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86,after ESC 83, sigh,  73.4    139


After another good start I successfully mangled a potentially good day, started off with a sandy birdie on #1 par 5 from about 40 yards, I then messed up an easy short par 4 with a bogey but that wasn't that big of a deal, #3 I almost holed out my chip for birdie but easy tap in for 3, #4 is the number 1 hdcp hole and I had about 175 to the pin, I put a 6 iron about 20 feet away and drained the putt for my second birdie, Then it just started unraveling, I just hate playing from a cart I thought I had the right club with me when I grabbed 3 in case but when I got the measurement I realized I had to throttle back on my gap and bladed across the green into some rocks...double. Hole #6 downhill par 5 that requires layup hit tee shot on hillside lost ball,topped 4th from fairway fifth in trap 6th off lip 7th on green 2 putt 9!!!!!!!!!GAME OVER, I just could not get into a groove other than birdie on 11 I lost another ball in tall grass and took a triple on 14 just up and down and just too much down.


Birdies    3

Pars       6

Bogeys  4:~(

Doubles 3:loco:

Triples   1:mad:

Quads   1:censored:


Being 13 over on only 5 holes is just flat out inexcusable considering I can play 13 at 1 over, This round had 78 written all over it and sloppy play killed a good opportunity. I'm seriously thinking about taking the weekend off from golf since I have either played or practiced every day this year and I think I may be a little burned out and it showed today, I can't remember the last time I had this many blow up holes in 1 round, a double or 2 is usually the most but this was a disaster.


On a more positive note Iron play was not too bad I can still obviously improve but I'm making good contact much more consistently, putting really didn't hurt me either in fact I don't think I missed a single putt less than 4' and made a few 5' sliders had only one 3 putt so I think putt total was 33. Bad GIR at 6 FRWY 8 not good.

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Shot 80 today with a few doubles and lots of great pars and birdies. Was testing my new hybrid out so I wasn't really worried about score, was happy it was 70 degrees outside. The sun felt good.
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110, over confident after a couple of lessons, rushed everything and only got a few decent holes at the end when I got stuck behind a foursome and was forced to slow down. Disappointing to say the least.

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Army Navy CC-Fairfax 41-39-80 (Blue/Red)
Very rusty after a month layoff and the course was soggy and greens bumpy.
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90 Saturday I played with 12 others and tied w one other for the lead. Weather started at low 50s then about an hr in it started blowing and got up to 20 mph. So cold said all by the end. Had rec'd a new driver TM SLDR on Friday so an hr before we played I adjusted it and found only took 10 balls to get it set. Have never hit so many great drives. Only missed 1 fairway and out drove everyone. Had lots of good thins happen. So though would rather have had a lower score it was a great day and game!

Have to thank the Zepp people who developed the GolfSense3D as I won this driver in their green screen challenge. Already liked the app and unit. But now even more so.
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All the snow melted here and the temperatures soared into the upper 30s, low 40s. I was happy to get out to a slightly mushy Community Golf Course (Dayton, OH) Sunday, but boy did I suck. After carding a 52 on the front nine, I stopped counting.


It was a funny thing. For someone who generally is trying to turn slices into fades, I hooked and pulled everything. I guess I'll blame the three weeks of inactivity.

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One of my worst rounds  in months, 7 over on the front. Lost 3 balls on the back 9,  i have not lost a ball in months.

Hit them thin, fat, left, right hardly any grass on the fairways for the most part the course sucked.

On the back nine the group behind hit up on my son and I twice, once while we were waiting for the the group ahead to exit the green and once when I was walking off the green, went home after that.

I guess i was due for a bad round!

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97 @70.9 / 125


Putting saved the day.  Overall bad driver, bad iron, half baked chip, good putting. A lot of bad tee shots and even worse approach. Really need to work on driver.

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Disappointing since I felt like I was on the cusp of breaking 100 before winter hit. It was nice to sneak in a day of golf in January in NYC. 4 of my holes were bogies and the rest were a total adventure. consistency is definitely my problem. Hit 3/7 fairways (and the misses were mostly in the first cut) and hit 19 putts (and trust me, my pitching/chipping didn't give me any easy ones. 0 1 putts and only 1 3 putt) so I think it's pretty obvious that my approach/short game is what needs the most work. I fought a bad slice all summer, and now all of a sudden I'm hooking everything. Definitely need to work kinks out at the range before playing again.

