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Yesterday, Pembroke Lakes Golf Course CR 71.5 Played off the blues shot for 116, felt sluggish going into the back 9. Playing from the blues proved to be hard, but the group I was playing with all agreed to play from the blues. No worries, the hard the game can only help me get better!

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The chipmunk that stole my ball. Ah, the stew was good!
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Played Meadowlark in HB today shot an 81 on a par 71, 40 on the front 41 on the back, had to work my ass off cleaning up bad shots.

They had also seeded so you could not drive on the fairways. Never played a course that did this before, leave your cart on the path and walk to find your ball, slowed play way down. And had a couple with a 4 some in front that the husband was giving lessons to his wife and would not let any one play through. I think at some point we had 4 groups lined up behind us.:censored:

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Gack 44/37 for 81. Two bad holes killed me. Played great other than thst. Lost 5 strokes on those two holes on the front.
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Knocked down more doubles than a fat kid in a McDonalds, couldn't hit a non-wedge iron all day.  +23 or 24 I think, 106 slope.

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Played in a shamble-format tourney at my club today. Weather was absolutely fantastic for Nov 2nd - upper 60's and sunny skies - perfect golf day. We put up a respectable 26-under net - missed the top 5 money list by one stroke but won't complain about a tie for 6th place out of about 35 teams.

Still wildly inconsistent off the tee. Thankfully, my irons and putting were solid. Was so frustrated, I snuck back out for another 9-holes after the tourney to replay holes with all the "should have done this" thoughts from earlier in the day. Settled down off the tee a bit (still fading/push slicing though) and ended up +7 with six pars. Go figure...b5_confused.gif
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Friday at my home course shot a 99 (51/48)


10/14 Fairways, 1 GIR, 38 putts - started out with 4 bogies and the rest of the front went a bit downhill as the pace slowed to a crawl


Only got in 9 yesterday due to rain - should have quit after 7 but we finished up our 9. Shot a 52 on the back 9.


4/7 fairways, 18 putts

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Yesterday's round was cancelled....Rainout after 8 holes....a5_crying.gif

We got to the green on 7 ( we started on 18)....and it was impossible to putt their was standing water on the green. We had been playing in and out of the rain for two hours when the greens became saturated......

Today we had 18 in a small game....two man blind draw.......shot a 40/51/91......total collapse on the back side.but netted a 73 and was partnered with a guy that netted a 67.....good enough for a 140 and first place....$40 each.
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Temps were still in the 30's when I got to Caberfae at 11 am with no one else on the course. I had penalties on every other hole (literally) on the first 9 and left my pitching wedge somewhere. Played through again, no penalties and hit very solid iron shots. I only hit one GIR which I got a rare birdie on. No pars the entire day. Found my club on the 6th hole and ended with 110 on an easy course. Even though it was a bad day score-wise, it was good to get out - especially when I think about how few days are left this season.

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79 at Huron Meadows (71.8/118).  Frost/freeze required a tee time after noon.  Course still extremely wet from rain the past 72 hours.  Much of my game was shaky but 29 putts worked wonders.  Two birdies and 1 double.

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Due to morning frost, we teed off around 11:00. Shot 40-38 - 78 at Lakevue North.  The leaves were terrible and I lost 2 balls in the fairway. The good part of the day were back-to-back birdies. The approach shots with a 9 iron and pitching wedge were inside of 3 feet each.

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6610 yds. 71.1/121.

80 with 2 doubles and 2 birdies. Blah......
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Shot 75 my best round at the Rock. wild drives always kills me here. I only hit the driver 3 or 4 times went with my 3 wood the rest of the time.

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StoneWater Golf CLub in Highland Heights OH: white tees 70.6/127 - 6120 yds


40 F / 45 B = 85


3 three putt, 3 bunker shots left in the bunker the first try: not a good day

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Shot a 100 at Oak Hollow Golf Course in Mckinney, TX.  Didn't do myself any favors by doing a P90X 'Chest & Back' workout the day before, I was very sore and tight.  Had trouble on the range finishing shots, so I really had to stretch before the round.  Played decent off the tee box and never got into any trouble I couldn't get myself out of.  Tried to play smarter golf today, took a 4i off the tee instead of my usual driver to play a layup shot on a hole that has a massive oak tree blocking most tee shots.  Layed a 200 yard shot right up the middle, so it worked out well, and was also a good exercise in restraint for me.  Shanked a few iron shots in the beginning as a result of being sore and not finishing properly, but I eventually got that worked out.  I seem to be pulling alot of iron shots to the left, so I intend on putting in some quality range time to knock off the rust.  


Putting killed me, of course.

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Freaky winds, but with snow coming tomorrow, you can't be picky.  Not bad on the front nine, meltdown on the back though.  I did have a 15 foot eagle putt on 10 which I managed to 3 putt.  No, I won't list the score.

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Freaky winds, but with snow coming tomorrow, you can't be picky.  Not bad on the front nine, meltdown on the back though.  I did have a 15 foot eagle putt on 10 which I managed to 3 putt.  No, I won't list the score.

I also played yesterday in Apple Valley... the wind was nuts! On top of that, I hadn't played in about 3 weeks to a month. Surprisingly though, I played pretty well. Shot 39 on the front, but had to skip a couple holes on the back due to darkness (darn time change!).

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Rough day yesterday 46 on a the front of a tough course. I spent some time on the range before we hit the course and somehow managed to develop a massive blood blister on the ring finger of my right hand. I've had a callous there all year. It popped on my second shot on the first hole and it made swinging the club miserable. I taped it up but it was pretty sore so I stopped at 9.

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