crap and then scramble well.......IYKWIM


My course handicap indicated an 81 for me, so I was pretty much hitting in my game....


Could certainly feel the difference in contact with the cold temps.  Worth about a ball and a half in distance for anything not hit super pure......  (ironically, the course logo balls at this place are "Laddies" - shoulda tried a couple...)


Based on the last couple rounds, I'm thinking that if I don't hit the range a couple times a week, I'd be a very poor golfer.  Some guys can just walk up and play after a long layoff - I'm not that guy.

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Shot a 90 yesterday on Waialae CC. Much better than the 103 on Thursday. Absolutely never who will show up.

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Originally Posted by dfreuter415 View Post


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Suncrest G.C. - Butler, PA - 48° and 15 mph winds


40-37- 77

Monday, October 27, 2013


River Forest - Freeport PA - 58°


39-38 - 77


I love this game!



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Stone Canyon: 73.2CR 141slope............ 35-39=74


I did make 3 birdies today, but the most satisfying hole was a bogey save. I drove the ball well all day, except for 1-OB tee shot on a par5.   After re-teeing and hitting a very mediocre drive into the rough......I decided to take a 5-wood and go for the green in 4 from a very IFFY lie.   I had 237yds to go, and cold topped it.....LOL   I played my 5th shot from 117yds and made the bogey putt:-)


............a nice bogey save, and it was all setup by a topped 5-wood layup. HEHE

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I scored a craptacular 91.  :cry: 


...but at least I parred my nemesis - the 18th.

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Shot a 104 with an asterisk. Bad score but ok round because:
A) second time playing this course, first time was a 119 g2_eek.gif
B) wind was unbelievable. Huge movement in the air and on the greens reading the wind became as critical as reading the break. Never experience these kinds of conditions before.

But alas, it was all for nought. Asterisk came on the back nine. A par three over water with a tree encroaching on the left. Pulled it over the tree and into a hilly backstop. Scuffled through some leaves and eventually found my titleist and hit a downhill floppy little pitch to about 5 feet. Went to line up my putt and realized the ball was a Titleist Tour Distance and not my DT Solo. Wasn't sure about the procedure at this point and my playing partners were advocating I give myself a free pass under the guise of winter rules!! I played on to keep the group happy but had to dump the round as far as handicap.
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I shot a 44 on 9 today wind was blowing in on on almost every hole. Drove like crap today hit 3 out of 7 fairways. Actually had one of the best holes of my life today hit drive aoubt 100 yards down the left side right behind a tree pulled out a ben hogan apex II 1 iron hit a beautiful stinger right into a tree back onto the first fairway lol then hit another beautiful 1 iron into chipping distance hit a decent chip then two putted for bogey on a par 5 lol I had a chip on 2 that could have went in if the greens where just a tad faster for birdie had another birdy put stop just about an inch from the hole. Then had a bogey put on a par 3 that lipped out :( I wasn't happy I feel im only a few rounds away from being able to shoot in the low 40's consistently. I believe i've played 6 total rounds in the last 3 weeks which are my first 6 rounds in the last 3 years and i've constantly gotten better each round.

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6,600 yds.  71.1/121.


First round since I threw up (the perfect phrase for it) a 95 last Friday.


77 with a birdie and a really silly double.  Much mo betta.  All I wanted to do was strike the ball like a human being again, and I managed to do that.  Silly game.

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94 on Mid Pacific CC Rating 72.1/Slope 128 45/49. Complete collapse on final five holes.

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Par 71, 6754 yds. Shot 74. Nice way to finish the year off.:-D

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Snuck out of work early yesterday, holidays are always slow for me, and shot a miserable 44. Something unrelated pissed me off and I couldn't get it out of my head. Note to self don't check email on the course. I lost two balls after reading that damn email. Other than that biz as usual.

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I went to Rittswood GC this morning.  Arrived around 9:00 and was the only person on the course. I didn't see anyone else until I was on the 8th tee. It was 55° with wind gusting up to 30 mph.  When I finished there were only 2 other cars in the parking lot.  The issue this time of year in Western Pennsylvania are the leaves. I spent a lot of time looking for balls, and still finished in 3 hours and 5 minutes.


41-40 = 81  (9 pars and 9 bogies)

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