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48 on the front nine at Remington Golf Club in Kissimmee and 44 on the front nine at Kissimmee Bay Golf Club just 1 mile away.  We were testing both courses as we have a Buddy Trip scheduled for mid June......24 golfers.  Courses were very different, one open with water and the other lined with Oak Trees.

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Finally played a round on the South Shore of MA yesterday 1/13...


76 (+4) at Lakeville CC in winter conditions.. Tees seemed to be at white-ish distance.  A few semi frozen greens, tried to replace the ball near the pitch mark if it skied off like concrete (once or twice).  Was -1 on the 16th tee (-3 for the back), with two par 3's and par 4 (horrible layout IMO) to close.  Finished 4-6-5 for +5 stretch, dumping two consecutive gap wedges (!) in the drink on the 17th.  Was not happy.


Stopped at Brookmeadow CC on the way home for an extra 9 (was shocked it was open being so far north) and it was in immaculate shape for January!  If youre in New England I highly reccomend it!! 15$/30$ walking... 37 (+1) there, 2 Birdies, 3 Bogeys..Was getting tired by the end of the day, out of golf shape! Ha

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Finally got out to play even though the course was a soggy mess.


Weird start. Birdie, bogey, birdie, bogey, birdie. At this point I'm wondering if I'm going birdie/bogey all day.


Broke that string with a par on 6. Shouldn't have because I bogeyed the next 3 holes. The soggy Bermuda was killing me. Plus 2 on the front.


Back nine a lot more conventional with 7 pars and 2 bogeys. Plus 2 on the back.


Hit everything pretty well off of the tee but struggled with clean ball striking with everything else off of that soggy, grainy, long, dormant grass. Putted very well.


Nobody will be more happy than me when the grass turns green again.

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Brookside Course 1 Blues: I played out 8 holes of 9, but was passing some people and did not want to make them wait so I picked up (I landed in the green side bunker on the second shot). No GIR, 4 pars, 3 bogies, and an 8. 2- 3 putts. The 8 on the 18th was because the hole was on a steep slope. I hit the green in regulation, but the ball rolled right off. Chipped, rolled, etc. Chipped a little higher than the hole, but the putt rolled right back down. Finally, got a lucky chip in on the 6th try.


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I'm not even going to try and figure out why this is happening, just keep working on what I'm doing and it will come around it's only January.

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I got out monday, despite my health and shot a solid 74 on a par 71. Architects golf club near phillipsburg nj. Played from the second furthest tees and it was soaked. All carry, zilch for roll. 3 birds, 1 double, 4 bogeys. Hit 9/13 fairways, 12 greens in reg and 32 putts. First time out with the futura and it is very very soft. Everything was short. Hit 2 of the 4 par 5s in two shots. My short game was a bit off since I haven't been out on course in 2 months but...Overall I'm happy. The swing is on point and I'm confident in my yardages. Shot of the day: 8i off the par 3, 187 yard 17th hole to 13' for a birdie.

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A little chilly for us in Florida this morning.


My driver broke 2 weeks ago and the club is letting me keep a Titleist 913 until my fitting on 2/1. Not sure how it is possible (and sure it is not just the club) but my drives are miraculously 30 yards longer with the 913 than they were with the 910.


It was nice to play a round where GIR was in play on almost every hole.


Shot a 95 (46/49) with 3 pars, 2 sand saves, 7 one putts and one three putt. Beers 5+6 were startimg to kick in towards the end of the round. 


I am sure this will be the hi-lite of the weekend since we do not expect to see temperatures in the 50s until the round is almost done tomorrow.

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6610 yds. 71.1/121 home course.

78 with 2 short missed putts and another violent lip out. Driver was all over the place. Not a horrid score, but not a good ball striking day at all.

As meenman said, chilly to start, but ended up as a sunny, beautiful day. 65* and no wind.
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Once again I'm not even going to try and explain this, I'm in an obvious funk/slump whatever it may be and I have been working my ass off this month on my game and I'm going backwards only one day this month have I not swung a club. I think maybe a round at an easier course may help build some confidence because I'm at a very low point right now and need some confidence built up.

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