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4 and 3 today.


My partner and I won our match in our clubs Winter 4BBB tournament. Quite satisfying as its the first time since the 24th of December that the course has been fully open (albeit on 11 full holes) since the course has been under 6 foot of water since the 24th of December (a hazard of being built on a flood plain). Although its all ahead of us in our next match as its against our clubs number 1 and 2 ranked players!





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Played home course w/5 others yesterday 1/18 in 50's but the wind (a club wind) we weren't supposed to have was present for all of it. Scored a 99 just couldn't get directions right and 4 3 putts. Course in good shape for this time of year.
Then as wind died down I played the back 9 again and scored a 43. So I guess just couldn't get wind adjustments down. BUT had a great day. And to finish it off I practiced chipping for an hour. By then was freezing and getting dark so home I went.
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Blah 86 on Sat 44/42 72.3/128. Actually played half decent but conditions were funky. Came down to what I couldn't see. After several days of warm weather there were a lot of wet areas. Some greens had a about an inch of squishy grass over the receding frost line. In the low winter sun we couldn't see the wet spots. Some balls stuck in the green others bounced hard and putting over it forget about it. Nice day for golf but man those greens got torn up, couldn't repair marks and some weren't repairable anyway after splashdown.

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Only able to play the front 9 at La Mirada, I really do not like playing there but this is the course my sons tryouts are at. So as soon as they are over we will not be going back to that course anytime soon. I suggest If any one is planning on playing there look at other courses, last week twilight was at 12:30, this week we had a tee time for 12:26 and was told we would get the twilight rate. We got there and where told it was really 1:00 so we waited and hit balls no big deal. From 12:30 to 1:00 there was no one teeing off, at 1:05 they put us with 3 other people. Out on the course we see groups of 5 but there where singles all over the place, really you would think some one there would have a brain.

But shot a 40 on a par 35, still a fun afternoon.

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Played a round up at ashwood in the high desert here in so cal. Shot 78( 40,38) on a par 65. I have been struggling terribly with my driver going long and slicing and today was able to hit long fades. I hit the green on the fly with my first tee shot of the day at 285 yards (missed the eagle putt. :/ ). Did have a ob drive and a water hazard that didn't help my scores to much but was a improvement overall
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78  par 72 rate 72.5 slope 135


Okay I feel as things are starting to come together finally and the hard work over the past 3 weeks is paying off some, my driving of the ball was excellent I only missed one fairway, I just felt my left arm was not guiding nearly enough and collapsing a bit on the downswing causing some funky tee shots, I think that is over with because I was able to fix it today and it feels like a consistent move I can repeat every day. Iron shots from 145 in are so much more consistent than 3 weeks ago I feel I'm going to start getting the scores low in the next 3 months, I'm having a very good feeling versus just last week, putting is faltering a little bit right now but I think some time on the practice green can get my feel back.

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And I'm pleased with that because I actually putted terribly and didn't really play as well as I should. 

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79 front 40 back 39


par 72 rate 72.6 slope 135


2 birdies

10 pars

3 bogeys

3 doubles


Man I don't know why I'm having blowup holes but thankfully I had enough pars to offset this, 76 is what I should have walked away with but I'm not too dissapointed  whenever I break 80 on a tough course,I really think I'm getting close to breaking out with some low rounds here in the next few months everything is starting to come into focus, I need to post a new swing video to show Mike all the work I have done and see if he approves (I have been putting in the hours).


Fairways 13/14  FANTASTIC!!!!!

Greens    11/18 GOOD ALSO but can improve.

Putts        34 needs improvement very fast tricky greens though slower greens with less break maybe 32.


Maybe this isn't such a great way of looking at it but maybe it is... to boost confidence I see a player that played 15 holes of golf at 1 over on a tough course that if he could just limit a few minor mistakes and mental lapses could have gone really low. For me that's encouraging.

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Green River golf course in Corona 69.4/120

Shot a miserable 112. Couple of bad drives and play around the green was terrible.....Still, there are signs that things are improving...

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Again 79 front 37 back 42


3 birdies

7 pars

6 bogeys

2 doubles


frwy 10/14

GIR  9/18

putts 29


I had to rush the back so my score fell off some plus all the birdies happened on the front.

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37  front 9 par 36 rate 36.5 slope 141 diff 0.4


1 birdie

6 pars

2 bogeys

5/7 FIR

7/9 GIR

17 putts


I decided to slide back to the tougher tees since I will be playing there tomorrow, little did I expect I would play this well in fact if I would have made 2 very short birdie putts on #2 and #3 four feet and five feet I would have tied my best 9 hole score on this course -1  35. Irons Irons Irons  are starting to pay off, I'm not driving the ball all that great but it just doesn't seem to matter all that much approach shots are where the scores happen in this game as far as reaching low indexes and scratch to get into plus index you have to start making a lot of putts.

