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Originally Posted by Roblar View Post

Finally broke back into the 70's again with a 78.


..and promptly followed that up with a 94...  :doh:

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3 - 3 putts and 2 doubles on 2–3. All around great day, LOL, weather was awesome though. 71 on December 21st in No.
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And  92 this morning.


Must admit that I am more a 90's golfer than an 80's golfer. Even if I can occasionally put it all together.  Lost a lot of strokes putting today.

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And an 86 -- about where I can be happy.


...Except I was playing with two single-digit players, so I got reminded just how much work is left before I even start striking the ball well...  Eegads, they were good.

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49 at Furnace Brook golf course
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Another crap round 86 front 44 back 42


rate 73.4 slope 137


I'm just getting so frustrated right now, I think I just want my index to go back up to about 7 again so it takes some pressure off, my damn left wrist is killing me every time and I think maybe I should just try a cortisone injection to put a stop to it, I really can't practice with any real focus with this damn thing bugging the crap out of me and it's hurting my scores, I have not broken 80 now for over a month and it's starting to aggravate the "F" out of me.

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I played on Sunday at Dauphin Highlands and shot a 91 from the blacks which all in all I am happy with.  Golf is such a frustrating game I must say!  It seems like I always forget something important I need to do with my swing when I don't play for a while.  On Sunday the big deal was tempo.  It took me until the 10th whole to figure out that I wasn't pausing at the top like I used to.  My swing when from really weak and not accurate to very powerful and putting my second shots 8 feet from the hole.  Ugh!


Half of my problem is just remembering things.  One other good thing about Sunday was that I used my buddy's putter with a fatso grip and I definitely think a big part of my problem putting is that the thing grip makes me get wristy and with his putter that did not happen.  I could control the speed better as well as the direction.  That said I bought a Super Stroke Fatso from Dicks and will have that put on!  I'm pretty excited!

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Shot an 89 at the Babe Zaharias GC in Tampa
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77 @ my home mud pile: par 70 Meadowlands - an old school track. Lovely day with a band of exceptional brithers. Had my first sub-par nine-hole score of 34 on the back. I love BC!
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Out yesterday for 84 47/37. Really weird day, 10 pars, 4 doubles and a triple on the front, triple on the back followed by a birdie. Got paired with an older guy that is an above knee amputee. Really good golfer, told me he has competed in the national amputee tournaments and never done worse than top ten with sub 80's scores in every round. Very inspirational man. Wish I could play today, supposed to be over 60.

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Shot a smooth 99 (44-55) yesterday. Waialae is getting ready for the Sony. The rough near the greens ate me alive. Ten feet off #14, (425 yd, par 4) in two. Chunk first chip (still in rough). Three feet off green now and double hit chip across green 30'  from pin, now in short rough. three more to get down. An 8. Had three 8's on the back.. Ugh! Painful! How does one do that? Let me count the ways.

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Today must of been in the low 80's outside and play was as slow as it could go.

Shot an 81 at Fullerton GC a par 68, missing the par 3 holes again and a few stupid shots but still had fun playing with my son.

Got put with two other guys, one my age (50)? and the other had to be 65? both very nice and fun to play with.

I can always tell how guys will be by how they interact with my son. Over all just a fun day in sorry East Coast guys in Sunny CA.

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Played Canyon CC yesterday. Got my lowest score there 79. But it yielded an even better Christmas present that I'd take a day late any time.
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76  front 38 back 38


par 72 rate 70.5 slope 131  indexed 4.8


Finally had a decent scoring round, However I had to move to the forward tees but it still finally came together, I was paired with a friend of mine and a couple of really nice elderly gentlemen and I didn't want to disrupt the whole group mojo thing. One of the par 5's plays so differently I can actually hit driver off these tees and carry the ravine/environmental hazard and only have 150 to the green, because of the severe downslope my drive measured out to 354 :bugout:. also had to post off of 13 holes because daylight went away but I was only 2 over at that point so I feel pretty confident.

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6610 yds. 71.1/121.

82, including a sweet little 43 on the front...... and it coulda/shoulda been worse. A day that made me wish it was the snowy off-season. I hit all of 4 greens. Just played like a complete goober.
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81- 55 degrees here in Missouri
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Forecast for today was 49 degrees and a chance of rain starting at around 2:00 o'clock so I decided to play. Bad idea!!!!! (Damned weathermen).


Turned out it never made it to 40 degrees and hard wind AND rain from the start of the round at 10:00 o'clock. (Miserable).


We decided to only play nine while on the 7th hole and one guy in the group said "Let's make it 7" but we toughed it out for 9.


Amazingly I shot 1 under for the nine with 1 birdie and no bogies. More amazing I didn't hit my driver very well and only had 4 GIRs, but never missed any of the greens very badly. Chipped very well and putted even better.

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Same here, weather forecast not even close. I left work with doubts certainly didn't feel 51. Decided to give it a go but it felt like it could change rapidly at any time. Anyway by the 3rd hole it was gusting and temps were low 30s so I bailed.
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