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89 front 42 back 47


I am so severley disappointed right now I'm really going to have a hard time finding the words to describe today. I just knew things were going to be a struggle through the first 2 holes with back to back bogeys on relatively easy holes I normally play at even or 1 under a lot of times, got past 3 and 4 with pars and then on in reg at 5 long lag at about 2 feet and then took 3 putts from there :censored:  don't know how I kept it together but I did but I also knew this round was done I just didn't know it would be as bad as it turned out being. I played the next 4 at 2 over with a lost ball penalty which wasn't all that bad  I ended up 6 over 42 . 10th hole starts the rooting hit good drive hit perfect second shot but when it comes down the F hit the damn barber pole and kareemed into the hazard, I managed to find it and hit it and then it hits the hazard stake and goes in the hazard for good, I wind up an 9, 3 holes later hit perfect tee shot down middle of fairway can't find ball when I get there have to take penalty wind up 7, pissed is somewhere in the rear view mirror by this time, I just finish an uninspired back 9 and went home to lick my wounds, I think I got screwed by about 7 shots overall not counting the 2 foot 3 putt on 5. Just a day I want to forget I ever took up this game.

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Shot 73 (38-35) today at The Golf Club at Rio Vista. It could easily have been lower, considering that I double-bogeyed the easiest hole on the course (#14, a reachable par 5). I can't complain too much, though, as I did make 3 birdies. 

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Calabasas Country Club
99 57/42 first time.

No excuses, I was less than 100 yards on all but 2 par 4, and was looking at eagle chips on two short par 5. Parred 4 holes singled 9, doubled 2 and blew up 3.

Putting was really hard. I tapped it off the greens, one GIR. Missed one GIR by half an inch on the fringe. Should have had 10 pars, but I putted three or more times on 6 holes and missed under 3 feet.

What's really bad is my drives after the first hole were long enough to put me within a pitching wedge away on a lot of par 4. Drove 3 par 4 within 20, 30 and 40 yards. They were shorter than what is shown on the scorecard, and one "300" yard drive had the benefit of a steep downhill slope I hit and bounced off toward the hole.

My iron game >100 yards was also really bad, almost missed a second shot 130 yard carry over a pond for my only real GIR and 3 putted of course.

I still had fun because my drives were decent, and with my shorter hitting driver too. Hey, I'm a 28 handicap who could hit "300" yards. a1_smile.gif
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87 (+16)

Front - 41: 4 pars, 5 bogeys, 2FIR, 2GIR, 2x1 putts, 7x2 putts

Back - 46: 1 par, 6 bogeys, 2 double bogeys, 0 FIR, 1 GIR, 1x1 putt, 8x2 putt.


This was my first EVER sub 90 round! But it was all possible because earlier in the week I had a putting lesson in the hope of dealing with my three putt woes! That lesson was like a light being turned on because for the first time I felt like I was able to read the lines to putt and be confident my decisions were right! The other thing is that even though I left myself 3 or 4 five to six feet second putts I was still sinking them! In the past these 3 or 4 putts would have ended up as three putt holes! 


The other thing Ive been working on is my club distances so it was particularly gratifying to have a 150 yard second shot and going to my trusty 60 degree wedge and hitting exactly that number! Ok, it wasnt a 60 degree wedge, but you get the idea :)


Still got a ton of work to do in hitting FIRs and GIRS to give myself birdie opportunities but that will happen with time (and a couple more lessons coming up on wedges and irons with the club pro).





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Out yesterday but did not keep score, wind blew my card away and I was playing poorly so best forgotten anyway. Made no effort to tally it up. Off season amnesia. Hit some crackin drives though.
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The topic is how I shot today. Drives were good, everything else was horrible.

I drove within 50 yards of the green 3 times on par 4 and ended up with 6, 6, 4 and only one GIR from the blues at Altadena. Made a short par 5 pin high in 2, and from 3 yards missed the green attempting to use method of 12.

Scored horrible. I need to learn to curve my shots. I ended up behind a building, and almost hit my daughter playing another hole opposite.

I attribute my horrible short game to my meager and wrong attempts to learn method of 12. Now that I'm used to a slick green, I can't get myself to putt hard.
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84 ESC 83 front 44/43ESC back 40  Rate 73.4 Slope 139 indexed 7.8


1 Birdie

7 Pars

8 Bogeys

1 Double



11/14 FIR

7/18   GIR

29 Putts


This was a missed opportunity to have a nice round in the 70's again, I just cold topped a 6 iron on the 3rd hole right into the tall fescue and rather than take S&D I hacked it out and made 6 on a par 3, I had a bad break on 10 as well when I lost a ball in the grass and wound up with double on a par 5, the back 9 plays 2-3 strokes harder on this course so shooting 44 on the front is really bad I should have been more like 39 or 40 and 39 or even 38 on the back if I didn't lose a ball on the course. I had a nice 4 hole stretch where I was just feeling more comfortable over the ball and had a good feeling when I hit the shot, I feel if I would have started out like this I could have had a really good round, my driving was pretty good throughout but my GIR fell off some but I know I can do better and will, 3 more months and we will be in the warm weather again with I hope some of my lowest rounds ever, I'm pushing myself to get below a 3 this year and 4.3 is my lowest to date. I know I'm not playing too well right now but I'm going to take a lesson in a couple weeks and get things back on track, I will also start getting lessons more frequently than ever in the coming 6 months.

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